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Your Morning Dump… Where Ray is “50/50” tonight

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"[Allen is] probably [a] game-time [decision]," said Rivers. "The way I think it’ll probably end up, he’ll go over and do his routine early, and honestly, if you want to gauge it, if he gets through his routine, which he hasn’t been able to do the last two times he’s tried to play, then he'll probably play. That’s how I'm going to judge it. My coaches will call me and let me know, but we’ve got two plans, one with him and one without. One with him and maybe not in the second half, we just don’t know. That’s just the way we’ll play it." 

ESPN Boston: Doc on Ray: 50/50

The Celtics could play four 7-game series and might be 50/50 for all of them. 

He's out there, in shoot-around, and testing it on a daily basis.  This will be the same every day.  He'll test it pregame and we'll know.  

"I’m trying not to [think about the ankle], I’m just taking a day to go through it and understand how my body feels," said Allen. "It’s kinda hard, it’s the playoffs. I gotta be totally ready and, as much as I know I can help the team, I don’t want to detract away from the team." 

As always… we'll see.

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On Page 2:  KG is human

And once Dooling joined the team and was approached by this one-man welcome wagon, the talking points flew.


Garnett briefed Dooling on the culture of the Celtics clubhouse — one of the most fiercely policed in the league — and what he could expect from the veteran power forward both on and off the floor. Business, personal growth, the need to teach the young players the right way of doing things — the range of topics was limitless. This was Tony Robbins with a shaved head and a lean, 7-foot body.


“When he’s in his moments, he’s just nonstop,” Dooling said. “What stands out is probably just the way he cares. He’s so human. He’s just one of the boys. He makes you feel at home. Every time someone new comes in, he makes it his business to pull you to the side and have a personal conversation with you. It’s bigger than basketball with Kevin. He cares about us as people. He wants to see all of us growing as men. We really talk about pouring into these young guys and challenging them mentally to understand the business of our game, the business beyond basketball.”

Herald: KG keeps C's pule

A phenomenal read about how KG is inside the locker room and how he treats his teammates.  There's nothing I can add to it here.  Click the link and enjoy.

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  • sev

    i guess after delonte gave gordan hayword a wet willy, we can now see why keyon was chosen over west. Talent aside, keyon has clearly been a great locker room presence himself, as he speaks very highly about his teammates, especially after reading that post you put up 10 days or so ago.(he talked about rondo and KG) He obviously is respected himself, as he’s one of the main guys in the players association, if I recall correctly.