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GreenLights: Hawks vs Celtics Game 3 ECQF

The Celtics took a 2-1 series lead in one of the ugliest playoff wins you'll ever see, especially at home with a crowd just waiting to erupt.  Rajon Rondo engineered his 20th career triple-double finishing with 17 points, 14 rebounds and 12 assists.  Kevin Garnett had Rondo's back again at the end of OT with an emphatic put-back slam to give them a game sealing 4-point cushion.  Phew.  Just wipe your brow, exhale and get ready for Sunday.  Before you do, check out some of the GreenLights from Game 3.  Check back later for more, but for now, here are a few:

KG's put-back slam:


Rondo spins and finds Pierce for three:



Rondo's up-and-under lay-up:


Avery Bradley's shoulder injury:


Celtics 2012 playoff pre-game video montage:




Celtics 2012 playoff starting lineup intros:


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  • paul

    … coulda won this by 500 if we didn’t have that damned disco dancer…

  • sev

    i’m not gonna lie, I didn’t like that video montage with the actor and stuff….the music didn’t get me amped either. I thought the starting lineup video and beat got me way more amped. I remember the video before opening season in 07 and I had goose bumps, but that could have been partly due to the anticipation of the big 3. I just think when it’s your job to make a video that gets the crowd going crazy, you should be able to do a better job and at least pick some better music. Either way nice win.

  • What do you mean by actor…? Just curious.. But the new video montage has been a big complaint of alot of us at the Garden. Myself and most fans I talk to don’t like the new montage or music. I do however LOVE that the whole team now does Paul’s craps/gimme my money routine. That is fantastic. And that building was rocking last night even though there was not alot to get excited about most of the time.