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Paul Pierce & Kevin Garnett out tonight too

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) April 20, 2012 Uncategorized 11 Comments on Paul Pierce & Kevin Garnett out tonight too

With Ray Allen, Rajon Rondo and Mickael Pietrus already not traveling to Atlanta, Doc Rivers has also decided to hold out Paul Pierce AND Kevin Garnett so they can get some rest. 

So…. this will be a hoot, won't it?  Here's my guess at the starting line up

PG: Avery Bradley
SG: Keyon Dooling
SF: Sasha Pavlovic
PF: Brandon Bass
C:  Greg Stiemsma

Bench: Marquis Daniels, E'Twaun Moore, Ryan Hollins, JaJuan Johnson, Sean Williams

Health is the Celtics #1 priority.  Now KG and Pierce have five days off before facing Miami.  I'm betting everyone rests against Milwaukee too, giving the guys another week off before the playoffs start.  

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  • Rj4

    I get that health is key especially with this team prone to injuries, but sacrafice HC…not sure about.

  • Astarot

    Health is is a major area of concern for Boston right now that’s for sure but I’m not sure giving up battle for 1st round HCA is a great idea. First round series against Atlanta (most likely) and Philips Arena is not the esiest place to play. Let’s hope nothing unexpected will happen.

  • Grandad434

    The guys must be exhausted more than we are letting on to know. KG has looked dog tired lately and Pierce may be hitting a nice stride probably could benefit from a 5 day stretch of restin’ his bones as well.

  • Brad

    I couldn’t disagree more. Philips Arena has one of the least intimidating crowds in the NBA. I was there for 2 of the 3 games in 2008, including game 6, and the Celtics fans there were a very vocal minority (I’d say 70/30 split, but the ATL fans weren’t very noisy).

  • Brad

    Pierce has taken some nasty hits over the past couple games, including the jammed toe, so I don’t mind seeing him get some rest, even though my first inclination is to let a guy on a roll keep rolling.

  • KY Celts fan

    So this means Doc is throwing HCA out the window. No biggie to me. With or without home court, I think we take the Hawks in 6, maybe even 5.

  • I bought Tickets to home game 1 which I thought/hoped would be game 1 but now that it will be game 3 I cannot go because I will be away that weekend. If anyone is interested in buying my tickets please let me know. 2 Tickets for section 10 floor corner row A (actual 1st row on the floor near Flo Allen). $750 for the pair. Let me know.

  • BosPop22

    I can understand why Doc is resting his key players, but at this risk of giving up HC, not sure about that one. Though the Hawks have regressed since 2008. It would be nice to have HC against them.

  • I agree with you. With the three days off, they get addt’l rest without missing addt’l games. If the C’s have to play on the road, ATL is the lesser of the evils. And frankly if they can’t take a game in ATL then the post season was going to end early anyway.
    Rest the boys. Our rotation is short in the post season and the guys need to be ready, even staying off the plane and out of the hotels helps.

  • Tyler

    Can you imagine if the Celtics actually win this game?! Haha won’t happen though. I’m still gonna watch just to see how the other guys play. Should be fun.

  • vandell

    1st of all…. we will win tonight. 2nd…. what’s HCA when youre not healthy enough to utilize the advantage , besides its a damn good opportunity for the new kids to take a long look at themselves before the post season quest for eighteen begins. Honestly, im very excited to see this celtics at work minus its core.