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Ray Allen has everyone guessing




We have one "Yea," one "Nay" and one "I don't have a clue" from the Boston media.

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  • Is it even the kind of thing where rest is going to help?
    If it is, then yeah I’d be fine with trying to, as much as possible, get by the Hawks without him. Even without Rose, Chicago might be the toughest matchup between the C’s and #18.
    If it’s not…it’s going to be a tough playoffs for Ray.

  • Alex

    Let’s face it. No matter how much rest Ray Allen gets, his ankle won’t get better. It really won’t. He mind as well call it a season, get the surgery, and just cheer for his team. I just don’t see that ankle getting any better. It’s KG’s knee all over again. It’s not getting better and I’m prepared to not expect him in this game or any other playoff game this season.
    Sorry for sounding pessimistic but it’s reality.