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Your Morning Dump… Where Pierce will have to step up

Avery bradley and Paul Pierce talkingEvery morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Bradley may line up as the point guard, but expect a healthy dose of Pierce as the primary playmaker. He averaged more assists per 36 minutes than he has since the 2003-04 season and assisted on almost a quarter of his teammates’ made shots while he was on the floor. Pierce wouldn’t tip his hand, but that seems like the logical play for the Celtics.

“I really don’t go into a game saying this is what I got to do more,” Pierce said. “I told you all many times. I play within the flow of the game, try to give it what it needs, regardless of who’s out there. They needed more scoring from me last night. If Rondo’s not there then not only am I going to have to step up, but a number of guys are going to have to step up.”

WEEI:  How the Celtics played without Rondo

Everyone on the Celtics is going to have to be aware of Avery Bradley bringing up the ball and be available to help.  I love Bradley's metamorphosis… but he's still a suspect ball handler.  So they can't all jog back and get into their sets as Bradley struggles against the Hawks pressure. 

Paul Pierce will have to bring the ball up sometimes, or at least be ready as an outlet guy for Bradley.  What makes Pierce such a dangerous passer in the half court is that he's always a threat to score, so you HAVE to pay attention to him.  His ability to find guys back-door is very underrated… or at least it was.  

You know, I don't know why SO many people are writing this team off. They can win this game without Rondo.  It'll be more difficult, but they can do it.  And even if they don't, they just have to win their games at home and come back to win one two remaining games in Atlanta.  People are acting as if this series is over.  It's only just started.  Relax people.

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On Page 2: Don't expect Ray Allen, so Pietrus will probably get the start

With Ray Allen (ankle) doubtful and Rajon Rondo suspended, the Celtics are set to go with an Avery BradleyMickael Pietrus backcourt against the Hawks in Game 2 of their first-round playoff series Tuesday night.

[…] “If Ray’s not ready, he’s not ready,’’ Rivers said. “One thing I won’t do, I won’t put a guy out there that’s not ready. I just won’t put him on the floor. If Ray told me he could play and Eddie[Lacerte] said he could play, he would play.

“He said he felt a little better but I don’t see it right now.’’

Globe: Bradley-Pietrus set to be backcourt pairing 

I made the argument on my Facebook page to start Sasha Pavlovic. In addition to the arguments I made there, it keeps Pietrus on the bench, where we need at least one guy we can count on. 

Then again, with two days off after this game, Doc may feel he can ride these guys bigger minutes.  

Let's see how it goes. 

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  • I’m with you start Sasha other then KG and PP he will be the only one to ever start in the NBA finals Plus you MP pop off the bench which will be needed. Just hope no one punchs Glass after this game.

  • Mike

    Dennis and Callahan said Yahoo was reporting Dooling is getting the start.
    Pretty obvious Doc wants to keep Pietrus on the bench.

  • djisinthehall

    I fully expect is to win tonight

  • throwdown40

    Boston didn’t win Game 1 with Rondo and definitely won’t win Game 2 without him. Hawks have proven to be better than everyone thought. Atlanta in 5, but thinking they may sweep Boston.

  • KY Celts fan

    when you rub your belly, what do you wish for?

  • Just play “lock-down” team defense for the full 48 minutes….everything else will take care of itself.

  • KY Celts fan

    hell yeah!

  • throwdown40

    Realistic Celtics Fans.

  • James Eisenman

    You are like many on this site. You have no idea what you’re talking about. The Hawks folded under our defense for the last three quarters of the game. They got 31 points in the first quarter and never scored over 20 in any other. Smith, except for one incredible shot, choked the 4th quarter, taking poorly chosen, off-balance, outside shots in the 4th and they turned the ball over a number of times in the 4th. Even the infamous Rondo Mr. Macho “toss me” move came as the result of a poked away ball. We got open shots all night long and just missed. Only Pierce was missing as a result of good defense. KG, Bradley and most of the others missed mostly wide open jumpers. What did Atlanta prove? That they can play as shitty defense as Rondo does. Unless the Celtics collapse, this team will not sweep them. I don’t even think they’ll win tonight. Are you a Celtics fan or some Hawks’ troller? I would guess the latter.:-(

  • throwdown40

    It would seem to me that you have no idea. Yes the Hawks scored 31 in the 1 st quarter Boston 18. And true Boston scored 21 in the 4 th quarter Atlanta 18. So you are saying Hawks had no defense Celtics just stunk up the joint. Wow, I thought both team Defense was pretty good against each other.Except the first quarter when Celtics fail to put a body on Josh Smith. Hawks will win, they are the better team. They won more games in the Atlantic division than the Celtics and came off regular season games 5 in 6 nights to only lose to Boston by 2 points another loss in OT without major players all year. Hawks may sweep, but I say Hawks in 5.

  • throwdown40

    Boston only scored over 20 points in the 4th qtr. other than that I find your arguement baseless.

  • CoachBo

    Pierce is a quality distributor. It’s even possible that Metta World Rondo won’t be missed tonight.

  • DJisinthehall

    nailed it!

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    you were saying?

  • James Eisenman

    Right. LOL.

  • James Eisenman

    Josh Smith is a loser. When the going gets tough, he chucks them from the cheap seats. Yes, throwup, I mean down, when the going gets tough, the Hawks’ defense stinks. You didn’t see the Celtics having to force up tough shots in Game 2! Go back in your little Atlanta burrow for the summer. As Larry once said to Hawk Dominique, “Have you picked out your fishin’ hole yet? You know, the one you’re going to be spending the summer at starting next week?” Then Josh, I mean Dominique, forced up some stinkers and went fishin’!

  • James Eisenman

    You are right Bo!