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Photo Gallery: Celtics-Hawks G4

Enjoy some pics from last night's thrashing of the Hawks. KG enjoying Gino & top play GIFs after the jump..


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Photos via Sina & GIFs via HTT














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  • Quest

    Luv the pics of KG enjoying Gino. lol

  • Yeah..those are the best. I kept praying the C’s would stay-up by at least 20 so I could watch him, watching Gino last night. It’s awesome-he enjoys it this much every single time. As if it’s always the 1st!

  • paul

    Why doesn’t the Disco Dance get his groove on when Gino comes out?
    Thanks for showing the hit that Horford laid on Rondo after a transition layup. No call, of course.
    Daniels is playing some nice ball.

  • Pete

    Can we get a GIF of PP laughing his ass off on the exercise bike? That would be classic.

  • We’ll be talking about that for years… hilarious