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Should we be excited that Ray Allen is excited?


Not sure what this means. One day we hear that Ray's ankle is feeling good, the next day we hear it's locked up.

I've almost resigned myself to the fact that Ray won't play in the playoffs. 

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  • Mp must have ray ray on the chicken feet and beef diet. Whatever works I guess

  • Ray

    Ray Allen is still on this team?!

  • I’ve stopped paying attention to any Ray news. Once I see him out on the floor, during a game, I’ll believe he’s going to play again this season. I’m actually quite surprised he hasn’t already shut-it down. A guy like him that lives by routine must be going crazy. Might be selfish on my part, but I hope he makes a decision soon; either play through pain, or just go under the knife.

  • Alex

    As long as Ray Allen has bone spurs in his ankle, his injury is not going to get better. Treatments could ease the pain, I guess… but there’s a good chance that after the practice, his ankle will feel like crap.
    If a miracle happens and he DOES play, his ankle needs to deal with playoff basketball which means that his ankle will get a lot of pressure from tougher opponents attempting to get to the basket. He’ll also need to run through screens constantly to get opened. Not sure what to expect but I think Ray Ray is done… I’m just being realistic here.

  • Hang in Ray. If he can put it together just to launch some 3’s, the C’s and he will benefit. I agree with KWAPT, I mentally rule Ray out from playing but will always root for the guy.

  • Yes-me too Alex. I just don't see it happening..

  • It would only be worth getting excited about…if Ray could turn the clock back to 2003!