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The Boston Celtics: Quick to capitalize on a moment

Truth kneeling shirtIf you've ever bought anything from the Celtics official team store, you get bombarded with emails for special offers.  After getting an email advertising "2 shirts for $30"… I figured I'd tool around to see if they had anything good.  And then I stumbled on this. 

It's pretty funny, actually, that they turned this photo around so quickly… even turning his 36 points and 14 rebounds into a biblical reference.  Nicely done.  

It'll cost you $22 if you want it.  You can go here to buy it.  

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  • Why didn’t we have this idea first? The entire design team is fired!

  • Jason

    Even as a huge Pierce fan, I actually thought the Tebowing was lame. (Not only is Tebowing itself phenomenally lame, but this was Game 2 … of Round 1 … against who again? … and the game wasn’t even over at that point. And you are a Finals MVP, a future HOFer and 34 will be hanging in the rafters. C’mon, Tebowing is beneath you).
    This shirt, however, is awesome.

  • greenTeam5

    Agree. I thought the Tebowing, was a bit premature and played. It’s kind of strange the Celtics would trade to capitalize off one of Paul’s, many great performances. Nice art work though.

  • Pffff a total Wyc Grousbeck creation. His favorite player + social media phenomenon = quick buck. Wonder how many pink hats will buy that garbage.

  • Totally agree.
    The Tebowing by Pierce was about 6 weeks premature.
    It can only do more harm than good as potential backlash bulletin board material.

  • forever_green

    Stop hatin people, you wish you had something to Tebow about.

  • Like most of you when I saw the Tebow I was thinking it was a little premature and out of place. I was actually worried it might be a jinx. But now when I think about it, i feel like Pierce pulled off a perfect multidirectional insult. He Tebowed after he hit a free throw with plenty of time left in the game, saying to the Hawks “B@#ches, we got this;” Also, he did it right on the court, on the actual Hawk. Almost as if he was T-bagging ATlanta. Like a big FU to all the Hawk players and fans. And, seeing that Tebow is on the Jets, Boston’s most annoying wanna be but not really rival, Pierce was saying FU to NY too. All in all, Jinx, premature, or not, a perfect insult. I might buy it.

  • SamR

    Played, perhaps, but I don’t see it being premature. Considering that Tebow Tebowed after regular season wins, it seems like any impressive win will do.