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KG on Rondo: “he’s the head that forms Voltron”

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"Doc’s system, man, Doc’s system is predicated towards hard work and playing hard," said Garnett. "You want certain personnel in certain positions, but this team is built to where you move pieces and you put pieces into the structure to where it runs continually like a wheel. Rondo, obviously, he’s the head that forms Voltron; He’s the black lion. Obviously, you have other pieces you can put in there, manipulate and keep things going, so we’re going to continue to be who we are and right now that's just being better for Game 2."

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We're still waiting for word on whether Rondo will be suspended for Game 1.  A quick word on Rondo (because there will be more words later in the day for sure): 

This is a disappointing situation because it shows, at worst, selfish behavior in that he doesn't care about the consequences of his actions or, at best, an unchecked "competitiveness" that is incapable of recognizing the consequences of his actions in the heat of the moment.  Neither of those is very good. 

I choose to believe more of the latter.  I don't think it's that Rondo doesn't care.  It's that Rondo gets lost in moments.  I don't see him as overly selfish.  I don't think his teammates would have the regard for him that they do if he was selfish in that way.  You guys can say what you will (and you will, in the comments, I know) but these guys love Rondo.  And they see him a lot more than we all do.

He is horribly stubborn, which manifests itself in the wrong way at the wrong times.  His frustration with Marc Davis had been growing all night long and it boiled over at a time where it should have been set aside.  The type of official Davis is will be discussed later today, but even if he's the worst official we've ever seen, Rondo should know better.

The worst part of all this is that Rondo was the only reason the Celtics even had a chance last night.  Now this inexcusable act will overshadow it all. 

If Rondo is the head of Voltron, like KG said, then Rondo has to keep his own head in check. It's the last thing that's keeping him from being a truly great player.  

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  • KY Celts fan

    Potential new nickname material? “the Black Lion”, or simply “Voltron”.

  • Rondoing, bradleying and stiemboating all day!

    Not trying to defend Rondo’s reaction here! He was wrong for bumping the ref!
    All I’m doing here is to point out the fact that this same ref (Mark Davis) was part of that crazy OT game we played against the Hawks this year at the garden when an incredible succession of biased calls at the end of the game all went in the Hawks favor with Stiesma and KG fouling out with dubious calls…
    And the ref Mark Davis was the one calling the offensive foul on Pierce with 10 sec left in 2 points OT game!
    Then when you factor in the fact that he was about 2 feet away from that out of bound call and he didn’t even hesitated or looked at other referee and call it straight for the Hawks when it’s clear it’s Smith who last touched it…
    I was MAD at that ref!! Rondo can’t react like that!! we all agree on that!
    But the ref shouldn’t have so much power to influence the game like that!!
    Being a victim once is ok, twice, is still fine, but when it pills up too much something needs to be done!!
    Stop protecting the refs!! Make them accountable as well!!

  • maybe rondo can practice his lefty and righty layups during his suspension as well as his defense bc sure he has some flashy steal that look good on stats but how many times did he get burned that lead kg to help which then lead to an easy offesenive rebound for atlanta watch the tape beleive me its alot

  • See, and this is the stuff that will get overlooked because of the bump and the suspension. The bump was dumb and at the worst possible moment, but it can almost be overlooked as a heat-of-the-moment passion stuff.
    What CANNOT be overlooked is how Rondo played in the rest of the game. People say that he was our saving grace last night and where would we be without him. He scored a bunch and his jump shot was true tonight, those are all good things. He even managed to scrape out double digit assists even though none of his targets could make a shot.
    What no one except BleedGreen here is point out is that his EFFORT was awful last night. Walking the ball over half court. Making almost no effort to drive the paint and collapse the defense. Getting burned CONSTANTLY by slower players on defense, making our D collapse and giving up easy looks and putback rebounds. Watch the tape, watch him off the ball, you’ll see it goes beyond just his stat line.
    Maybe he’s hurt, I dunno. But it just looks like on most possessions he’s just not trying very hard.

  • paul

    Exactly. Where is the refs’ accountability? Where is the rage and anger at them?

  • paul

    Nobody is saying that Rondo played a perfect game last night, but he clearly carried the team.

  • paul

    Rondo is a very emotional player, far more so than most, though he does not show it on his face. He is learning to channel that emotion and he needs to keep learning. The more the leadership role falls on his shoulders, the more his ability to handle it all has to grow in parallel. This is normal.

  • James Eisenman

    I’ve been saying it all season long. I’ve posted video clips because they refuse to compile them for Rondo’s bad defense. Seems it’s much easier to get them for a ref’s bad calls. Hmmm!

  • It’s going to be “Snarf” if he doesn’t quit whining at refs.