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Celtics picking 21st, 22nd, in upcoming draft

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) April 27, 2012 Uncategorized 9 Comments on Celtics picking 21st, 22nd, in upcoming draft

Clippers ping pong ball

The Kendrick Perkins trade is now complete.  The Clippers' first round pick, sent to Boston via Oklahoma City in the Perk trade, will be 22nd in the upcoming draft after the tiebreakers were determined earlier today.

The Celtics, by virtue of their 39-27 record, will pick 21st, giving them consecutive picks in what's supposed to be a deep draft.  You can find the full draft order now up on NBA.com (with, of course, the lottery teams still to be sorted out)

The Celtics also pick 51st (2nd round pick).  And with Danny's draft history, I'd expect that pick to make a more immediate impact than the first two.

All kidding aside, these are two potential assets for the Celtics that can be used to draft potential contributors, or package in a deal.  I'm actually betting on the latter for at least one of the picks.  That's not based on anything in particular… just a hunch based on Danny's history.

I'll leave the "who we might pick" speculation for the comments section.  Have fun.

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  • Have the feeling we aren’t getting Austin Rivers.
    Oh well, with Bradley exploding I’m okay with it.

  • Walk

    Doron Lamb and Draymond Green please

  • Trade both picks to move up in the Top 10.

  • Jason

    Exactly what I was thinking. One franchise changer is better than two above average guys, especially given the C’s situation. Some teams need to just accumulate as many players as they can. The C’s don’t. A game changer inserted into what they already have? That’s the sweet spot for them.

  • K

    Don’t the Celtics have two first round picks and two second round picks? I seem to recall reading that in one source a few weeks ago – I think the C’s have the Bucks round 2 draft pick … http://nbadraft.net/2012mock_draft

  • Fab Melo?

  • That was only if the bucks made the playoffs

  • There’s not really a precedent to how far you can move up in the draft using a combination of picks. If you try to assimilate a similar trade value chart as the NFL has, it comes out that they could move up to around 15.
    As for who do we draft, BEST PLAYER AVAILABLE. ALWAYS.

  • chachee

    this is a deep draft. 21 and 22 could make an impact next season. keep in mind, Perk was drafted 27th in the 1st round. essentially, we traded him (along with Jeff Green) for the 22nd pick in a “deeper” draft (2012) than 2003-2004. we’re also the frontrunners to sign Jeff green next season. You all can hate on danny, but he gets my approval. even if danny trades up (both 1st rounders into a lottery pick), i still think this team can contend with or without the continuity of the “big 3”.