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Ivan Johnson calls KG a dirty player

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) April 30, 2012 Uncategorized 23 Comments on Ivan Johnson calls KG a dirty player

The Hawks should know better than to give anyone on the Celtics, especially Kevin Garnett, any shred of motivation.  Every answer the Hawks give should be in deference to a great opponent.  Something like

"We played a great game against a great team.  We had a lot of things working well, we executed our game plan very well, and we're going to need to do that again if we're going to win again.  We can't count on them missing those same shots because they're too good.  Those are shots that usually fall for them, so we'll have to be even better moving forward."

Boom.  That's it.  Oh, they asked you about KG?

"KG is one of the best ever, man.  I just gotta try to match his intensity.  That's no easy job for anyone."

That's the extent of it.  I don't care if it's canned bullshit.  If you're the Hawks, that's all you should be stocking in your pantry of possible media answers. Nothing but canned bullshit.  Too bad for them Ivan Johnson isn't paying attention.

“Garnett, he’s a dirty player,” Johnson said. “He gives me a lot of elbows and I can handle that.”

Johnson said he expected that Garnett and the Celtics would attempt to do things to incite a reaction.

“I was prepared for that,” Johnson said. “I already knew how KG was going to come at me. They’re a whole bunch of mess-talkers.”

The only real insult is calling KG dirty… which is no surprise.  But KG is going to spin this into some serious disrespect in his mind.  And a motivated KG is not something any team really wants to deal with.   But it's not like Ivan Johnson is new to popping off.

Johnson washed out after one season of run-ins with coach Ernie Kent at the University of Oregon. After one year at Division II Cal State-San Bernardino, Johnson played a season in the NBA Development League before joining the Korean Basketball League.

That opportunity ended last year when the KBL banned Johnson after he reportedly made an obscene gesture at a game official.

Jeez… banned for an obscene gesture?  Good thing Rondo doesn't play there or else we'd be awaiting for word on what form of execution they'd use instead of whether he'll be suspended for a game.

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  • KY Celts fan

    this is especially stupid for a rookie to say. he hasn’t been around the league long enough, or played against enough big men, to know what dirty is.

  • paul

    There’s a difference between nasty and dirty.

  • wiley vet? or dirty?

  • I don’t get the Hawks, they outplayed the C’ in 1 game, big deal, they should just shut-up and keep their heads down till they’ve actually done something. Personally I can’t wait for game 2, with or without Rondo. C’s will show up and play playoff basketball, and then the Hawks can talk more crap.

  • Sam

    I love how he said he “can handle that”. Why don’t you just shut up then?

  • Braun is GUILTY!

    Just like Charles Oakley said earlier this season Garnett is a fake-wannabe-toughguy. His title was on Pierce and Allen’s coattails. Take a look at the tapes of his week work against Shaq last decade…always faded away, never strong to the hole. Take the contact like a man you fake f**k.

  • Dee

    KG is a vet…he shouldn’t need damn motivation….I swear…all these CELTICS fans are comical…face it…this team is old and over the hill…the HAWKS win this series in 6……see me after it’s over…..HATERS!

  • Kris

    Braun, after I read this “His title was on Pierce and Allen’s coattails”. in your comment I realized how ignorant people can be. I’ll just assume that you are a troll or just blind.

  • Kris

    The team is old, over the hill… and the bench damn near beat your starters, sure we’ll see you after it’s over. We may just help you pull your foot out of your mouth.

  • Jakeoclubs

    KBL didn’t want him and he was able to make NBA?

  • Enititled Celtics players and even MORE enititld Celtics fans.

  • mr.b hill

    Da celts r a bunch of winers and “HELL YES” kevin garnett is a dirty player . He has to try and hav som type of advantage since clearly da skills and production is on a fast downward pace . K.G. dont make da mistake Shaq did and hang around 2 long and tarnish what has been a hall of fame carrer, know wen 2 say wen . I kno da passion 2 compete is still at a high level and no disrespect but da skill level isnt ! So K.G. hang up ur sneakers, pull out ur slippers, start working on dat Hall Of Fame induction speech, buy a boat, som fishing rods, go get wit Kenny and Charles and do som fishing . A perfect end 2 a storybook career . Congratulations Mr. Kevin Garnett !

  • joe

    Please go to your room all you CELTICS FAN’S.GO SCREW YOU.

  • JAY


  • spida

    That is why in the 08 season he was one of the leading candidates for mvp and defensive player of the year. Your a moron those mvp chants were for KG. You obviously didn’t pay attention that season. The whole reason he the Celtics play Defensive like the way they do is because of him.So he leads the C’s in boards and second in scoring the 08 season kinda like this year. Yeah he is riding coattails.

  • Hater alert

    Go watch some actual games were he is dunking on the entire laker team in the playoffs. HE took it pretty strong to the rack back in day. Which is why he was named in the top 15 dunker’s in league back in the 2000’s. You must of been watching a different KG. 35 and 25 boards with 7 assits against LA in the 03 finals with a no talent team yeah that’s week. HIs 30 and 19 games suck to. Your just a hater every player dat plays with KG aint got nuthing but good things to say about KG. Just last week on TNT shaq was talking about how he hated gaurding Tim Duncan C Webb and KG. Why cuz they could shoot jumpers but also take it to the rack.

  • Nora

    Um Hawks are the sorry team. Barely won game 1 and lost game 2 without Ray or Rondo. That is pathetic. You look like a fool coming here

  • Nora

    Fake tough are idiot trolls like you. Get a life! Seriously go out and get one

  • Lee in Oregon

    Dear Hillbilly Jay, as per your instructions….
    1)My sorry team just kicked your sorrier teams ass in your crappy gym.
    2)You miss-spelled your own name.
    3) In normal society people don’t type in all CAPITAL letters because it’s annoying to read and makes the person typing look like a JACKASS.

  • RR9 is the future

    For the record, you are commenting in a Celtics-themed blog. Basically, you’re still in our turf.

  • Im a Hawks fan but have a great respect for the Celtics and KG,Ivan Johnson is a dumb ass and he sux. I pray the hawks dump him soon.I no I shouldnt talk about my team like this but damn the Hawks could be an awesome team if the fr office would give a shit and get us quality players instead of guys like IJ and old used up players who r ready to retire…GO HAWKS!!!

  • charles guy

    when did oregon get a team from the dirty dirty south bainbridge

  • Kareem

    That’s where you are wrong. Ivan plays with most heart and motivation than Smith and the “glorious” JJ. I’d rather have a team of IJ’s than one Joe. Joe plays with apathy and even more apathy. I can’t explain how many times JJ doesn’t care to attack, and will just lob it at the rim hoping it will go it. He won’t attack to even draw the foul. It’s as if his 119 million dollar contract made him royalty to where he thinks he shouldn’t be touched in a game.
    As painful as it is, we should package JSmoove as an incentive to trade JJ. A 2-for-1 deal. And while we’re at it, throw in Marvin Williams.