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Sean Williams likes Boston

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) April 20, 2012 Uncategorized 8 Comments on Sean Williams likes Boston

“I like Boston,” he said. “In the league you get to know everybody pretty well. I played summer ball with some of the guys, and I played with Keyon (Dooling) in New Jersey. Just try to come in and get to know everybody, get a feel for them, and hopefully they get a feel for you. I’ve talked to a lot of people, and this is a very tight-knit organization led by Doc and KG, and the key is to fall in line and follow those leaders. Then you work hard every day.” 


You know, Williams has gone through a lot of stuff, but he is certainly saying the right things right now.  I'm not sure what he can do to actually help this team, but we're probably going to see some of it tonight with half the team sitting out.  

Maybe the Celtics will get lucky with him and he can provide some rebounding off the bench for the playoffs.

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  • Brick James

    This guy is probably smoking too much herb today. Someone should tell him the truth – Paul Pierce is the leader of this team.

  • Pierce is the basketball leader, KG is more of a spiritual leader, i think he meant that

  • classless

    Monster head case.

  • He probably spoke too much already.

  • tyler

    Oh come on guys?! 6 fouls is what he is here for.

  • Tim

    Saying all the right things? You mean pissing off Pierce?

  • Tyler

    If Pierce is getting pissed off at the start of the playoffs then Pierce needs to grow the fuck up. Seriously, getting pissed about a comment or giving everything for banner 18?

  • Anti

    it isnt about being pissed off it is about showing a litte more respect to someone who is a face of this team and organization