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VIDEO: Rondo’s Tip-Off Trickery

Throughout the recently completed 2011-2012 66 game lockout shortened season, Rajon Rondo did a little trickery right off the opening tip.  The Celtics didn't win every jump ball, but when they did, Rondo would do a quick little trick with the ball.  Sometimes even Kevin Garnett would join in, hiking the ball as if he were the center to Rondo's quarterback.

Watch the video compilation below of Rondo's tip-off trickery throughout the season.  Again, some of these are better than others but it's still fun to watch.  Also, just for fun, here are some absolutely meaningless statistics from the opening tip:

  • Celtics won 37 jump balls, lost 29
  • Out of those 37 jump balls won, they won 21 games and lost 16
  • Jermaine O'Neal went 16-8 on jump balls
  • Kevin Garnett went 18-20 on jump balls
  • Greg Stiemsma went 2-1 (the lone loss he didn't even jump @ATL)
  • Ryan Hollins went 0-1


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  • This cracked me up

  • KY Celts fan

    what a goofy kid. I didn’t realize he bounced the ball off his head so many times. But the football hike was the best.

  • paul

    Good compilation.
    Do guys remember Luis Tiant? He was a great pitcher, maybe the best pitcher in his era, who is almost forgotten today, one of the all-time great Red Sox players. He had so many tricks that he used to cast a kind of spell on opponents. His windup in particular was famous for it’s wiggly ‘form’.
    Tiant used his weird tricks as an expression of humor, as a distraction, as a form of intimidation, etc..
    There is similarly a genius to all that ‘flash’ that Rondo puts out there. Some of it comes from his high level of skill and his ebullient love of the game (think about his ‘tricks’ as a kind of smile, which belies his stoic expression). Some of it seems to come from his sense of humor. Some of it helps to inspire his teammates and intimidate foes. A lot of it is distraction, camouflage. Rondo keeps the opponent’s mind on what he is doing. When you watch the games you can see how Rondo manipulates the attention of the other team.
    Rondo’s tricks are simply part of his game.

  • keltic

    haha this is awesome, nice work….rondo for pres!

  • esteban

    who knew JO was actually good for something