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Ed Malloy is reffing tonight. Where do I know that name from…… ??

Oh right.. this:


Pierce and James Jones were tagged with double technical fouls after a hard foul by Jones that Pierce took umbrage to with 7:59 remaining. Pierce got in Jones' face as referees separated them.

Less than a minute later, Pierce and Dwyane Wade earned a double technical for a dust-up when Wade ran hard into a Pierce screen trying to free up teammate Ray Allen.

Referee Ed Malloy, who was in the middle of both calls, immediately tossed Pierce on the second infraction. The Heat led 86-74 at the time of Pierce's ejection.

ESPN, May 2, 2011

Yep, it's been one year since that event happened.  I remember looking at that as one of the worst officiating decisions I've ever seen.  It was as terrible a call as I've ever seen. 

Then there was this incident with KG in a Malloy game:


Kevin Garnett's lack of composure didn't lead to a loss. Miami's did.

Boston's emotional leader was slapped with two technicals after he elbowedQuentin Richardson in the jaw with 40 seconds left in the Celtics' 85-76 victory over the Heat in their NBA playoff opener Saturday night.

Garnett faces a possible suspension and could miss the second game Tuesday night in Boston.

ESPN, April 17, 2010 (via Forsberg)

Now, regular readers may know my usual stance on officiating:  I typically don't blame refs for losses because there is almost always something the affected team could have done better to win a game.  The first Malloy clip, though, is a clear exception to my rule. 

Referees are on the floor to keep order and enforce the rules of the game.  They are there to be anonymous, they are there to call the fouls they see, and they are there to make sure the game is decided by the players on the floor. 

Refs are heavily in focus right now because of the Rondo/Marc Davis thing.  The only thing we are trying to do is show referees are culpable too.  If NBA officials did their jobs the right way without getting egos or attitudes, then we'd leave this alone. 

But they don't.  And sadly, that's made this something to watch. If only David Stern and the league took the appropriate steps to manage this better, we'd be better off. 

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  • RyanH

    ” Ed, you got emotional and it took away from the game”- Doc to Ed Malloy after wrongly ejecting Paul Pierce.

  • Andrew

    Great post! I agree that Refs need to be culpable and i think there are some agendas with certain referees. They need to have some kind of record kept to show how many times a ref blows a call etc. If they are shown to be bias to a certain team or hateful to a team they need to be punished. Hard to be objective with calls that are many times very subjective.

  • paul

    Players are held accountable, but refs never are.

  • KY Celts fan


  • paul

    Boozer hammered a ref in game one – I’m sure he claims he ‘tripped’ into him – and somehow Stern didn’t feel obligated to enforce the rules in that case?
    I’d call what Boozer did worse, because it appears to be completely gratuitous. He was mad at one of the Philly players and just took a chance to shove a ref as part of his general tantrum scenario, it would appear. No suspension. So it’s totally arbitrary, isn’t it Mr. Corruption Stern?

  • sev

    good call….that was ridiculous….way worse by boozer.