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Ray Allen: “I would get surgery tomorrow”

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) April 28, 2012 Uncategorized 8 Comments on Ray Allen: “I would get surgery tomorrow”

Ray allen on the floor with ankle injury

Jackie MacMullan hnted at this a month ago.  Ray Allen's ankle is bad enough where it will need to be "fixed."  Ray Allen got a little more specific today. 

"No question. If I could, I would get surgery tomorrow. If this was earlier in the season, I probably would have had surgery." 

He told reporters today that he's had a second cortisone shot in the ankle and it feels fine as he walks around normally.  The issue is the stopping, starting, and cutting on the court.  

He has bone spurs in the ankle that are limiting his movement. Those will have to come out at some point. The question now is whether Ray can figure out a way to get on the court.  Doc says Ray is not moving well, which makes me less confident that we'll see him in this series.  

Now we have to wonder if we'll see him at all.  Ray still isn't giving up though:

"These are extreme situations. Extreme times," he said. "Playoff basketball is a few notches above what we do in the regular season. It’s really a matter of me getting my legs underneath me, running when I can, but that’s the difficult thing."

I hope Sasha Pavlovic is ready.

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  • Devonte

    R.Allen should sit out the 1st round and be prepare in the 2nd round gor Game 3 against Bulls or Sixers. Ray should get the surgery and ride the exercise bike.

  • Thank God for Bradley’s explosion !

  • Alex

    The Celtics are definitely going to miss Ray Allen’s three point sniping in the playoffs, that’s for sure. Fuck, can’t believe this.
    Well I guess I can look at the bright side… the Celtics ARE playing better without Ray Ray due to Rondo no longer having to watch Ray run through a bunch of screens to get open for a three point shot. AND Ray Allen isn’t that great at defense so we have Pavlovic take Ray’s job at it (which I honestly prefer).

  • TJames

    Ray coming off the bench was a hell of a weapon. Would have been great having that in the playoff’s. Now the bench is just going to have to step it up without him…

  • HomerGreen 18

    No Jesus could mean no salvation in playoffs Celts need every weapon to have a chance and don’t forget the 2 Allens held Kobe to like 25% shooting in 2010 game 7 Mamba could barely breath

  • C’s-pride:

    In 2009 KG got injured, in 2010 Perkins got injured, in 2011 Shaq got injured. This year its Ray Allen. Major injuries has been stoping the Celtics from winning Championships in the past 3 years. We need Ray Allen’s scoring in the post season, specially his 3 point shooting. We can’t win it without Ray. I hope he can come back for the second round against the Bulls. We need u sugar Ray. Pred: Celtics win this round 4-2 Gooooo C’s

  • Lee in Oregon

    I think we can get by the Hawks without him but the Bulls would be a different story. Hopefully he can tough it out and get back out there though. I’m a Sasha supporter and he will be ready for whatever he’s asked.

  • Tyler

    I knew DA should have traded him.