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Rondo thanked his teammates after the Game 2 win

Rajon rondo and doc rivers game 1 atlanta hawks"I was really happy going onto the bus (after Game 2), Rondo was standing outside the bus door waiting for every teammate to shake his hand and say thank you."

"… it was really cool to see him do that… you can tell he was really emotional about it.  It was really nice.  Adversity sometimes bonds and makes your team continue to grow.  And we've had a lot of that this year. So it was good"

Doc Rivers on WEEI

You should really click that link and listen to Doc talk about Rajon.  It's great stuff.  Doc is clearly 100% behind Rajon while also acknowledging that what he did was not very bright.  But it's part of the learning process for Rajon, and hopefully he's learned. 

Waiting for the guys outside the bus and thanking them all, though… that's a sign of maturity.  They made sure to say after Game 2 that they had his back and he made sure to let them know he had theirs. 

I said it before I heard this, and now it's just solidified it for me:  Rajon Rondo is going to go off in Game 3.  No doubt in my mind.  It will be a clinic.

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  • Danno

    Jackie MacMullin was on WEEI yesterday, and basically said that the suspension was actually worse for the Celtics, because it will likely prompt Rondo to “Go Off” in Game 3, meaning he’ll try to take over the game to make up for his mistake. But as has almost always happened this year, when Rondo “takes over” the scoring, his other teammates get left in the dust and the Celtics lose. Almost every time that Rondo scores 20+ points, or has more points than assists, the Celtics lose. A fired up Rondo is a BAD thing for this team. He needs to behave himself and play Point Guard within the flow of Doc’s offensive scheme.
    Hopefully Dr. Rondo Jeckyll shows up, and not Mr. Rajon Hyde.

  • Cam

    I don’t agree at all. If anything I could see Rondo constantly trying to get his teammates involved to make up for it.
    Rondos smart and he wants to win. I really just seem him playing hard. I think we’ll see it in his rebounding numbers. Guarantee he gets 10+ boards

  • mollysdaddy

    I see the stats backing up when Rondo Scores more the Celtics lose. But here’s the disconnect I can’t figure.
    Are there more games where he scores more because no one else is, and that is why the Celtics lose?
    “Going off” doesn’t mean he has to score.
    Wish game 3 was tonight.

  • I’m with Cam. I don’t see Rondo hoisting a bunch of shots, but if Smith is out Rondo should have a field driving the lane and dishing out to PP, KG, and MP for jumpers.

  • paul

    Good grief. Hate runs deep.
    As you know, Danno, Rondo tries to score when the team badly needs it, which is why it often happens in losses.
    To win a championship, we need the team to figure out how to have Rondo scoring within the system.

  • paul

    Exactly, mollysdaddy. And I’d add that to win a championship we must have Rondo scoring, but we must figure out how to do it without the rest of the team being taken out of the offense by it.

  • paul

    Rondo made a point of it today that he is a POINT GUARD. He will not be going crazy to score.
    His talk with the media today was very defensive, but I really don’t blame him. Most of the media has been just ripping him the last three days.

  • PutRajonROndointhehall

    Hey old man Eisinman lets end the Rondo argument once and for all and agree you are the only one
    that doesn’t think Rondo is the best player on the court.
    Listen to DOC on the Weei link. Starts at the 7:50 mark.

  • Danno

    Yes, because, Paul, the Redsarmy blog commenter knows more than Jackie MacMullin. LOL. Shut up, you fucking moron.

  • KY Celts fan

    hey, hey. Name calling is bad, remember?

  • CoachBo

    You would be wrong about that.
    Good for Rondo for thanking his teammates. That’s one off the “must happen” list.
    Now, if he’d just grow the fuck up before he retires …

  • Danno

    I called you out because I typically respect your opinions, even if I disagree with them.
    Paul? c’mon now. He single-handedly brings the comments section of this blog down about 90 IQ points with every visit.

  • KY Celts fan

    I tend to agree with Paul’s defense of Rondo, though I do disagree with how he goes about making that defense. However, I have also seen people try to bait Paul into one of his rants as well, so those that attack him aren’t exactly using the best means of civil conversation themselves.

  • James Eisenman

    The only time Rondo is the best player on the court at TD Garden is when he shoots pre-game warm-up shots AFTER Ray has finished his set and Rondo is the ONLY player on the court. Rondo is the best passer on the court but the WORST defensive player on the court. If you knew ANYTHING about Red, which you don’t because you’re too young and stupid, you would know that he would never agree with your ridiculous statement.

  • James Eisenman

    And I want to thank you again for taking DJ’s name off of your screen name because maybe now he can rest in peace without your posts being associated with his name!