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LeBron, Wade and Bosh will NOT play tonight


I had a feeling Miami's trio would sit once I saw reports the Heat were practicing hard this morning. Heat reporter Brian Windhorst confirms Chris Bosh will sit and assumes the same about LBJ and D-Wade.

This is a perfect scenario for the Celtics. They should be able to secure the win without taxing any of the core players. But we all know how they play when they should win.

Good news about Mickael Pietrus. 

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  • chachee

    This is why I never buy tickets to a game, at the end of the season. Playoff seeds have been established for a week, superstars are resting, ticket prices have never been higher. Imagine seeing this game on the calendar? THis is the Heat. You circle these types of games. You get 2 shots at seeing Lebron, Wade and Bosh all season, so you buy tickets. You spend $100/ticket for good seats, thinking this will be a great game. Then, the day of, reports come out that not only are Rondo, Ray Allen, Stiemsma and Pietrus not playing, but Lebron, Wade and Bosh are sitting out as well, with a chance that Pierce and KG will sit, too. Essentially, you just paid around $200+tax for 2 tickets to watch a semi-pro game. You couldn’t watched the same thing at your local YMCA, or flown down to Charlotte. This is why the NBA should NEVER schedule top (contending) teams against each other at the end of the season. The odds are greater that this will happen (everyone rests and the scrubs play), over a must win game for both teams. This happens every year. Some will argue that these “schedules” are made in advance. Bullsh*t. They make these schedules 1-2 months before the regular season. Barring any blockbuster trade, the NBA knows who will contend and who won’t. I just feel bad for the folks who paid big money for this game.