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Your Morning Dump… The Hawks are swarming KG

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“We’ve got to establish him more,’’ Rivers said of Garnett. “We’ve got to get bodies off him. They’re putting bodies on him, knocking him around, and we’ve got to do a better job as a staff, we’ve got to get bodies off of him and give him some room.

“Our spacing is horrendous. Clearly, without Ray, they’re using both guards to just sit in the paint. And we have to do a better job of creating space. It’s tough when you have two guards they’re just not guarding. And that makes the difference for Kevin.’’

“We just need a scorer. We need to space the floor. They’re killing us with their help. They’ve just decided that without Ray on the floor, we’re going to swarm everyone and you’re going to have to find someone, and it’s hard.’’

Globe – Garnett suffocating without space

Ray Allen is the obvious solution to floor spacing, but we'll get to him later. Mickael Pietrus is another potential solution.

How bad has Pietrus been this series? ESPN's Chris Forsberg says he's missed all five shots he's taken (all 3-pointers) and has more fouls (6) and turnovers (2) than points (0).

Pietrus started to make a defensive impact in the 2nd half of Game 2. And while it's more important for him to smother Joe Johnson than to make 3s, the Celtics need something from Mickael on offense.

The same goes for Avery Bradley. His shooting improved from Game 1 (4-12 FG) to Game 2 (4-8 FG). We'll need more.

Is it me, or has the Celtics pick-and-pop offense disappeared in this series? I haven't seen the usual number of Brandon Bass and KG (open) jumpers. Guess we have to credit the Hawks.

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On Page 2, how will Ray Allen's ankle feel when it hits the floor this morning?

Allen recently revealed that he has bone spurs in the right ankle. He said swelling in the ankle area makes the bone spurs more active and, thus, puts his pain threshold to the test in ways that have kept him sidelined.

That's why Allen's demeanor on Thursday, while upbeat, had more to do with how he was feeling at the moment than it did the possibility that he might play on Friday. 

"I've tried to read my body as best I can," Allen said. "The last couple days, I've been in a really good place."

When asked about playing in Game 3, a grinning Allen said, "I'm optimistic first; period. I deal with the days as they come. If I'm sitting here [Friday] feeling good, that's a different story."

CSNNE – Allen returns to practice, but will he play?

As I write this at 7:43am, I'm pretty sure Ray Allen has already tested his ankle. He knew his availability the moment after his ankle hit the floor. 

If the ankle is too swollen or sore, maybe the Celtics can start predicting his good/bad days. Forget about practice. If after two days of rest, the ankle is good enough to practice, just hold Ray back until game night. Make sense?

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Photo by Scott Cunningham/NBAE via Getty Images

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  • paul

    I don’t see this analysis as quite true. Part of the problem the last couple of games was that we were settling for Js as we so often do. We are a great J shooting team, but we have to attack the basket too. When Pierce did that on tuesday, the offense did better. It’s a matter of balance.
    Also, we are seeing again the double bind Rondo is constantly put into. If he tries to score, he’s blamed for wrecking the offense (because everyone else stands around), and if he doesn’t score, he’s blamed for wrecking the offense (because his guy plays off him so far). But why is it always Rondo’s fault if the other guys don’t move and look to get open when he is trying to make something happen? This was a problem we had earlier in the year, and it was invariably blamed on Rondo then too. If guys stand around, you can’t just blame that on Rondo. Even the best passer in the game can’t make effective passes to people who aren’t working hard enough to get themselves into positions to score, and that remains true when Rondo is trying to score. That’s no time for people to stand around. When Rondo has the ball, he’s always a threat to pass, but not if folks are standing around.
    There were times earlier in the season, when we were losing, where Rondo would slash into the lane with the ball, and all the other guys would be just standing there watching him. That’s a recipe for rigor mortis for our offense, but you can’t say that Rondo trying to score is the problem per se. Wherever Rondo is, even if he is posting up, his first option is really to pass, IF guys are trying to get open. Why would they ever just stand there watching him?
    Without a doubt, we have to start hitting some threes tonight. If we can hit some threes, while remembering to attack the basket more, while remembering not to stand around even if Rondo is looking to score, we should be fine.

  • KY Celts fan

    there are 14 other players on the team. Not every conversation needs to include Rondo, especially when the article doesn’t.

  • KY Celts fan

    I miss Ray so much it hurts. I’ve got a full on man-crush on the guy. I really hope he plays tonight.

  • Alex

    The guy is obviously trolling us in a unique way. The article doesn’t even talk about Rondo, yet he still talks about him and how we talk down about Rondo. He knows it pisses us off because every time we call him out on it, he rarely replies to us, just waits for the next article piece so he brings out his Rondo Love to all of us.
    I read your previous message, Red’s Army. That you allow people to voice their opinion. But there’s going to be a time where you realize that Paul is just saying all this crap to piss us off more than voice his opinion.

  • Alex

    I hope the man-crush isn’t as bad as Paul’s man-crush for Rondo. I wouldn’t be able to stand it if we had each commenter share their excruciating man-love for each player in the team and scream at others who says anything wrong about him.

  • Alex

    I really do hope Ray Allen woke up feeling good. I really want to see that man out on the court and helping his team. It must be killing him inside just watching the others play.

  • throwdown40

    Sorry if you think this is trolling, but understand that these articles are posted on other sites as well. If you feel violated in any way, ask Redsarmy to just narrow his Blogs to your page. Good Luck tonight.