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Tyson Chandler really really really likes KG

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) May 5, 2012 Uncategorized 5 Comments on Tyson Chandler really really really likes KG


This is a really cool interview Tyson Chandler did with Dime Magazine. In this portion of the interview, Chandler talks about having a KG poster up on his wall as a kid, the advice he got through Doc about why KG made the Celtics such a great defensive team (and how that played a huge role in the Mavs' title) and just the overall respect he has for KG. Because Tyson Chandler really respects KG. A lot.

You can see more of the Dime interview here

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  • Alex

    Doc Rivers definitely knows how to befriend with NBA players, that’s for sure. Valuable piece to help bring in NBA stars to the Boston Celtics when the Big 3 move on.

  • kg215

    Yup he was voted one of the coaches players most want to play for. It’s subjective of course but Doc is probably the 2nd best coach in the NBA all things considered (Xs and Os, ability to relate to players especially difficult ones, motivating/pushing players, in game adjustments, etc) the one thing he should really work on is developing young guys during the season. That is one of the many things that the best coach in the NBA right now (Popovich) is an expert at. With some more experience Thibs who is already a great coach could become #2 ahead of Doc.

  • paul

    I don’t think KG tries to hurt people. I think he tries to get into their heads. I think Chandler does try to hurt people.

  • paul

    Nice interview though.

  • sev

    Nice respect for KG, but at the same time I was waiting for Tyson to say something along the lines of, “Offensively I cannot duplicate what KG brings, but on the defensive side of the ball I felt like I could.” Just cuz we all know Chandler shouldn’t even be mentioned with KG unless your comparing an older KG DEFENSIVELY compared to Chandler in his prime defensively. KG brings a lot more to the game than Chandler, and while I do respect TC(not sure if he deserved Defensive POTY, maybe last year), he will not go down as one of the best at his position, while KG will. I realize this isn’t a “who is a better player” conversation, but go look at the career numbers. Blocks are the ONLY stat that TC measures up and even then KG had him beat in his prime. KG rebounding 13, 14 a game, with 20+ points and 5 or 6 assists…..again I get what he was saying, but he should have given KG more respect as a MVP type player that he was.