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Ray, Rondo and Pietrus not flying to Atlanta

Not much of a surprise here. The Celtics are a 1/2 game behind the Hawks for home-court advantage in the 1st round. I'm typically a big proponent of fighting for HCA, but the Atlanta crowd is anything but intimidating.

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  • wil

    wow, i remember ATL giving C’s a hard time. Good thing they got days off. KG and Bass needs rest too. We dont want bass getting he’s knees drained again.
    Etwaun moore should get more minutes than Keyon. Keyon had his chances, Etwaun should get his.

  • Won’t be an easy task without Rajon, but I have confidence we can get the win. Key in my eyes will be rebounding (obviously) and containing Jeff Teague-I’d personally like to see Avery on him. After tomorrow the C’s are blessed with 3 days-off! Hallelujah! Perfect-timing too..

  • Exactly! How did they swing that at the end of the season? KG and Doc can finally have practice.

  • As Doc would say in his raspy voice; "the Basketball Gods are on our side.."

  • sev

    i agree…i feel like the last reg season game the celtics played in atlanta there were like just as many celtics fans….anybody else remember that? I thought it was odd to see so many celtics fans in atlanta, but hey thats cool.