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Ray Allen has tiny bone spurs

Tiny or not, I don't believe bone spurs just go away. Let's just hope Ray can tough it out through the playoffs and Finals.

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  • I knew it..I had a weird feeling the other day this was similar to KG’s issue in 2009. Just the whole indecisiveness by Ray and the team. Now the question will be can he tolerate the pain/function/play until the end of the playoffs, or will he need to go under the knife right away. Either way, Ray’s a good guy and has done so much for this team-hope he makes-out well.

  • MrFixit

    In more long term thoughts, this wont do him any favors in terms of signing another contract, with the C’s or elsewhere.

  • He should now definitely just sign with the Cs for whatever they offer and finish out his career here without having to relocate the family. Think of the kids, Ray!

  • Mike

    Playoffs AND finals?
    Getting a little ahead of ourselves aren’t we?

  • Tamara R.

    a little ahead of ourselves? NOT at ALL!

  • SF CeltsFan

    Look at the way KG has been playing. He’ll be fine.