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Ron Artest floors James Harden with vicious elbow

Ron Artest deserves a hefty suspension for this despicable act. I'm thinking 10 games. Maybe more, considering his history of violence. 

What do you think?

Update: Here's the statement Artest issued to the media:

"During that play I just dunked on (Kevin) Durantand (Serge) Ibaka and I got really emotional and excited and it was unfortunate that James had to get hit with an unintentional elbow," World Peace said. "I hope he's OK. The Thunder, they're playing for a championship this year, so I hope that he's OK and I apologize to the Thunder and to James Harden.

"You know, it was such a great game and it was unfortunate so much emotion was going on at that time … That's it for today."

Unintentional? C'mon, man.

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  • Danno

    Permanent expulsion from the league seems the only fitting punishment, given his history. Fuck Artest, I hope he does jail time. That’s assault and battery with a deadly weapon off the NBA court.

  • someguyinsac

    It wasn’t unintentional, he cocked his elbow back and went for maximum damage. As much as I’d like to see him expelled just as @danno does, I think at most he’ll be tossed for the rest of the year instead, I hope anyways for at least that.

  • Dustin Chapman

    He’s a big dude, but “deadly weapon” made me laugh out loud. It was his bare elbow, brotha. lol

  • He acts like he didn’t do it on purpose. To me it looks like he saw Hardin there and pretended he was pounding his chest and intentionally elbowed him. His elbows were going crazy and from his past experiences i think he did it on purpose.

  • Kg

    Had Artest not bumped up against Harden right before the elbow maaaybe someone would believe his bullshit. There is no way he can make that he didn’t know Harden was there. What a scumbag

  • RyanH

    In my opinion, James Harden is the most complete player on the Thunder and I was terribly sad about him taking that shot to the temple. This cheapshot changes the playoff landscape if James is hurt. I’ll be terribly pissed if Artest isn’t done for the year. People make all sorts of fucking excuses about his community work, but the guy acts like an absolute maniac. It’s as if every time he does something cheap, they preface their commentary in how much he’s changed since the palace brawl. He’s beaten fans up, disgraced the league, hurt players and has made a mockery of what I feel to be the greatest sport.Kick this dick out of the game.

  • andrew

    He has to get a minimum of 5 games for that cheap shot, but with his past i would think he deserves more. There is no room for that type of stuff in the league. I love hard fouls and playing rough, but when you do something like this it is as if he cocked his arm back and punched Harden in the face. Whatever Bynum got last year should be tripled. This is much worse than what Bynum did to Barea and from a person with a history of it.

  • scott

    Dude it was intentional because after he elbowed him attest isn’t even turn around and seem suprised tht his elbow made contact with someone.

  • ssshady35

    For the Laker fans to clap for Artest when he was walking off the court is a JOKE!!! I’m a die hard Celtic but if Garnett or a member of the celtics did the same thing I would be disgusted! I could not support such an a-hole move. Artest should be done for the season this is not his first “bad decision” he has made.

  • Metta World Elbow.
    What a joke. Thinking HE nailed a crucial three-pointer in the 2010 Finals, it still makes me sick..

  • Awful. And people have to understand, this is not some regular dude throwing an elbow-you have about 265 lbs. of muscle behind that..easily could’ve been much, much worse. Artest should sit rest of the year at least.

  • Nathan

    this is sickening, seriously disgusting. what was the context? did anything happen earlier in the game to prompt this?

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Artest needs to sit for the playoffs and start going back to therapy. This thug needs to be out of the NBA.

  • I don’t think I’d go as far as to refer to his elbow as a deadly weapon, but if I’m checking out at Stop and Shop and elbow the bag boy in the ear, I’m probably getting walked out in cuffs.

  • lkk23

    I totally agree, they didnt show the replay in the arena for a reason. I really hated though how they kept replaying it over and over again.

  • Minimum suspension for the rest of the year AND a minimum 10K fine for every laker that high fived him on the way out.

  • freemal

    deadly weapon is accurate in most states. an elbow to the back of the head can kill somebody. that wasn’t world peace, that was ron artest he’s been coming out in various games, you can see it. his eyes go a little blank, he looks a bit confused, but you KNOW he’s gonna hurt somebody.

  • Brick James

    I agree that there’s no way this was unintentional, but I’d be surprised if he gets more than 5 games.

  • freemal

    WOW they got that video down quick. Guess they’re gonna deny the severity. Guy should be banned for life. Lakers franchise pressure gonna make it less though. He’ll have to kill someone to get attention next.

  • Joey

    If Harden is out any games, then Artest should be suspended that many games plus 1-3 extra games. If it wasn’t the playoffs I would say more, but maybe they should just suspend him for the last game, and then the first 3 or 4 games of next season since a suspension for the playoffs could cause a first round exit for the Lakers, though with Barnes and Ebanks they wouldn’t really miss his 7.6 ppg. And Barnes and Ebanks are above average defenders too, so maybe this could be a good thing for the Lakers if Ebanks emerges as a Trevor Ariza type player.

  • SF Celts Fan

    Did you see the crazy look in his eyes after the elbow? He seriously looked like an animal. Unfortunately, I have a feeling the league isn’t going to do much about it. I hope the thunder list Harden as injured so that the league will take this seriously. LA does this when they’re outmatched. Bynum last year, Ariza flagrantly fouled fernandez when they were getting blown out in portland. The only upside will be when Perk gets revenge in the playoffs.

  • SF Celts Fan

    Good point — there’s a bright side to artest taking a cheap shot on one of the league’s up and coming talents! What a ridiculous comment! The only bright side is that maybe OKC will toughen-up in the playoffs.

  • Quest

    Harden reported with concussion that means he could be out for min 2 weeks depending on his recovery and tests. Then Harden has to get back into game form. Artest should be be out the same # games as Harden plus more for that elbow swing. Only positive is he didn’t hit his temple area which could of been deadly.


    Somebody need to man the f–k up to the Lakers. This has to be the most dirty team in the league. Bynum, Barnes and Metta World Bitch are the most dirty players in the NBA. That was a shocking act and has no place in basketball. I just want to see a team out there give the Lakers some of there own medicine. Yes, to see Artest fluke that 3 in the 2010 finals and blow a kiss to the crowd made me throw up as well. That guy needs to be in a asylum for real f–king ass clown.

  • kg215

    It’s funny how he worded his statement. Harden “had to get hit by” instead of “I hit him with” an unintentional elbow. I know it is a typical pr move for damage control, but he tries to make it sound like a magical force out there in the universe placed Harden in the path of his elbow that was swung at full power.

  • kg215

    Might be forgetting someone named Kevin Durant? Both of them can score in a variety of ways but Durant is a better defender (relative to Harden). I do agree that Harden is very important to them and him not being able to play or play at less than full capacity hurts their chances to win it all big time.

  • RyanH

    This changes the playoffs entirely. Harden brings them a lot of what Paul Pierce brings to our team. Imagine if we were forced to play without Truth because a goon decapitated his head. If I’m a Thunder fan, I’m heated. If I’m a Thunder player, it’s all out war on the Lakers if they meet up.

  • paul

    Are you serious, pal? An elbow is a lot worse than a fist. It’s like hitting someone with a club.

  • paul

    And you might kill him if you hit him that way. Metta is damn lucky if he didn’t cause Harden permanent injury.

  • paul

    Metta should consider himself lucky if Harden doesn’t have a permanent injury. That was an assault, and I suspect it could lead to charges if there is lasting damage.
    The league may want to treat this like entertainment. They are complicit if they don’t not only suspend Metta for the entire playoffs at least, but suspend him to the league until he proves that he is involved in counseling that he is taking seriously.
    That wasn’t basketball. That was an assault. The NBA needs to treat it for what it is.
    The NBA has been letting players get away with this stuff. Not as bad as this, but we’ve seen moves intended to injure from Wade and Kleiza on Rondo alone, and I don’t think he’s the only one getting the thug treatment. In fact, I’m pretty sure the NBA has the same informal bounty system that the NFL has. The league is doing nothing about this. Everyone can tell the difference between an intentional and an unintentional move. Windup and followthrough are clear giveaways. Both are present here.
    When the players are allowed to play bountyball, sooner or later the ones least in control of themselves will start doing truly dangerous things, and we’ve seen that escalation.


    Definitely man. That’s BS that he didn’t mean it. He was ready to rumble when Ibaka stepped to him, he wasn’t apoligizing then. Ibaka would have cleaned him up. Look back to the incident, he felt Harden’s body make contact and bang he floored him. I hope Lakers get beat like they did last year in the playoffs. How many chances does this guy get? There is something seriously wrong with his brain. F–K METTA WORLD PEACE…


    If the NBA doesnt suspend this guy for atleast 25 games they are PRO Lakers for sure

  • sev

    you could knock him out cold and then he could fall on his face/head while unconscious causing brain damage. As it was they thought he could have a concussion and concussions can lead to death if not given time to heal and then getting hit for a second time….second impact syndrome. Florida baseball player got blindsided with a punch outside a bar which caused him to fall hitting his head on pavement and he was in a comma for days if not a week. Top ranked player who was gonna go to the majors. I consider an elbow full force by ron artest to an unexpected victim, a deadly weapon.

  • CoachBo

    It’s the Lakers. Three games.
    Nothing short of the rest of the year and playoffs is remotely enough.

  • aaron

    it was a cheap shot for sure.
    what is the over under for Ron Ron making national news post NBA for a shooting spree or OJ like chase? i’d say even money…

  • BAHAHAHAHA. The Celtics have scumbags KG and Perk before. Don’t act as if your team is innocent.