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Ray Allen’s injury has thrown his ridiculously regimented life into complete chaos

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Ray allen in street clothes before game 1Ok, "complete chaos" might be overstating it a little.  But anybody who knows Ray Allen knows he is borderline (or maybe not even borerline) obsessive compulsive.  His routines aren't set in stone, they're laser-etched in titanium and placed behind bullet-proof glass and guarded by SEAL Team 6.  

But his injury has thrown him all off.  

“You find yourself trying to make up things to kind of bring that control back to your existence,” Allen told CSNNE.com. “Like trying to understand game days, trying to understand, 'What am I eating right now? How am I sleeping?' It’s such a routine that I’ve built in that now I’m looking around trying to figure out, what am I going to do in this situation? What am I going to today? It’s game day. Do I stay in the back? What do I do?”

[…] “It’s almost like when you’re younger, you just kind of flip and flutter throughout the universe and you think everything is great,” Allen said. “When you’re young, that’s all right because you don’t know any better. But when you get older and you’ve done something for so long – like I look at a clock, I know where I’m supposed to be. Now I look at a clock and I’m just trying to stay out of everybody’s way. 

And believe it or not, this is just the beginning.  I'd say read the rest of the link there for the full effect.  

Ray Allen is amazing. But take a good look at what he goes through and you'll see the difference between being a good basketball player, and one of the best ever.  The best of the best have a thing inside their heads that drives them like none of us can understand.  Ray's insane regimenting and by-the-clock professional life is what makes him what he is.  To not be out there doing what he should be doing is throwing his days in to chaos.

This is just another look in the quietly controlled insanity of Ray Allen's life.  I wonder what hell there is to pay for interrupting his game-day routine.  I never want to find out first-hand.

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