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Your Morning Dump… Where Swag made a lot of history

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"I said Swag — that's what we call him around here, Swag; the young boy's got a lot of swag — it's good to see him in the building, good to see him in practice," said Garnett. "After the game, actually, in Atlanta, we'd seen him after the game and it's just good to see him. The kid's still learning, still getting better. He and Ray [Allen] tonight, [were] pure energy. It was good."

While Garnett struggled from the field, Rondo's assists helped facilitate much of his offense. Even still, he wasn't about to let Swag off the hook and played fashion police when informed of Rondo's postgame attire of a black blazer over an Angry Birds T-shirt that read, "I'm So Fly."

"Yeah, I saw that — with red jeans," said Garnett. "But, like I said, that's Swag."

ESPN Boston:  KG postgame on Swag

I'm not going to pretend that this was the game I expected out of Rondo, even though the final stat-line might suggest it was.  And I'm not even sure what to make of an historic triple double like that when the entire game was so disjointed.  

But it was historic.  Look at the numbers: 

Rondo became the first player in NBA history with at least 17 points, 14 rebounds, 12 assists and four steals in a playoff game, according to the Elias Sports Bureau. 

Elias also tells us he’s the first player in NBA history to record a triple-double in a playoff game after missing his team’s previous game. 

Rondo triple-doubles equal Celtics wins. In Rondo’s 20 career triple-doubles (13 in the regular season, seven in the playoffs), the Celtics have a 19-1 record. The lone loss came to the Chicago Bulls in the first round in 2009. 

Including the regular season and playoffs, nobody has more triple-doubles than Rajon Rondo (20) since the start of the 2008-09 season. 

Those are just amazing statistics.  In a horrible game with no flow and no energy… a game the Celtics should have won by 30 when you consider they were at full strength, the Hawks were missing key players, and this was the first game in front of a crazy home crowd…it's almost unfathomable how one guy could do so much.

Rondo was as responsible as anyone for why the game was what it was.  But he was responsible for winning it too.  

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On Page 2: Injury upates on Ray Allen and Avery Bradley


"Now it's just achy.  It feels like it's just mad at me a little bit.  I've been here before.  I have all these safeguards in place.  When I get home, I know exactly what I need to do.  I have my contraptions to make sure I'm able to go to sleep well, and when I get up in the morning making sure I get my treatment and therapy so… I'm in a goo place"


Ray played 37 minutes last night, and the Celtics needed all 37 of those.  I guess when Doc said no limitations, he meant it. 

Here's the thing with that ankle… once you sit, it gets stiff (Ray explains it in the video).  So playing minutes was a way to get the most out of him. 

Let's temper our expectations with Ray.  This might be the only game he plays this series.  He might not miss another game.  It's impossible to tell right now.

As for Avery:

Bradley left the game with just over two minutes left in the third quarter and went back to the locker room with team doctor Brian McKeon. The team originally said he would return, but then that prognosis changed in the fourth quarter. Bradley told a pack of reporters he was fine as he left the arena.

"Usually they're able to, like a lego, they'll snap it back," coach Doc Rivers said. "It wouldn't go back in. So, we'll find out more [Saturday.]"

Doc might find out more today, but I'm not sure if we will.  Doc gave the guys today off to rest.  

I like that Avery said he's fine.  I'm not sure if he really is or not, but at least he said he is.  I've never had my shoulder pop out, but my understanding is that they can go back in and not be an issue, but the more it happens, the easier it is to happen again.  

We'll wait and see. 

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The rest of the links

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  • I’d prefer “swag” to hit open layups and not walk the ball up.

  • putDJinthehall

    wouldn’t expect any other comment

  • shawn cassidy

    Swag won game three for you missing layups, and walking the ball up. Their is room for error because he is human.

  • paul

    It’s amazing to look at the poll on the side panel here and see that CELTICS fans are more impressed with everyone BUT Rondo. So many of us have no idea how lucky we are to have this ‘disco dancer’. Blows my freaking mind to see this.
    More triple doubles than Lebron over the past several years – but you guys still don’t get it. You’ll never get it.

  • I’m not really understanding you fanboys. Do you enjoy the fact that he missed wide open layups? Or that this game could have been over early if he was aggressive? Yes, he’s supremely talented in some areas, but completely inept in others. The reason why it’s frustrating is because he’s capable of much more. If he wasn’t, i would rarely talk about him.

  • paul

    What do you expect? That damned disco dancer is more concerned with showing off his chest hair and polyester pants than with his team, playing real basketball, winning, etc.. The little jerk wears red paints. WTF! WE HAVE A PLAYER WHO WEARS RED PANTS AND ANGRY BIRDS?
    We are all about bar fights, not red pants.
    When Tyson Chandler mugged the little creepo, I was cheering for Tyson Chandler.

  • paul

    So you also rip Pierce’s head off EVERY SINGLE GAME because of the royal fuckups he invariably commits, right?
    Ah, no. No you don’t, do you.
    I’d buy your point about how much more Rondo is capable of if it wasn’t so freaking obvious that he gets better, by strides, each and every season.
    So why are you such a hater? What is it really about?

  • There you are again dropping the triple doubles again. Meaningless stat you cheerleaders wave around that seem to validate Rondo as a great player. When the game calls for Rondo to SCORE a simple layup and not pass from 2 feet under the basket, that’s where the criticism comes from. I will be the first to laud his play when it warrants it.

  • What the hell is the “fascination” with this gloomy looking punk…who Ainge couldn`t even give away when he had him on the trading blocks a few months ago?!?

  • paul

    Ok, listen up now, haters: so many of you have screamed and screeched that Rondo needs to be consistent. He HAS been consistent over the past two months. He’s been fantastically consistent, and good. And you know very well that part of being consistent, for great players, is knowing how to lead the team to a win even when not playing well. Paul Pierce did that last night, and does it often. Rondo did that last night too. You ought to praise him for it. What he showed last night was a crucial step for a leader and great player. It’s exactly what you’ve called for, IF YOU ‘D ONLY GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR HATE BUCKETS. Rondo came out flat, tentative, and off. Instead of crawling into the background, he found ways to lead his team to a win. That’s one of the things that takes a player with potential to the next level.

  • Travis

    The poll means nothing really. I was impressed by Rondo last night, Triple Doubles are very impressive, regardless of what classless seems to think. If they weren’t impressive, everyone would get them all the time… It’s not easy. I simply voted for Ray Allen as most impressive to me, because he played 37 minutes, and I was thrilled. I for one wrote him off, and figured he was done for the year. He came back last night and hardly missed a beat. You could tell he so badly wanted to nail a 3. Loved it, and hope he can continue to play.

  • wil

    LOL guys, it wasnt rondo’s fault. He came and attacked early, but give the hawk’s D credit, if rondo saw an opening, he would attack it, but he couldnt.
    transition defense of the hawks was great too.
    when he missed the open lay up, he slipped, you could see him fall out of balance.
    dont make a big deal out of it, even pierce couldnt attack inside

  • Greenman

    We Won the GAME!!! Too many haters around are forgeting we won. Its sad that a guy who drops a 17-14-12-4 game gets hammered by his teams own fans because he wears red pants. It just shows how stupid some people are. Without him last night we would have lost. Flat out lost. Give the dude some credit every once in awhile. The team played flat for 3 quarters which is the fault of the team and coach. Not one player.

  • You guys crack me up. Rondo did something no other player in NBA history did last night and you act like a site mentioning it is somehow wrong.
    Can I suggest to both extremes that you chill the F out? Rondo is neither a God nor is he worthless and suggestions of either make you look pretty bad.
    The Celtics played like crap but one of your players somehow pulled off an historic game and the team somehow pulled off a win. Just appreciate it instead of squaring off like Republicans and Democrats on a tax issue. I’m getting sick of it.
    Here’s a tip to everyone: This is a Celtics site. Rondo is a Celtic. When he does something, we’re going to write about it. So is everyone else. I will NOT have every Rondo post turn into a bickering session. People are sick of reading it, and so am I.
    So consider this a blanket warning…. we know your feelings on Rondo. Say something new next time or don’t say anything at all. Otherwise I’ll start deleting comments and, if that’s not enough to get the point across, I’ll start banning people

  • Alex

    Please stfu.
    Rondo had an okay game. Yes, he got a triple double but his defense, turnovers, and inability to finish several WIDE OPEN layups almost screwed the Celtics.
    It was honestly the most average triple double I’ve ever seen.
    Paul, you’ll forever be a typical Rondo fanboy so expecting you to give at least ONE negative about Rondo would be asking way too fuckin much from you so you mind as well quiet down and let the other men talk in the comments section.

  • shawn cassidy

    Dude Pierce,and KG miss easy shots all the time as well. Why do they get free passes? Rondo is being aggressive. Come on man, Rondo is the only reason the Celtics have a damn shot at a title. What the hell do you want. Classless piece of ___!

  • Dutchgreen

    Ah, a voice of reason in the Rondo wars! Did he do something unique last night: yes, was he perfect: by no means. I for one, enjoy watching him on the team I root for and hope to be able to share my experiences and views of how the C’s are doing with people who provide reasonable insight -as, luckily, the folks who make this site and a lot of commenters still do… Now let’s make sure we go back down there up 3-1 tomorrow!

  • James Eisenman

    Why have a comments section if you don’t want comments? Now you’re going to protect Rondo by deleting comments about him? Fans bicker. Rondo is a devisive player. One of your own writers, I thought, unfairly attacked Brandon Bass just the other day. Are you going to ban him or delete his posts? Let the people speak. You know my feelings about Rondo. I thought this was the venue for people like me to vent my frustrations with him other than to scream at my TV screen. What would Paul and DJ and Coach Bo and I have to do with our lives if we couldn’t bicker about him? Stop being Rondo’s protectors. We’re fans. We love the team but we’re not required to love what every player does on the court.

  • It’s not about protecting anyone. Is about ending the monotonous stream of the same comments. You guys have made your points. You’ve made the same points ad nauseum. What I’m saying is it’s getting old. Say something new.

  • James Eisenman

    But you guys write articles trumpeting Rondo or occasionally criticizing him. Are we supposed to just accept the fact that, for instance, you’ll completely ignore his attrcious failures to guard his man on the same night he gets a triple double? I’m not saying that happened here but it happens.

  • No one is telling you not to comment. All we’re saying is the people who flood the comments with the same comments over and over and over have to stop. Other people who read the blog don’t want to read the same crap over and over. That’s the bottom line. We are well aware where some of you stand on Rondo. If there’s a positive story on Rondo, I don’t need to see a flood of “YOU GUYS ARE CRAZY THIS GUY IS A JOKE” type of comments. And if there’s a negative story on Rondo, I don’t need to see “YOU GUYS ARE CRAZY, THIS GUY IS A GOD!” comments either.
    We write the stories we write as we see fit. We observe games and try to give our honest reaction and assessment. If you disagree with that assessment, that’s fine… but flooding the comments with extreme hate and/or love has gotten old.

  • James Eisenman

    Well, what’s the point of a comment section, if you want to limit the content based on what you deem to be interesting? Anyway, I’m not posting anything about Rondo anymore anyway. It’s a waste. The lovers and the middle of the roaders see what they want to see and the haters and dislikers see what they want to see. It’s all there. No one is wrong. They just focus on Rondo’s wonderful/awful skills. It’s like Republicans and Democrats. No one wants to listen to the other side because Rondo is that guy. There’s not much room for a middle ground. Anyway, I’m done because he will never improve in the areas where he is deficient so I’ll just live with yelling at my computer and TV screen.

  • putDJinthehall

    go get aids

  • putDJinthehall

    james this is what he is talking about. Make a positive point and move on.

  • James Eisenman

    No he’s talking about you too DJ. You just don’t get it. It’s not about making positive comments and moving on. You and Paul BORE EVERYONE with your mindless ALWAYS positive comments.

  • KY Celts fan

    fist bump to Red’s Army. I gotcha back, bro.

  • putDJinthehall

    do you own S&S logging in Florida?

  • RyanH

    Reds Amry, I appreciate you coming at both sides. I often feel like a lot of folks come on here just to attack other people and their stances. I root for all Celtics. I want them to do well. Each player brings strengths and weaknesses with them. If you spend all of your time as fans thinking about a player and their weaknesses, you likely won’t appreciate the good things they bring.

  • James Eisenman

    LOL. Are we bonding? No. I’m in California.

  • James Eisenman

    LOL. I root for the Celtics. I root for Rondo. Even when I’m cursing him, I want him to succeed. I admit that, sometimes, when I’m watching a game, I catch myself just accepting some of his amazing passes as something that he’s just supposed to do, and then focusing on the things he doesn’t do. I never do that with the Big 3. Not because they don’t have faults though. I think I accept their faults because I think that they’re just human lapses and I blame Rondo because I think he just refuses to improve things that I think he should be able to control. When people deny his shortcomings or pretend they don’t exist, it makes me mad. Maybe we all CAN just get along. LOL.

  • sev

    you can pick apart any player and find flaws if you really want. Do I think Rondo looked a little rusty despite a triple double, yea I do….he missed a few layups and didn’t take some layups when he had them, but at the same time the whole team looked out of sync.

  • Gino at the Garden

    I read this site every day and I’ve never posted. But I just need to say “Hell yes!” to this. I come here for analysis and news about my favorite team, NOT to read someone’s personal flame war. Keep up the great work, guys. I recommend this site to anyone I’ve ever had a semi-intelligent basketball conversation with.

  • Kricky

    Rondo’s triple double just goes to show how deceptive stats can be. He really did not have a good game, missing a bunch of point-blank layups, including a couple that would have iced the game in regulation.
    But if you concentrate on the stat lien he sounds like the second coming.
    That’s not to bag on Rondo. He is an all star caliber player and one of the top 5 PGs in the league, no doubt. My point IS to bag on the Holinger “moneyball” types and their absolutely clueless analysis. Look up form your statistical regressions and watch the F-ing game!