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Does ref Marc Davis have a grudge against Boston?

The official who tossed Rajon Rondo from last night's game is no stranger to controversy, publicity or the Celtics.

Many NBA analysts claim Marc Davis is one of those officials who love and seek out the spotlight. During an appearance this morning on WEEI, disgraced former referee Tim Donaghy said Davis has a large ego and "rabbit ears."

While Rondo was upset with Davis' refusal to call a jump ball in the final minute, the play that started the anger came at the 2:20 mark. Davis pointed in Atlanta's direction on an extremely close out-of-bounds play. Davis didn't seek help from a colleague and bypassed instant replay. We know what happened next.

Let's go back a couple weeks when the Hawks and Celtics played in Boston on April 11. The Celtics won 88-86 in OT despite some horrific calls by Davis and his colleagues.

Mr. Triple Double went back into the video vault and edited together all the questionable calls. There's 6 minutes worth. Of KG's six fouls, Marc Davis whistled 4. There are also several instances where KG was fouled right in front of Davis and either a) the outside official made the call or b) no call was made. 

Not enough evidence? 

Let's jump back to 2009 when reports surfaced that Davis is a Bulls fan and his family didn't hide it during the Celtics/Bulls playoff series in 2009:

Two of the referees in Game 4 of the Bulls-Celtics series reportedly are Chicago residents whose families at the game were wearing Bulls gear.

According to the Boston Herald, a member of the Celtics' traveling contingent was taken aback at the sight of the crew exiting the United Center after the game with family members who were Bulls fans. The Boston Globe, citing an NBA source, reported that the officials were Marc Davis and Dan Crawford.

Are NBA officials allowed to be "fans" of teams? 

Davis has another incident unrelated to the Celtics that deserves mention. He allegedly threatened to whup Allen Iverson's ass in 2005:

Iverson, upset about calls, challenged referee Marc Davis after the 94-88 loss on Saturday, and said Davis responded by saying he would "whup my ass."

Iverson had to be restrained by teammates, and a few minutes later was seen heading in the direction of the referees' dressing room before general manager Billy King interceded and calmed him down.

I'm not trying to smear Marc Davis' character. Rajon Rondo deserved the technical fouls and ejection in Game 1.

I just want to know when is David Stern going to wake up and realize his officials are casting a negative shadow on the game?.

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  • Quest

    Thanks for the article I hope it makes the rounds to other sites! Do any of these refs get performance evaluations or are they home free to do whatever they want and get away with it?
    Rondo will be suspended as an NBA example especially after his earlier incident but if Marc Davis continues to be the ref in this series then the Celtics are screwed b/c every call will go the the Hawks way. So Celtics be careful out there we need you to win. You are a better team just need to take care of business the right way.

  • Wow. Get the bleep over it. This site is above such troll articles. This game wasn’t the 33-14 free throw disgrace of game 7 against the Lakers.

  • KY Celts fan


  • paul

    Good article. There does not seem to be any accountability for referees. Rondo’s case is particularly troubling, because refs seem to have it in for him. You’ll note that Tim also confirms that refs DO collectively harbor grudges against players that have fallen out with this seemingly mafia-like ‘fraternity’ that has way too much power.

  • Unicornsexist

    This has nothing to do with this particular ref, well at least i dont think it does, but Rondo was suspended earlier this year for throwing the ball at the ref. Yet when Joachim Noah, a Chicago Bull, did the same thing, he was just fined. What is up with that?

  • Kris

    “Such troll articles”… Please explain your definition of a troll article.

  • Davis knew he blew the call…then did all he could to initiate contact with RR.
    That deflects all the negative attention onto RR.
    RR is inches away, and walking towards Davis…Davis takes one long step to make it appear he`s walking towards the scorers table, but keeps his back foot planted, knowing RR will not be able to stop in time.
    I`ve never like RR, and he should have braced himself by grabbing onto Davis…but Davis clearly set him up to make contact.

  • @NBARefsSuck #NbaRefsSuck

  • rondo and doc constanyl yapping at the refs doesn’t help the celtics in close call situations

  • KY Celts fan

    seriously. Bush league move by the association.

  • KY Celts fan

    please. All players argue with the refs. Kobe talks to the officials more than he does his own teammates.

  • I’m not gonna say anything about Marc Davis, but it’s the leagues fault to assign him to the game last night. Especially considering how much of a f-up that last Atlanta game was at the Garden and he was a big part of it.

  • Coobs

    As I’ve seen no mention of this anywhere, I figured I’d ask it on this thread — with maybe about 4 minutes gone in the 4th quarter (total estimation, so could use someone looking at a tape of the game to confirm), somebody (Rondo?) found KG down low for a lay-up. Jason Collins was the closest ATL player, and in the interest of preventing an easy two points, absolutely RAKES KG across the face: no attempt at going for the ball, making clear contact with the head/facial area…I mean, I understand the notion of a playoff foul, but this is CLEARLY stated in the rulebook. Flagrant 1, right? 2 shots and the ball, right?
    NOPE! Just 2 measly FTs, with not even a word mentioned by the broadcasting team, as if to sweep yet another officials’ miscue under the rug. Just curious if I was the only one who saw this…
    and then compared to the “flagrant” foul that Tyson Chandler was called for, when all he did was set a perfect back-screen on Lebron (who had no idea it was coming), who then recoiled from the impact, then flopped to the ground to sell it…BAM! Flagrant 2 down-graded to Flagrant 1 (unbelievable that it was even considered F-2)
    I swear it I hate the NBA. Taking the beautiful game of basketball and turning it into some WWE-styled entertainment event. It’s nauseating to actually hold out hope in your favorite team when you have to think the outcomes have already been drawn up in some high-rise office.

  • Thought the exact same thing last night.

  • The rule book is confusing and contradictory as hell. It’s vague and poorly defined. A lot is left to subjectivity and interpretation by the officials. The officials aren’t savvy enough interpret on the fly.
    They need to re-write the rules to be minimal and clear, and quality check the officials.. but both would be admission that the Association isn’t perfect and Stern would never let that happen, right? (see lockout).
    This in no way absolves Rondo. It just puts a microscope on how poor the officiating and rules are.

  • throwdown40

    Marc Davis made the right call, Josh Smith was clearly foul. Get it in your heads people…….Rondo was wrong!!!! On every level, what kind of people would want to defend his actions… Besides the SORE LOSERS!!!!

  • throwdown40

    Boston is the Fan Favorite. Ref made the right call, get over it.

  • throwdown40

    Boston Fans are the biggest Losers Ever!!! Your team just isn’t better than the Hawks. Don’t you know that the Hawks played more of their second team in the fourth quarter when Bostomn tried to come back. When the starters got back in Celtics saw all their hopes and dream drain away. No way was Boston coming back to win in 41 seconds. No way! You were down 4 points at that time. A foul was the right call. Rondo got stupid,because he is stupid, No Excuses. Blame Rondo he is the only one at fault.PERIOD

  • Unreal

    BTW he didn’t bypass the instant replay on the out of bounds play. You can’t review and out of bounds play unless its in the final 2 minutes of the 4th which it wasn’t. So if he made the wrong call it couldn’t be reviewed. If the other refs saw it different it was up to them to speak up.

  • Total

    You’re right: Marc Davis made Rondo go ballistic immediately after the call; Marc Davis made Rondo get really close to yell at him; Marc Davis then turned away and nonetheless executed a remarkably agile maneuver that caused Rondo to bump into him.
    It’s all Marc Davis’ fault.
    Would you like a snack before your nap?

  • Sam

    The only refs’ names I know happen to be those of the ones that suck: Marc Davis, Eddie F. Rush, Olandis Poole, Joey Crawford… oh there’s also Dick Bavetta, but mostly because he’s older than Jesus.
    So yeah Davis happens to suck, but the Celtics needed to come out and play from the get go and Rondo needed to walk the heck away from Davis after the first tech (truth is he shouldn’t even have gotten in his face and get T’d up in the first place, but I can understand that tempers flares, although it all but sealed the game for ATL).
    We’ve been pretty good without Rondo and Allen in the regular season, let’s hope Pierce will be in Point Forward mode for Game 2 and that we’ll be able to grab a split.

  • trytryagain

    Good lord, here we go again……the C’s start to slide, things look bleak, so it’s good old ref blaming time!
    Some things never change.

  • kg215

    Lol trying to troll here because your team is stuck in mediocrity now and in the future? You guys aren’t bad enough to get a lottery pick to get a star, but not good enough to have even a 1% chance of winning the championship even with Horford. This has been true since you guys LOST in 2008. NOTHING HAS CHANGED. Great job signing Joe Johnson to a max contract without evening waiting to see what he would get offered by other teams. Even if you amnesty him the team is going nowhere and will go nowhere.

  • oh yeah, don’t forget, the ref could have easily caught the ball and there would have been no issue. i attend lots of games, and there is constant contact between refs and players. even in this case, bradley bumped davis before rondo did – i think davis looked like he thought bradley’s bump was from rondo. rondo did clearly trip over davis foot after davis dramatically sticks his foot backwards in front of rondo like he was going for an academy award when signalling the foul.

  • Big B

    These refs need to be investigated. Something fishy going on here. I remember watching this game and I couldn’t believe the foul call on Pavlovic at the 24 second mark of this video. Look at how late the whistle was. It wasnt a foul to begin with, but the whistle came several seconds after the shot was taken. Seems like the ref waited to see if the shot was going to go in or not. Once he realized the shot was missed, he blew the whistle which was about 3 seconds after the shot was taken.

  • KLC

    This is purely speculation, but after watching and reading about Marc Davis and the Celtics, is it possible he knew Rondo was near him and walking towards him so he stopped to create contact and thereby eject him? Look closely at the video, Davis stops while Rondo is walking forward and there is a slight bump. Rondo straightening out his chest could also happen when you are trying to stop yourself suddenly….or stop your forward momentum. Try it. Really watch the video. It’s really very possible Davis could have create the slight contact by intentionally stopping and having Rondo walk into him. Makes no difference, Rondo should not have been that close but still, what makes more sense? Rondo intentionally bumping Davis in front of thousands and getting himself suspended or Davis knowing he could get back at someone who was yelling at him throughout the game by creating a little contact himself. Just saying….

  • Kev

    I’m not going to even try and say that RR didn’t deserve a suspension because he did but I understand the frustration, especially after that piss-poor out of bounds call. Celts could have easily gotten the game within a point or two and Davis hands the ball over to the Hawks. Wasn’t even a close call. After watching the vid someone posted I have no doubt that Davis has a bias against the C’s.

  • BigMck

    Good point. My bad.
    I still don’t understand how Davis could make a definitive call on such a close play.

  • Gulbickus

    Who the fuck cares? Bouncy Ball is for ignorant douches anyways.

  • Evelyn Roak

    wanted to send this link to a friend—-any reason the video is now private?