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Ray Allen’s Routine. A must watch short film

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) May 6, 2012 Uncategorized 4 Comments on Ray Allen’s Routine. A must watch short film


This is an elegantly mesmerizing short film on Ray Allen's pregame routine put together by Brian Babineau, the official Celtics photographer.  Once you hit play, you'll spend the next six minutes in awe of what Ray does to prepare for a game.

Allen is a creature of habit.  It's the same routine every game.  It's the same amount of shots.  The same amount of steps.  The same amount of fist pounds after the dunk that always ends it all. 

Ray Allen is a model of consistency, and that is captured perfectly by Babineu. 

If for some reason the embedded video doesn't work, use this link.  Kudos to KWAPT for the find.

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  • Damn that’s poetry in motion

  • Alex

    Very interesting idea for a nice short film… but I believe it was executed poorly.
    I was expecting some sort of commentary and interesting dialogue from Ray Allen which adds more content into the film. I believe there’s already enough Ray Allen warm up footages and this film just shows different angles of it.
    Sorry for being a debbie downer here! It was a neat watch, but it could have been better.

  • lkk83

    I think not having any talking made it much more interesting. I feel like adding commentary would have taken away from what he was trying to get across. But to each his own…

  • sev

    nah I agree Alex…although I didn’t mind watching it cause I always like to see celtics footage, but I kept waiting for it to begin so to speak. 6 min of him shooting on various parts of the court wasn’t anything special. Commentary from a media person may have wrecked it, but I was hoping Ray was going to guide us through everything he does before games or to get ready for games….maybe discuss how many shots he takes, otherwise you could make almost an identical video of every NBA player taking shots before games…at the very least, the star players(i’m sure a pierce/kg/rondo/etc tape would look identical. One thing I noticed that I’m sure I’m wrong about, is that it seems like in the game Ray gets slightly higher on his jump shot because I always would think, “damn that’s got to take a toll on his legs especially because he does it the same way day in and day out”….who knows though, maybe jumping higher when necessary doesn’t effect his shot too much or with that quick release maybe he doesn’t have to jump any higher to free himself…just seemed that way during the games. Sorry for the long post