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Ray Allen out tomorrow, could play Thursday & other practice notes

I'm not sure what to make of this anymore.  Ray Allen's ankle will hold him out at least one more game.  It would be nice if the ankle was strong enough to get at least one more game in before the playoffs.  

Meanwhile, Rajon Rondo, Mickael Pietrus, and Greg Stiemsma all also sat out the Celtics' monthly practice (stupid lockout).  Pietrus and Rondo are maybe's (though Rondo is most likely) for the Miami game.  Stiemsma's foot is clearly still an issue so it makes sense to sit him out a little more.   Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett will play at least one, maybe both of the the C's last two games. 

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  • Terry Bogard

    Rondo most likely is? Good to know :p

  • I don’t like Rajon going against Miami, especially if they play any starters. I don’t really have a concern with Ray sitting. If he needs the rest, he will come back just fine. If he is injured, playing one game or sitting would be irrelevant. It ain’t fatigue keeping him out so it’s either precaution or his ankle is not right. Definitely bench Stiesmsma, dude is dragging. Hell, bench Bass too. Bench anyone that would play in the playoffs!

  • Quest

    Now wasn’t it just about a week or so ago Ray said he had a MRI and nothing showed up. Now he is saying there was bone spurs found….hmmm is this similar to KG’s knee and Shaq’s foot scenarios? Is this the end for Ray wearing a Celtic uniform now?

  • kg215

    Assuming it’s not a coverup, might as well rest him against the Heat too. If he is feeling good play him against Milwaukee for the last regular season game, otherwise save him for the playoffs. Rushing him seems like a terrible idea. Better healthy and rusty then trying to force it.