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This video will make you wish Game 3 was right now

Watching this gets me so pumped for Friday night: The Big 3. The Garden. The JUNGLE. "Bring It…"

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  • paul

    Ok, did ‘coach’ Bo make this video? Were you guys totally unaware that there was a fourth person in that interview, who also commented on the Boston Garden, a fourth person that Garnett described as the team’s leader, the Black Lion of Voltron? Are you guys not hip to the fact that 2008 was FIVE YEARS AGO?!!!!!!!
    We have four key guys, going on five, and it’s damn well time folks started acknowledging this. Baby, we aren’t going to win a championship this year just on the backs of the Big Three, sorry to break it to you. We might just need a little more than that, and amazingly, we got a LOT more than that.
    Criminy. Are you sure ‘coach’ Bo didn’t make this video?

  • SC

    Wish I was going to work Friday night 🙂
    Guess I’ll just have to stick my head in the freezer and yell at my TV.
    The Garden is going to be electric!!

  • Alex

    Okay, no seriously. At this point, I know Paul is trolling here.
    I understand the fanboyism on Rondo and I understand that Rondo was hated on around here because of his inconsistency but there was valid reason. We got pissed with Rondo again because he did a stupid bump into a ref which got him suspended and put his own team in risk at losing Game 2.
    I love Rondo and a lot of people here, too. But Paul, seriously, you are one hell of a fucking Rondo stalker at this point. Everything that you type is PRO-Rondo and the more I see your comments, the more infuriating it gets. You NEVER have anything bad to say about Rondo even when he clearly makes mistakes. You make him seem like a Greek God of Basketball.
    Wake the fuck up. You are fucking pissing all of us off with your stupid comments. Blog writers, you guys need to start implementing some sort of blocking feature for idiots like these people. It just downgrades quality comments from being posted in your articles because all we ever see is Paul trying to cause a troll fire in here with his Rondo homerism.

  • KY Celts fan

    C’mon, paul. this is extreme, even for you.

  • CoachBo

    Funny thing about credibility.
    Once you lose control of yourself like this clown, you can’t ever get it back.
    Everyone just thinks you’re a dolt.

  • Alex

    You are losing credibility as well, CoachBo. You and Paul are the YingYang of the Red’s Army trolls. You are full of Rondo hatrid while Paul is too much of a Rondo Lover.
    You both mixed makes the comments section on this site unbearable to watch.

  • kg215

    Lol true that. The irony of Coach Bo talking about credibility while being a pure 100% hater.

  • IanD

    That just got me so pumped! can’t wait for the game