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Your Morning Dump… Where winning the division is a huge thing to KG


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"You guys called us old, over. I heard some of your pathetic articles and some of your lousy announcers (scans group of reporters with his eyes). It’s a pity. Obviously you don’t know what drives us. We thank ya’ll for those articles, appreciate it because it lit a fire under. One of the hardest things I’ve always said in this league is to create chemistry. I know at some point we all, as a unit, would get a rhythm and ride that rhythm out. I think that’s what you’ve seen since the All-Star Break. We’ve come back, refreshed, focused. Like I said, haven’t had a lot of practice time to implement a system of schemes, but we do have a core here and what you’ve seen up until this point to obviously come to a point to where we’ve won the division is not only confidence, but believing in that system and believing in that rhythm and riding that rhythm out. Like I’ve always said since I’ve been here, you can rewind the tapes right now. Different outfit, no scarf, same frames, that in order to build chemistry, it’s a process. You just don’t do that in one or two days. And we’re a very confident team, I’ve always said that. We never lack that. To be able to come and win your division is a huge thing. All those things combined is what you got today."

Video via Mike Petraglia

Transcription via Jess Camerato

A:  I f'ing love KG.  

B:  I said this on Twitter last night, but I'll expand on it here a little.  I know we're in Boston and we all say "we only put up championship banners."  And that's true and it symbolizes the greatness of this franchise. But every so often, there comes a time to enjoy a little division title.  Because every so often, it's just not supposed to happen.  

Sure, we might have thought it was suppose to happen before the season started, but then the season actually started and the Celtics had serious problems.  They went into the All Star break as a sub-.500 team!  They were just fighting to stay alive at one point.

But then they turned it around.  They rallied around each other.  And if KG wants to blame the media, so be it.  I don't care if they rally around some fictional space alien… they did it.  Guys started stepping up and producing out of nowhere.  The run to this particular division title was impressive.  It's not like the division titles of years past that were a foregone conclusion.  

So even though this is just one step towards a bigger goal… I'll enjoy this one a little bit.  This one was hard earned.  

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On Page 2: OJ Mayo doesn't care about banners


"On the Memphis side, O.J. Mayo was the guy who pretty much said, 'It really doesn't interest me to be a Boston Celtic,' " Marshall told Carolyn Manno on Wednesday night'sSportsNet Central.  "I think what he was told was, 'Think about the banners. Think about the history of this team,the legacy.' And O.J. Mayo basically said, 'I don't care about banners.' 


"And that's how the players think today. It's not about the banners; it's about 'Where can I win? Where can I get paid the most?' "

CSNNE:  Mayo on Celtics: "I don't care about the banners"

You'll care about the banners when you're 35 and not standing under one, OJ.

Why don't these idiots understand winning equals more money?  Guys with a "championship pedigree" are either getting paid a little more or paid when they shouldn't be paid anymore.  

I just don't get how some of these guys think.  

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  • lkk1983

    He will be wishing he hadn’t said that a few years from now when he is stuck on a mediocre team. If Boston is to do the unthinkable and actually win out in the playoffs under the circumstances they had to deal with, maybe the free agents this summer will re-think their feelings toward Boston and the culture of winning on this team. One thing I dont understand is why isn’t Doc in the conversation for COY? I know they have mentioned him in passing but what he has done this year is nothing short of amazing.

  • Sam

    Let’s take all that OJ Mayo stuff with a pinch of salt… he doesn’t have a “no trade” clause in his contract, does he?
    Besides I can understand how a player would rather stay in a Memphis team that is kind of a “dark horse” in the Western Conference playoffs than be traded to an aging and (at the time) struggling Celtics team.
    We turned it around with our core, so let’s leave Mayo where he’s at and rejoice with what we have right now.

  • He says “lousy analysis,” not “lousy announcers.”

  • djisinthehall

    It is mind blowing that I chose Steisma over Perkins in the poll, but you know what? once Steisma has the same amount of experience and IF he continues to develop, he could be a VERY solid NBA player could even sneak an All star year in there. He has an uncanny ability to block shots, how many shots does he alter? How much momentum does a great block swing a game? When is the last time Boston had a legitimate shot blocker?
    He will never be intimidating, but where does that get you? The NBA has been pussified so its not as crucial as it once was.
    I am expecting great things from the steimer. Can’t be believe the way this season has ended up. We have a legit title run. (MANY bounces of the ball will need to go our way, mind you)

  • Alex

    Wow, didn’t know OJ Mayo had that pitiful spirit in him…
    I’m actually glad the trade didn’t happen. Don’t really want losers in the Celtics team.

  • djisinthehall

    I saw something on Mayo when he was in HS, it was clear basketball was about money. Which is fine, but stay in Memphis.
    Love the talent, would always question his drive.

  • sev

    its weird cause he said he wants to go to a team that has a chance to win(and also get paid), so I interpreted it as he doesn’t care about past achievements….all the banners, the history, x hall of fame players.

  • classless

    Great stuff on Mayo. I didn’t know he felt that way, but i feel like i should, considering while at USC, he announced before he played a game he was off to the NBA.

  • Kg

    I could have sworn I read a direct quote from Mayo saying how Boston would interest him.

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