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Your Morning Dump… Where Doc is happy with the scrubs

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here... highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Given the benefit of playing time against the Hawks, Daniels came off the bench with season-high totals in points (12), rebounds (eight) and a career-high four steals.

Once Rivers returns to his playoff rotation, Daniels’ short window is bound to close. Rivers can lose faith quickly in players, and it takes him time to redevelop trust. But right now Daniels clearly has the coach’s attention.

“He was terrific,” said Rivers. “The best game he may have played this year. He was terrific, and he did a lot of things. The little baskets and the rebounds — he had eight rebounds. It was good to see him compete. He was active, alert, responsive, that’s what you want him to be.”

Herald – Marquis Daniels' catches Doc's attention

"We always say you push and pull and … if you're not playing and a new guy comes in and you think he's going to take your minutes, then you should play harder," Rivers said.  "It's a man's game."

Hollins had eight points and five rebounds in Boston's 97-92 loss to Atlanta while playing more than 30 minutes – all season highs with the C's. 

CSNNE – Hollins provides energy, hustle

Marquis might see some action in the playoffs, if Ray Allen's ankle or Mickael Pietrus' knee remain issues. But Daniels is behind Sasha Pavlovic on the depth chart, so might really means probably won't.

Hollins could get 3-4 minutes if Greg Stiemsma gets buried with foul trouble.

File both under: Break glass in case of emergency

On Page 2, is Avery Bradley the league's most improved player?

Depending on one’s perspective, players like James Harden and Ryan Anderson could be considered for the honor in that they have gone from steady contributors to featured performers. Jeremy Lin is an obvious candidate. He went from one foot out of the league to magazine covers, but his rise had to do with opportunity as much as improvement. Then there’s Minnesota’s Nikola Pekovic, who went from lumbering foul-prone oaf to menacing, and quite skilled, sidekick for Kevin Love.  

Bradley’s rise is no less remarkable. He played only 162 undistinguished minutes last season as a rookie. He took 67 shots, missed 44 of them and scored almost half his points in a 20-point outburst on the season’s final day in a glorified exhibition against the Knicks. He had more turnovers (16) than assists (12) and a Player Efficiency Rating (PER) of 2.2. 

In his second season, Bradley has played more than 1,200 minutes and is shooting better than 50 percent from the floor and 44 percent from 3-point range. His defense has been otherworldly at times and since his surprise insertion into the starting lineup on March 25, the Celtics had gone 12-5 and moved from the back of the pack in the Eastern Conference playoff race to the top of the Atlantic Division. 


There's zero chance Bradley wins this award. He was MIA for half the season. But I agree with Paul Flannery's assertion, AB has made the biggest leap of all the players mentioned above.

Thanks to Brian P. for passing along this highlight video of AB doin' work.

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  • thetitleisours

    It seems to be fan nature on giving up on guys too soon. We all thought AB was a bust at first and I read many blogs earlier in the year that said Steamer will never be an NBA player.
    It took Perk years before he became Perk.
    All some guys need is time.

  • Jim.

    And time is one thing in short supply in this League,most people want results and they want them now.

  • Daniels often bad dribbling & brick hands is still an issue

  • sev

    i believed in keeping bradley, but I didn’t expect him to break out THIS year. Everybody that wanted him traded seemed to forget how young he was, so I was willing to have patience, as he was ranked right up there with john wall coming out of high school(not like that always means anything). I’m not trying to say I saw this coming, but I wanted to wait and let him develop(just like many other celtic fans) because you could see his athletic tools and his desire to play D from the beginning. To have such an impact now at only 21 is somewhat of a surprise to me though. He doesn’t turn 22 until nov, while john wall turns 22 in sep.

  • If the 2010 draft were to take place today…Bradley might get selected at #1.
    In addition to his tremendous athleticism and defense…Bradley is making 45% of his 3-point attempts.
    Wall is making a horrible 7%.

  • Thanx for posting the video guys, I hope there is a lot more AB highlights to post in the future. He has my vote for most improved player that’s for sure. For him it was just a confidence thing. If you look at the High School you tube and McDonald’s practices he is playing in those vidoes like he does now. Like the top ranked high school product should. 6-8 shooting guards are always going to give him trouble but they will never out work him.

  • SC

    Really liking the hustle of Hollins in his limited minutes.
    He’s another athletic dude on our roster that at times has struggled with speed/agility — especially on the boards and on the fast break with Rondo.
    Not saying he should see minutes over the Stiemer, but I would like to see him make the playoff roster.

  • I will admit the great and powerful all knowing Jester00 was wrong on this one I wrote him off like an empty 6 pack. the kids corner j is money he plays hard and is not dumb. I hated him, and now i respect his game and what he does Way to step up AB glad you proved me wrong.
    p.s. I knew KD would suck a Sasha would be ok so 2 out 3 ain’t bad that should be a song