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SI: Most players want to play for Doc Rivers, avoid Stan Van Gundy

Doc thinking
Sports Illustrated polled 134 NBA players and asked them which coach they'd most, and least like to play for… and Doc topped the list of most-wanted coaches:




I guess I shouldn't be surprised.  Kevin Garnett has said he would run through walls for Doc.  Almost every player that has played for Doc loves the guy.  He's a tough guy, but he's fair and he honestly seems to care about his guys.  

Mike D'Antoni is easy to peg.  The guy lets you take a million shots.  It's like a kid saying he wants a parent who lets him have all the candy he wants.  

"you mean I get to shoot a ton and not play defense?  SIGN. ME. UP!!"

Now… as for the coach they'd least like to play for?  Stan Van Gundy.  Probably because of the whole Dwight Howard mess.  When players see Dwight Howard reportedly refusing to play for him anymore… it affects the rest of the league.  Right or wrong, players want no part of that.  It's why Stan is probably gone once the season is over.  

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  • classless

    Not stated: players want to play in a warm climate, preferably with no state income tax.

  • Playing for Doc Rivers gets “trumped” badly by locations with a great night life, warm winters, proximity to beaches, and zero state income taxes.

  • Not just players!

  • Agreed on the state tax issue, but there’s only 5 teams in that boat, and for one of them you’d have to play for SVG.