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Your Morning Dump… Where Doc’s concern about Ray is growing


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Dickerson:  Where's your concern level now with Ray Allen?

Doc:  Well, It's growing because the playoffs are coming closer and he's yet to play.  When that happens, then it grows.  We just he can get it back, and feel great and healthy on the floor.


I've been cautiously optimistic up until this point.  Ray was almost in the other day… and it's not like the KG thing from a few years ago (as some people have suggested) because Ray has been out there and testing it out.  Ray's the guy who can make the call.  

And I'll address the other thing people are talking about with Ray.  He's not sitting out because he's mad at Doc or the organization.  Even if he IS mad at them (which is a story that I think is overblown) Ray's not a Dwight Howard kind of guy who pouts and hurts his team.  If Ray is mad at the Celtics, then he'll just be a pro, finish the season out, and leave. 

My concern level is growing a little bit.  We'll see if he can go against Miami or Milwaukee.  

On Page 2:  Pierce went off against Orlando to earn some rest

“I told them before the Orlando game, we have to win this game so you guys can get some rest,” Rivers said before tonight’s game against Atlanta, which Pierce and Garnett promptly missed. “That’s what the Paul outburst was about. I didn’t say another word to them about playing or not playing. That’s especially true with Kevin. If he tells you that he wants to sit, then that’s telling you a lot. That tells you we’re making the right decision.”

Herald:  Secret incentive behind Wednesday's win

That's the first I've heard hinted about KG saying he needed to sit.  

Pierce has been banged up. He's had the toe issue and then he took the knee to the thigh.  KG looked a little slow in the Orlando game.  I'm perfectly fine with the decision to sit them. 

I know people are worried about home court advantage in the first round, but if the Celtics can't win one game in Atlanta, then they don't deserve to even be there.  I'm fine with not having home court because the Celtics are the better team right now.

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  • It seemed like there were more Celtics fans than Hawks fans in Atlanta last night. Home court doesn’t mean much for this team, I don’t think. They tend to go off just to stick it to other teams’ fans, especially in New York (who they likely won’t see) and Miami.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Just keep getting rest Ray. Bradley is doing fine and we could use the scoring off the bench