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Recap: Rondo ejected as Celtics no-show in Game 1

Beer… check. 

Takeout… check. 

Celtics jersey… check.

The only thing missing from tonight's playoff opener with the Hawks was… the Celtics. The C's came out flatter than (insert teenage joke here) and could never recover. The result: an 83-74 Hawks victory in Game 1.

It was a story we've seen before. The Celtics dug themselves a mighty big hole in the 1st quarter (31-18). They couldn't shoot and they didn't hustle. The Celtics made mini-runs in the 2nd and 3rd quarters, but could never gain ground.

The C's whittled the lead to 4 with :41 seconds and then it happened. Mount Rondo erupted. Upset with a loose ball foul on Brandon Bass, Rajon Rondo screamed in the face of referee Marc Davis. Immediately upon receiving a technical foul, Rondo intentionally bumped his chest into Davis' back. Bang. Ejection. Comeback over. Game 2 suspension likely.

The ejection marred a fantastic performance by Rondo (20 points, 11 assists, 4 steals, 43 minutes). He was the only Celtic who brought his A game. 

Paul Pierce (12 points, 5-19 FG) never found his stroke. Even when he bullied his way to the hoop in vintage fashion, Pierce could never build a rhythm.

Kevin Garnett (20 points, 12 rebounds) salvaged a horrible 1st half with a strong 2nd half. How bad was the 1st half? Jason Collins was manhandling him.

Avery Bradley (12 points, 4-12 Fg) struggled with his shot all night. Playoff nerves? Maybe.

The bench. What bench? 51 minutes generated 4 points. Props to Greg Stiemsma for his 9 rebounds.

Josh Smith (22 points, 18 rebounds) played one of his better playoff games. But the one Hawk who really killed the Celtics was Kirk Hinrich (12 points, 4-6 3 FG). It was Hinrich's buckets in the 1st quarter that propelled Atlanta to the big lead.

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  • Everything that could’ve possibly went wrong tonight did. EVERYTHING. Rondo or no Rondo, C’s will need to dig-deep and find that gritty, focused team that we’ve seen and grab Game 2.

  • RyanH

    If Rondo gets booted, Ray HAS TO PLAY. Paul and Garnett will have way too much on their plates. Fuck.

  • chachee

    It appears Rondo will be suspended. Regardless of what happened (jump ball/foul), you can’t touch a ref, much less bump him. The C’s were exposed tonight. Rondo will be back for game 3 but i’m afraid it might be too late. Hawks got a lot of momentum tonight. C’s have no answer for J Smoove. Joe Johnson did NOTHING all game. Teague can balance out Rondo. It’s not a good sign. If the C’s lose this in 4, Rondo is gone in the offseason. Just when a ray of light opened up, with the Rose injury, the C’s and Rondo had to come out and lay the biggest egg.

  • Rondo chose a hell of a moment to make contact with an official. I just hope it doesn’t end up costing them this series. Aside from that, the playoff spotlight definitely had an affect on AB and Bass(as starters). Very timid. That has to change. It was like watching the pre all star celtics all over again. Putrid shooting. 0-fer from three! Just an overall depressing performance.

  • alex

    josh smith elbows the shit out of bass. watch the replay of the ejection.

  • Quest

    This is a repeat of the Heat series last year but then it was Paul Pierce who lost his composure and the C’s didn’t show up then losing to the Heat. If C’s don’t show up for Game 2 Tues then I think this week will the last we will see the celtics as the Big 4 play together. It would be really sad bu the C’s hold their fate in their hands.

  • Alex

    Paul Pierce making a no show felt like an insult to me.

  • SamR

    I think the best we can hope for is a 1-game suspension.
    I actually am not as down on the game as everyone else. They’d cut the lead to 4 when a BS call (that was clearly a jump ball, not a foul) led to the Rondo technical and ejection. And they’d managed to cut it to 4 despite getting almost no offensive contribution from the bench (though Stiemsma had 9 boards) and shooting 0% from beyond the arc.
    The problem is that this was because of Rondo, who had an outstanding game. So I dunno what happens in game 2 without him, and putting yourself in a 2 game hole is a tough way to start.
    And he bumped an official, and it seemed deliberate. I just hope its ONLY 1 game.

  • Alex

    Not sure why Paul Pierce was chunking three pointers, either. Get to the paint, Pierce, ffs. You are cold, realize that, PLEASE.

  • Quest

    Ray been out since April 16 not seeing him return any time soon. We may have seen the last of him play in a Celtic uniform. Can’t see Ray taking any risks with damaging the ankle being a free agent this summer. What a mess but its been like that all year.

  • Imagining having Doc and KG in my ear after that, I imagine Southwest could make a pretty effective “Want to get away?” ad starring Rondo about right now.
    Understand Rondo letting his frustration get the best of him, but unhappy about it nonetheless. I can always play the “Rondo was right, that was a horrible call!” card, but the chest bump shouldn’t have happened. It was a playoff game and emotions are bound to run high. I hope the league sees that. But considering that the two game suspension for him earlier this season was egregious already, I’m not going to rule out a harsh penalty for Rondo.

  • Danno

    Should have traded the selfish asshole when you had the chance, Danny.

  • chachee

    he’s not the problem. we can’t stop josh smith. joe johnson has yet to do anything. if he gets it going, series is over.

  • RyanH

    That “selfish asshole” was the best player on the damn court. He made a mistake. Without Rajon this team is nothing.

  • James Eisenman

    None of you guys have any idea what you’re talking about. Rondo was not awesome tonight. He scored, yes. But his defense was putrid. At one point, I thought almost every point, except for Smith’s, were given up by Rondo. But the worst was when they first got it to 4 and Rondo double-teamed on Smith (at a time that KG was finally getting the best of Smith). He left Teague all alone for a 3, to double Smith at the free throw line. Boom – 7 behind. Then the stupid yapping to the ref and the bump. No excuse for this stupidity. He walked the ball up the court. He did shoot well, finally. But over all, he hurt as much as he helped. No one was timid. They just couldn’t hit anything. KG was ice cold until the 4th. Avery was aggressive offensively. He just missed wide open shots like earlier in the season. Yeah, maybe nervous. Bass just didn’t get his usual looks. Pierce was not able to get his game going. The Celtics shooting was awful. Missed open shot after open shot. Except for the 1st quarter, they held Atlanta to like 18 points a quarter. So, except for Rondo, the defense was good. Frustrating.

  • Those of you who think Rondo is a great player, i present exhibit A in rebuttal. No great player whines about a foul call in a 4 point game and bumps a ref to boot. Immature, stupid play by the “team leader”. Shades of Pierce vs. Indiana back in the day (except Pierce had an excuse: he was stabbed and never dealt with the emotions). If Boston loses this series, Rondo is gone by the end of summer.

  • CoachBo

    Refreshing to come over here after watching the other sites, where they’re trolling the replays like the fucking Zapruder film to concoct an alibi for Rondo’s predictable me-first selfish temper tantrum. Seems to be a little reality in play here.
    And let’s go on the record with Rondo’s post-game. To quote Barkley – and damn, I hate doing that – “He lying.”
    Yeah, he is.
    By now, Rondo damn well better have apologized to his teammates for totally failing them tonight – and his play earlier in the game doesn’t mitigate a DAMN thing; the game was in doubt and he threw a tantrum.
    Otherwise, send his ass to the Bobcats and let him see how he likes being the big fish in a damn septic tank.

  • rondo was only mad bc that ref was sucking the whole game and he blatantly missed an out of bounds call 40 seconds before missing the a jump ball call, this just goes to my point of nba refs suck #NBARefsSuck tweet me is you feel the same way as i do that nba refs suck and its a disgrace the nest basketball league in the world has quesionable at best refereeing @NBARefsSUck

  • Danno

    If the best player on the court gets ejected for playing selfish and stupid, then the whole court is full of assholes.

  • Quest

    If Boston loses this series then all the Big 4 will be gone either through trades or retirements. Games like this may be the norm next year while Doc rebuilds. Not too may stars knocking on Danny’s door.

  • paul

    Nice work, Danno. You managed to blame Rondo for us losing a game when he was the primary reason we didn’t get blown out.

  • Manny

    Wow, looks to me like a lot of you have just been waiting for Rondo to mess up so you can bash him with his mistakes. Smdh
    wasn’t it him who carried this team to 4th in the standings? He found guys in the same spots he has all season, the team was just cold. It’s still unacceptable for him to confront the reff like that though. 1 game and some people already want him traded. And the bench is horrible. I thought we would get something from them after the extended play they got before the playoffs started.

  • paul

    Lol! I love you haters!

  • paul

    ‘Coach’ Bo, chief pom pom artist of the Haters, is having himself quite a party tonight!

  • paul

    I love it. So every great player who ever did a stupid thing has an excuse, but NO EXCUSES FOR RONDO!
    What a good hater you are!

  • paul

    They are bullies. Simple as that.

  • Kricky

    0-11 from 3 and we were still clawed our way back into this one at the end. Gotta at least take some consolation from that.
    But we are really screwed if RR gets suspended for next game. What a bonehead move!

  • Quest

    Watching the Clippers vs Memphis….this is terrible but hindsight Danny’s failed trade Ray to Memphis for O J Mayo…..hmmmm

  • Amazing the lengths you rumpswabs will go to defend a flawed player who just lost the Celtics a playoff game.

  • Watching the video,and if you pay attention on the 2nd/3rd replay you’ll see that the actual cause of the bump were the refs feet. In particular, Rondo took a step toward the bench (doc) and then got caught up in the refs feet. this there fore leads to a situation similar to when a player completes some play, and in euphoria air-punches or something of the like and accidentally hits a player. Rondo’s ejection should be taken with a grain of salt. Also the issue is indeed that the ref had missed several calls, earlier in the fourth. And while I don’t think that rondo should have slammed his hands together in the refs face, The ref was rather quick with the tech,and didn’t realize the situation. In a playoff game with emotions high, and a team leading a comeback, the ref made the wrong decision. Also Claseless, if Rondo cost us this game, what about magic costing his team in the 82 finals,or lebron in last years?

  • Quest, you do know that the only reason the trade didn’t go through was because Mayo refused to play in Boston, much less come off the bench, and wouldn’t resign when Free agency sprung?

  • Agreed, the refs were pretty egregious in this game, and are in most games. Part of the problem is that many refs have biases against and for certain teams. Another thing is that some refs just should retire, in particular ones like Joey Crawford and Dick Bavetta. These refs are getting to a point where they are starting to loose control of their mental acuity, and their fine motor and perception skills are on a steep downhill slide. Bavetta in particular is nearly as blind as a bat, and doesn’t have echolocation to make up for it.

  • James Eisenman

    You don’t know anything about basketball Paul. You LOVE Rondo and fail to see his faults. He’s stubborn, arrogant and lazy on defense. He doesn’t even pretend to run to the men he leaves wide open anymore. There WAS no excuse for bumping the ref. I felt the same way about Pierce back in the day. You don’t jeopardize your team to have a tantrum. There’s no debate. You may “love” the haters but I hate the mindless lovers.

  • Rondo will stay Quest, he is the heart of the rebuilding effort. AS will Paul, he will finish his career out with us, if not out of loyalty, as much as Danny’s Job security. The Celtics fans will likely destroy Danny and send him out of the state. Ray will not be traded, as he is a FA, and will need to be resigned; many teams (Miami in particular) will be anxious to get him, because he would complement their team so well. The destructive drives of Wade and Lebron could be passed out to ray, and then “Splash”. Now as for Kevin, he either retires or stays a Celtic, and my money is on resigning with us. As Bill Russel told Kevin in the 08 Finals, “Your finally wearing the right colors.” Kevin was meant to be a Celtic, and he embodies everything that being a Celtic is. That is why he will stay, he wants to make up for wasted years.

  • To Those of you who think Chris Paul is a great player I present tonights game against Memphis. No great player simply whines about a foul call in a 27 point game, and then whines throughout the rest of the clippers run. A run in which the refs seem to swallow their whistles and let all sorts of physical play occur. This include Reggie Evans fouling Z-Bo every 2nd trip down the court, and Griffin/Martin being able to block/ change every single Memphis drive/lay-up/tear-drop. BTW there were many of these types of shots, when you take about 15 hard, contested lay-ups in the NBA, as a team, you should have been fouled on at least 5-7 of them, Mamphis was fouled only once. So in this case definitely an immature, pandering and NBA endorsed play by the “Team Leader”.
    Next, how the hell does this relate to Paul getting stabbed? Paul was stabbed in a nightlub,and not on the court. Also why are you so nonchalant in bringing up that point? Injuries are not to be messed with, nor of used carelessly. I would know.

  • Bo, if this is what you believe, you truly are a headcase. The defense in the first, was the whole teams fault. The rest of the game only came out the way it did,because of Rondo’s play. Now Bo, don’t get me wrong, I know its infuriating to watch Rajon play his “defense” but its RONDO, YOU DEAL WITH IT. He is the player that this team relies on most, and the one we need playing well if we want to have a shot to win it all. There is no need to hoist the blame for the loss solely on him? The fact that we were in the position we were at the end of the game is chiefly due to him. Also if you did in fact watch the video of the sequence(which you clearly didn’t), you’ll notice that Rajon does indeed trip over the Refs shoe, this action causes the bump, not him conciously trying to bump the ref.

  • Quest

    PP and Danny’s job security???? Didn’t Danny try to trade Paul to the Nets recently but the Nets backed down or are u referring to PP being good trade bait. Paul is thinking of retiring instead of wearing another jersey should Danny be working the phones over the summer. No one on this team is safe from Danny trading them especially if Danny has his eye on another player and this Draft is suppose to be deep. Players have been moved before for poor attitudes and I’d say Rondo has no quarantees with Danny.

  • RyanH

    Third game with ATL now where the officiating sucked. Remember Garnett/Stiemsma got the boot on spotty calls. No one should ever lose their cool, but don’t think that these guys have a short memory.

  • Quest

    Yes I am aware Mayo wasn’t impressed by all the banners hanging in the garden and didn’t want to be playing with a bunch of “old guys” and didn’t want to be stuck on a rebuilding team. But its the concept of what could of been if that deal went through or what other deal Danny was making that didn’t make it to the media considering the position the C’s are in now with Ray. So how long has it taken to respond to everyone on this board? lol

  • NorthernGreen

    I may be a homer, but do you remember earlier in the season when Rondo missed a few games, AB stepped up and we won a few games. Paul and KG won’t continue with their cold shooting and no doubt bounce back! There will be different ref’s and this game will be scrutinized closely and may cause the next meeting to be called differently. Let’s wait and see!

  • JR99

    Yes, Rondo screwed up. He tripped a little, but also stuck his chest out. It is virtually impossible, given all the press about this, that he won’t be suspended 1 game. (It won’t be more than that… that would be self-defeating for the league. It’s a business, after all.)
    But no Rondo for Game 2 does not = Loss. Here’s the thing….. Teams, like people in general, often do the opposite of what everyone expects them to do. This is a huge challenge for the remaining players, and they know it. They also know that they let the Hawks embarrass them in front of the whole world.
    Net result? Probably one really-pissed-off crew. Net result of that? I would not be surprised if the Celtics come ROARING back and friggin WASTE Atlanta on Tuesday.
    And then all this noise will disappear. All we ever needed was to steal one in Atlanta.

  • Love ya Rondo, but you didn’t bump into ref because you tripped. your shoulder blades cocked back and you stuck your chest out. Upon hearing he might get suspended “its out of my control” Rondo said. How about everything is in your control. I think the C’s can still beat these jokers. 7 Games here we come.

  • CB

    Hopefully the Cs respond with some passion and grit and take game 2 without rondo. That’s my prediction/hope. And maybe RR’s anger can light a fire under his teammates’ butts. Bass, KG, and Pierce looked horrible in the first half.