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Rose injures knee in Game 1 win over Philadelphia

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) April 28, 2012 Uncategorized 35 Comments on Rose injures knee in Game 1 win over Philadelphia

Derrick rose hurt

Derrick Rose suffered a scary injury to his left knee in Chicago's game 1 win over the Philadelphia 76'ers.  With 1:10 left in a double-digit game and Rose a rebound and assist away from a triple-double, Rose came to a jump stop and his left knee buckled.  He laid on the floor for a few minutes and was helped off and into the locker room. 

After the game, Tom Thibodeau gave a vague update:

"He's going to be examined and they'll know," Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau said. "He started moving his leg, but they have to do an MRI and all that, so I would be guessing."

Moving the leg is good.  That might make this no more than a sprain.  But for a guy who relies on his quickness like Rose, even a sprain could be a big hindrance to his game.

The reason we care as Celtics fans is the Chicago Bulls would be the Cetics' next opponent in the playoffs.  And if Rose can't go, or if he's limited at all, it could be enough to swing the series in the Celtics' favor.  At the very least, it would make things a lot more interesting.  

Of course, that's the strictly basketball analysis of the injury.  We all hope it's not serious.  No one is rooting for an injury.  And, of course, the Celtics have the little matter of being in a 4/5 matchup that starts on the road, so I don't want to get TOO far ahead of myself here.  But it bears watching.  If we're looking for that road to the conference Finals, it might have gotten a little easier. 

UPDATE:  It's an ACL tear:

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  • KY Celts fan

    And now Imam Shumpert is down. This is getting me nervous.

  • I’ll never be happy of a thing like this, we suffered things like this.
    Hoping for him to get well.

  • CoachBo

    All of this in pursuit of the dumbest, most contrived and over-hyped statistic in sports: the triple-double.
    But of course, Rose must be out there because the Johnny-Come-Lately fans to the pro game get wood over the triple-double, eh?
    One of the many reasons I loathe David Stern is his turning this great game into a game of individualists followed by a generation of young fans who understand nothing about what was once a great team game.
    This kind of shit is one of the things that drove me out of coaching. You can’t find a kid anymore who understands the value of making the extra pass, of swinging the ball from side to side, of defense.
    Stern has created a generation of basketball illiterates, kids who think the game is no more nuanced than taking one dribble, running three or four steps down the lane, bulldozing a defender, tossing in some slop-ass shot and heading to the line for an “and one” (God, I hate that term), courtesy of an equally basketball illiterate official.
    Rose is a great talent who got abused today – by his coach, and by his fans. Tragic if he’s hurt as seriously as the rumors indicate.

  • MrFixit

    Espn just reported a torn ACL. Done for season.

  • CoachBo

    Sad news to see a great talent seriously hurt chasing a stupid, meaningless stat.
    Probably good for the Celtics going forward, and maybe it’ll ultimately be good for the game to realize just how stupid the triple-double furor is.

  • Alex

    Lol, u mad?
    All kidding aside, I believe the Bulls left Rose on the court so he can get the rust off. He’s been missing in action for quite some time and garbage time would have been good to just do some simple plays and kick those rusty edges off yourself.
    Unfortunately, Rose got injured. It sucks, but it happens. Apparently Rose is made out of glass this season.

  • KY Celts fan

    That really sucks for Chicago. They had a great chance of winning it all, not so great anymore. I know how I felt when Paul went down in 2008. It was sickening. Fortunately he came back ok. Can’t imagine how bummed Chicago is right now.

  • Picture Planet

    He jump stopped, its not like he tried to grab some unreasonable rebound. Where did this stat chasing stuff come in? He drove to the lane, did something plenty of athletes routinely do and made a bail out pass when his ACL went out. Not everyone in the NBA is Ricky Davis.

  • Chachee

    This is the playoffs. The 76ers were making a run. You couldn’t be further from the truth, to suggest that he was only playing in the final minutes to get a triple double. You are clearly out of your mind.

  • Chachee

    Again, you are incredibly inaccurate. Derrick Rose is a humble guy. He’s not fighting with Thibs to stay out there, IN A PLAYOFF GAME, to get a triple double.

  • Astarot

    I know he’s young but I don’t think it was all about triple-double. He just wanted to play the way he can play. After missing some time he wanted get back into the right rhythm and it was just bad luck. I hope he’ll be back soon. As much as I feel sorry for him for Cs it’s well…. good news. Second round would be easier if Cs can get past Hawks.

  • Chachee

    Let CoachBo believe what he wants to believe. I’ve been reading up on the injury and this thread is the only place that suggested he was chasing a triple double.


    Injuries are part of the game. When garnett blew his knee, Rondo his elbow the game continued. Im happy for the celtics that our toughest opponent is outand only an injury to Dwade could only make me happier. Save the sorrow for your neighbor when he cant pay his mortgage and gets sent to the shelter.

  • Chachee

    I empathize with Bulls fans over this injury. When we lost KG in 2009, it felt like the season was over, when he grabbed his knee. No hope. I recall NO ONE feeling sorry for Celtic fans. This just opened the door for another run. I always thought the only way this celtics team could make a serious push for another finals appearance, was with an injury to one of miami’s big 3 or one of the Bulls big guns (Noah, Deng, Rose). Rose is a standup guy and it sucks to see him go down. Something tells me, if this happened to LeBron, there would be a parade tomorrow morning.

  • Just heard the Rose injury is a torn ACL, he’s done and that’s too bad for the Bulls. I feel bad for him cause he’s a good kid. Sometimes trying to come back when a guy isnt really 100% can backfire, I hope the kid can bounce back next year.
    C’s have had trouble with a Rose-less Bulls, but obviously, this changes everything (provided we get past Atlanta). Crazy start to the playoffs.

  • This is truly shocking!
    “Tragedy” decided to give the Celtics the day off…and discovered another team to victimize instead!

  • RyanH

    I feel for Rose. This is something that I’ve been expecting with his style of play, but obviously it’s awful to see. When Perk went down in 2010 I nearly puked from nervousness for him as an individual and as a player on our team, so we can imagine what Chi fans are going through.
    Boston needs to realize that there is an opening now to get to the finals. Rose is the only guard that would have put up resistance against the Rondo/Bradley combo. Get to the conference finals, and Miami will wilt.

  • Borna Hlousek

    As some one who tore his ACL, I wish Drose the best of luck, because it sucks, and that recovery will be hard, especially of he wants to return to form. It will be hard because his mind may make him doubt himself and limit his ceiling.
    As for us, I’m kind of relieved, it makes it just a teensy by easier to win for us.

  • lkkost83

    for real, real time 24/7 updates on his injury and i wouldnt be surprised if ESPN had a camera in there to tape ‘the surgery’ and make a special out of it 🙂

  • If this doesn’t hurt Thib’s chanced for Coach of the Year, it should.

  • Unless of course, the Bulls beat us and the Heat….

  • KY Celts fan

    Iman Shumpert has torn ACL. Out til November at the earliest.


    Don’t think CHI will be a walk over. They won a lot of games without D Rose this season. Get rid of ATL first and then we can start talkin Bulls or NYK.

  • jeremy

    look at thte ESPN website! The front page says that the agressive schedualed caused Rose’s ACL, fuck that! Sorry for Rise but the Celtics have been talking constantly throughout the season about the locout season but no one listened and NOW!? WTF!

  • Bert

    stop with the theories of stern and his overbearing ways. thibs thought a twelve point lead wasn’t big enough, and therefore kept rose in the game. simple as need to overreact and delve into your petty coaching career.

  • Chester

    Are you aware of the matchups? The Bulls are playing Philly. We wouldn’t play NYK or THE HEAT until the Conf Finals.

  • HumpH

    They don’t take into account the happenings of the playoffs in any REGULAR SEASON AWARD.

  • I agree with Coach Bo

  • I was watching the game, I felt really sorry for the kid.
    But the truth is: nobody gives a damn about Mr. Nobody Shumpert, as you can read in these comments. To me it’s not just casualty that people are going down: this crazy 66 game stretch conceived by NBA and David Stern to sell the product anyhow is starting to weight on players’ shoulders. And on the product shoulders.

  • “If this doesn’t hurt Thib’s chances for Coach of the Year, it should.”
    Sorry, I shouldn’t write with such subtleties as there will be those fail to grasp them.

  • Kricky

    Thibs should not be excoriated for keeping Rose in. The dude needed to get some run after sitting so many games. In any case its not like it was a freak accident involving another player. Sadly D-Roes’s body has been breaking down this season. If it doesn’t happen yesterday it happen he next game or in practice.

  • Alex

    You and Coach Bo are so alike… Conspiracy nuts that have nothing else better to do.

  • CoachBo

    And then there are the apologists like you who lack rudimentary understanding of the game … let alone the need to protect a player who’s been hurt all season and who had NO business in that game at that point.
    Think Ray Allen’s out there in the same situation?
    One of the things you can count on from Celtics Fan is an unbelievable barrage of excuses for anyone who’s ever sat on the Celtics bench.

  • Chachee

    Apples and oranges. Rose missed 27 games, in a 66 game season. He missed over a 1/3 of the year. He could use the playing time. He’s the leader of that team. Guess what? If it was the Celtics, you can bet your money that Rondo would be out there with1:30 left, no question. Ray Allen? Different story. He’s 38 years old with nagging ankle issues, specifically, bone spurs. He’s not a 23 year old, a few years BEFORE his prime, nursing quad and turf toe. Thibs held Rose out most of the year because he didn’t want to rush him and put him in too early. Rose was ready to return for the playoffs. He was ready. He should’ve been out there. It’s the playoffs. It was a 100-67 game. It wasn’t a blowout. The 76ers were creeping and the last thing you want is a team, who’s been out of it all game, to make a run at the end, and give them momentum going into game 2. Bulls needed to keep their foot on the gas. Classic case of damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

  • At least I’m not an ignorant person who has to insult other people to express his own opinion.