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Recap: Wretched Celtics edge horrible Hawks in OT


In what may have been the worst playoff game in league history, the Celtics beat the Hawks 90-84 in overtime.

The C's have won ugly all season long. But nothing, I repeat, nothing compared to this game. We were treated to spectacularly bad turnovers and horrific defensive lapses, the likes of which haven't been seen since the mid 2000s.

Rajon Rondo (17 points, 14 rebounds, 12 assists, 4 steals) recorded his 7th playoff triple-double. As brilliant as he was at times, he was equally awful for stretches. According to ESPN Stats Info, Rondo is tied with LeBron James for 2nd-most playoff triple-doubles among active players (Jason Kidd leads with 11).

Loved Kevin Garnett's (42 minutes, 20 points, 13 rebounds, 4 blocks) effort tonight. His put-back dunk with 28 seconds left sealed the game.

Ray Allen (13 points, 6 rebounds) played his first game in nearly a month and looked fairly comfortable. After playing 37 minutes, he told Sean Grande, "My ankle is on fire right now." (Full audio here)

Avery Bradley suffered a shoulder injury in the 3rd quarter and did not return. The official word from the team is "sore shoulder." In the post game presser, Doc Rivers said Avery's shoulder "went out" and the medical staff was unable to pop it back in. Ouch. 

UPDATE: Source close to Bradley tells Globe that AB suffered "stinger" type of injury, shoulder's not separated. Should play Sunday

Let's all pray for Avery and Ray.

Paul Pierce (21 points, 3-12 FG, 47 minutes) missed a step-back elbow jumper at the buzzer that would have won the game in regulation. Not sure why he shyed away from contact after getting Joe Johnson in the air. Would have been an easy call and FTs for the win.

I'm thoroughly annoyed with references to the Hawks' injuries. Ray Allen missed two games in this series and Rajon Rondo missed one. If your going to mention the loss of Zaza Pachulia, how about mentioning Chris Wilcox? Al Horford? How about Jeff Green?

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  • Zhitao

    hehe also o’neal

  • RyanH

    KG’s defense and timely dunk were just excellent. He may be the most intense athlete to ever lace em up. I’ll always fondly remember getting to root for Kevin Garnett. Pierce and Rondo had really maddening games. They got it done, but damn it was ugly at times. Shout out to Ray for coming through injured and Avery for playing hard defense. On to the next one.

  • Sam

    The C’s have lost too many guys to be given that kind of crap but well, as long as we fans know it..

  • If you’re going to mention the loss of (insert key player on the opposing team here), how about (insert useless Celtics scrub who barely got any playing time here)?

  • putRajonRondointhehall

    That game was horrifying but a win is a win

  • KG picked a damn good time to crash the offensive boards and seal a game that almost went the wrong way.

  • Kricky

    We barely pulled out a win (at home) against a Hawks team playing McGrady at PF and Dampier at Center.

  • John

    Yeah, because Rondo and Ray Allen are both scrubs..
    Oh and Jermaine, our starting center was a scrub too

  • well, he compared Al Horford to Jeff Green…. Any basketball fan can tell you Al Horford is the far superior basketball player between those two…

  • let it be known im a rondo hater and i always have been even. I have two rants for this game one just my feeling on rondo as a player and second how rondo played during this game.
    i feel like any pg on this team could put up the type of numbers rondo does on a season basis if given a healthy Big 3 celtics. Ive typed 100s of times on this website ranting about rondo and his defiencies and just all around uninteligent basketball. 1)Passing the ball with one hand, 2)walking the ball up the court, 3)not finishing Strong at the hoop when he gets penetration (aka his little weird spin shots or just floating it) 4)not finishing with the left hand on the left side, 5) passing up open layups for hard passes and 20 foot jumpshots another celtics 6)lacsidazical defense when off the ball, and finally 7) cheating for steals and getting burned and relying on kg and the celtics d to bail him out. Ive had these feelings on a night in night out basis after wathcing rondo play and I really beleive that most if not all of them can be fixed by coaching. If doc was to just point out these flaws and tell rondo to work on them during pratctice and elimante the one handed passese that are hard to catch or finish strong at the hoop so teams actually have to defend you and maybe even double team you . However if he doesnt then rondo well stay about the same i believe deleivering out flashy assists but never really being a huge threat to an opposing team. Everyone can say what they want to that comment but the ATlanta Hawks defense and basically the rest of the nba doesnt even play within 5 feet of rondo on set defense.
    However as much as I hate rondo and all those things that he does I have to say that what he does and how he does it is infuriating but amazing and crazy to watch. Rondo lead the team emotionally and delivers passes on the spot and everyone loves him for it.Hell make a much needed steal when the time is right and everyone on the team will love it. He energizes the team with his plays but then in the next instant have a bonehead play. he was brillaint then dumb then brilliant then lucky but throughout it all he got his trile double and I would even go as much to say he took over the 4th quarter. Its the fact that rondo shows these flashes of brilliance on some plays and then does something on my list the next play that hurts the celtics that kills me to wathc him. He should be destroing jeff teague every possesion for easy layups instead he does it sometimes or when he feels like it. He should be pushing every possesion then slowiubng it down for every1 to catch up, instead he wlaks the ball up the court and he waste shotclock. If he could just fix the holes in his game mentally he would be a much better player and could be one of the best players in the leaugue if not the best.

  • SamR

    Jermaine was a scrub. Painful to watch. Frankly, I miss Wilcox more than I miss O’Neal. At least Wilcox could run with Rondo.

  • Damn-think I got an ulcer tonight. The turnovers, lack of boards..oh nevermind-you all know that already. This was the kind of game where the Garden would erupt, and get all amped, but then some crappy play would stifle us. Just frustrating as all hell. The worst being when we were up by 11 with around 5 mins. left and then ATL came back. The one player on ATL I have to give credit to is Joe Johnson. He came to play tonight, and this game gave ATL alot of confidence. They almost beat us minus 3 of their biggest players. The C’s offense has been awful this 1st 3 playoff games. They are due for an offensive explosion-maybe Sunday it happens. Great to see Ray out there. Dude played 37 mins! 6 boards and 6 of 12 from FG. But KG was the real hero-mentally, and physically. They’d be lost without him. Rondo did his thing, and made some big plays, as usual. However I do think Rondo dribbled the shot-clock down a bit much at times tonight-would like to see him push-it more in next game. I guess all that matters is that we won.

  • I want Ray Allen’s shot to be on fire, NOT his ankle.
    I love Rondo, but he just had the most average triple double in the history of basketball.
    Avery Bradley’s missed dunk almost cost us the game.
    Can we run pick and rolls with KG and Rondo, and make Collins and Dampier guard someone in space PLEASE!!!
    I hate to say it, but I’d almost limit the running on offense that Ray is having to do, I’d rather have him standing at the three point line spotting up and saving his legs than running 10 miles a game off screens

  • Favorite part of the game was Ray saying this is where I belong in his pre halftime interview

  • KY Celts fan

    Didn’t see the game. I was at the theater seeing The Avengers (totally badass btw). Glad we got the win. Great job Rondo. Good job, Ray. Let’s rest up for Sunday.

  • Worst playoff win since 2003, when they insulted basketball in a 66-64 crapfest with the Detroit Pistons.
    People will drool over Rondo’s triple double, but he was wildly inconsistent all night. I don’t get why he can’t dominate Jeff Teague. His 4 missed layups were embarrassing. KG remains the most important part of this team. Please, never retire.

  • Zach

    That’s true, but the point still remains that our lineup has been stretched thin too.

  • Um…acting like J Green wouldn’t help this club where we needed him (back up to PP and Stretch PF) is ridiculous. This is about value to each team’s club and the depth and rest he could have allowed for PP/KG could not be understated.
    Horford is a starter for ATL so I’m not going to discount how much he means to them. Red’s Army got it 100% right. Both teams have do not have their full squad available.

  • TG Ray went tonight! There’s not much more to say!
    Winning solves everything. Boston may be tired but the Hawks now need to win 3 outta 4.
    Hopefully the Hawks got their hearts broken today so there can be some Gino time this Sunday.

  • DJisinthehall

    you sir are a moron and we are all now dumber for even reading parts of this.
    Why can’t he just be who he is? and get triple doubles like its his job.
    GO LOOK WHO ELSE GETS TRIPLE DOUBLES. ITS NOT PLAYERS THAT SUCK. So hate him all you want, but understand that its stupid.

  • DJisinthehall

    you want to know why he can’t dominate Jeff Teague? Because Jeff Teague plays in the nba, he is the starting point guard on the 4th best team in the eastern conference. thats why he doesn’t dominate jeff teague.
    Serious talk what planet are some of you assholes on? triple doubles aren’t enough?
    its completely ridiculous.

  • DJisinthehall
    Don’t kid yourself jackass, you don’t get on this list without being exceptional.

  • NorthernGreen

    Not to make excuses for Rondo, but in the 4th when he walked the ball up, he was playing point guard on an exhausted team! He played 47 minutes, KG and PP had exceeded 40 minutes, RA in a comeback game with burning ankle, and the rest of the tired team, may not have been up to a hard run. Remember that there were some long minutes logged in game two. We didn’t need an overtime game and drawing a foul on Joe Johnson would have been great!

  • James Eisenman

    Rondo continued the wonderful/awful show. Continuing putrid defense but some brilliant passes. Great rebounding and putrid outside shooting. Missing an open layup but also made one great reverse. PP missed a lot but great free throwing. KG was great but also went cold in the middle of the game. We won. Not pretty but championships aren’t usually won that way.

  • See, I think James Eisenman has hit the nail on the head here with Rondo. He’ll do something flat out awful, and then he’ll do something sort of brilliant and you’re constantly wondering “Did that 2nd thing just make up for that first thing?” Even you Rondo anti-haters have to admit that he made you scream out in frustration at least a 1/2 dozen times in this game.
    It never fails that his triple-double games are the ones where I’m most frustrated with him. It’s strange.

  • BigMck

    My point exactly. Thanks, Zach.

  • Quest

    Lets hope we don’t have the same kind of game Sunday. Hawks now have confidence they can beat us.

  • If you think Rondo was brilliant based on just his numbers, you watched a different game.

  • James Eisenman

    You’re absolutely right. Don’t listen to this guy who’s back to being DJ. He’s basketball illiterate. Rondo’s like that psycho ex-girlfriend who can look so good and be so infuriating from one moment to the next.

  • James Eisenman

    DJ never actually sees the game because he’s blinded by his Rondo-colored glasses.

  • Alex

    How did Avery Bradley’s missed dunk almost cost the C’s the game? You could also say that Ray Allen’s two missed FTs almost cost the C’s the game as well…

  • Alex

    DJ, relax yourself. Same for you James.
    Rondo had a decent game and although he did get a triple double, he was quite sloppy as well. Missing several easy layups (the one where he made the nice fake but missed the layup is a very good and glaring example) and Teague did indeed dominate Rondo when it came to Rondo defending him. Rondo needs to stay in front of his man and play better defense, it’s really all I can ask from him. He gambles too much on defense and relies too much on an older KG and others to help him.
    Other than that, he did make some brilliant plays and he got a TRIPLE DOUBLE, people. At least credit him for that rather than display blatant hate for the guy (James Eisenman… who always has nothing positive to share in the comments except act like a douchebag all the time).

  • putDJinthehall

    nope same game. The whole game sucked.
    never said brilliant, but effective and C’s won.
    there is a difference. look i think Rondo is hell of a ball player, with faults. Sure.
    I think you morons have an unreal expectation of Rondo. I appreciate that we have PG
    that can do the things he can. Thats it, thats all.
    Do you remember Sebastian Telfaur? Kenny anderson and so on and on..
    give it fucking rest all ready.

  • When I say that his dunk almost cost us the game I don’t mean the act of missing itself, and I’m not implying that the two points that we could have had would’ve won us the game, or were the only missed opportunities for either team throughout the game
    What I meant by that, was we were in the process of making a run, one that would’ve likely put the game away, the crowd was ready to explode, we were ready to take control and the Hawks were close to packing it in and starting to get ready for game four, and then Avery missed that dunk, and all momentum slipped away, the hawks were able to get a bucket and just like that the air went out of the building
    I’m not blaming Avery by any means, it was a freak play where he missed a fast break layup, it wasn’t cause he made a boneheaded play or because he was loafing, just a freak thing.
    A very similar situation occurred when Rondo blew a tire and missed a fastbreak layup on the break, but i didn’t think that play singlehandedly destroyed a run like the avery dunk

  • It was 2002! and that was the only time I have ever been able to attend a game at the Garden. Cliffard Robinson the most hated man in Boston that night. Absolutely a shitty game, but boy did I have some fun. Good memories

  • SamR

    Umm…yeah, I didn’t say anything about Jeff Green.

  • James Eisenman

    You obviously don’t actually read mg comments fool!!!

  • James Eisenman

    Skip down 4 comments idiot. I said good and bad things about Rondo. Are you illiterate?