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Your Morning Dump… Ray Allen was told he was traded to Memphis


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As the NBA trade deadline lurched into its final hour a month ago, league sources say the call Ray Allen long feared had come: Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers was on the line, telling him he had been traded. Allen had been sent to the Memphis Grizzlies for a package including O.J. Mayo and a draft pick, and the Celtics' Big Three had come to a most brusque ending.

For 20 minutes or so, Allen had to process the information. They traded me to Memphis? And yet, as the disappointment dissolved to anger, Rivers returned with a messenger’s nightmare: Never mind. The deal fell apart. Take a deep breath and let’s go back to work again.

Before the Big Three could make it past the trade deadline, Allen-to-the-Grizzlies had to fall apart and discussions on a deal that would have sent Paul Pierce to the New Jersey Nets for an expiring Mehmet Okur contract and a lottery pick never reached completion, league sources said. 

Yahoo! Sports – Celtics Big 3 nearly split at deadline

Such is the life of a professional athlete, I guess. Not sure why the deal fell through, but one night after the trade deadline, Ray scored 26 points in Sacramento. How's that for professionalism and focus?

Just a couple notes on Mayo, he's a 25-year-old athletic guard with range. I understand why Danny Ainge would attempt to make this move, but Mayo comes with a lot of baggage. He was suspended 10 games last year for violating the league's drug policy and was allegedly punched by teammate Tony Allen during a card game dispute.

I wouldn't have been pleased with the Paul Pierce deal. The lottery pick would likely have been top-3 protected (see Nets deal with Portland). It's a deep draft, but would you have been happy with Jared Sullinger, Harrison Barnes or Tyler Zeller for the Truth?

I mocked WEEI earlier this week for asking Ainge about trade rumors a month after the deadline. I stand by that criticism. Had Glen Ordway or Michael Holley had this story, I most certainly would have posted it.

On Page 2, Rajon Rondo feels fine.

“Fine other than the loss,” Rondo said of his condition after going for 13 points and 13 assists in the 118-110 loss to the Knicks. “I just iced it. I’m fine.”

On whether he thinks he’ll play tonight against Orlando, Rondo said, “Yeah.”

But his back may have something to say about that this morning.

“It just took me a while to get up,” he said. “I could feel my legs. That’s what Ed was telling me, if I could feel anything. It took me a while to bend them, but I could feel everything in my body.”

Herald – Rondo OK after hard fall

Rajon Rondo could barely run in the 4th quarter of last night's game. If this were my call, I'd sit him for tonight's game. 

The nagging injuries are starting to pile-up. Ray's ankle is stiff and swollen. Mickael Pietrus' knee needed to be drained. Paul Pierce has a sore toe and thigh bruise. Doc can't sit all of those guys tonight, can he?

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  • Mike

    Celts just need one win to clinch Atlantic and 4 seed, correct?

  • putjinthehall

    i will take this loss everyday all day. If the Knicks have to shoot like that to creep by the C’s thats fine with me.
    Teams are impossible to defend if they are draining 3’s like last night.

  • yep..hopefully it happens tonight

  • Mike

    Thought so. I’m starting to think resting guys is more important than home court. I think the C’s can take the Hawks or Magic without home court, but with Rondo, Ray, Pietrus, and Paul banged up, things get shady.

  • classless

    It would’ve been a good deal. Bradley has made Allen less important. I said in the beginning of the year the C’s had no chance unless the young guys emerged. Well, Bradley is here…

  • Alex

    Yes… but if they want home court advantage vs the Hawks, they NEED to win games.
    With these nagging injuries happening, I’m starting to worry just a tad.

  • Mike

    me too. i say sit rondo tonight, and save him for the Hawks game which could decide home court.

  • At this point in Ray`s career…Mayo is more than one could expect in return.
    For the Pierce trade to make any sense…the draft pick cannot be lottery protected.

  • Mickael Pietrus’ knee is most concerning, he had all that rest and now it’s still swelling……not good

  • chachee

    It’s Top 3 protected, not lottery protected; big difference. If the Nets end up getting the 4th pick in this draft, in hindsight, the C’s probably should’ve pulled the trigger. However, that’s all wishful thinking. Nets will most likely get a 5-10 pick, the lottery never works out the way one would hope. I’m not surprised about the Mayo/Ray deal. Mayo is a free agent at the end of the year. It seems like a lot to give up, for a guy closer to 40 than 30 years of age, but its basically swapping a scorer for a scorer; Ray being more clutch, but does not have the ability to create his own shot. Maybe Danny asked for a First Rounder and Mayo?? Who knows? I just hope people don’t overreact when they hear this story. Every GM in the league looks to make their team better. Some GMs just hate Danny and the Celtics and would do anything/everything to see them lose. Do you honestly feel that this is a coincidence that THIS story is leaking out today, weeks after the trade deadline, with the playoffs looming around the corner, with the Celtics being one of the hottest teams in the league? This story was leaked to get this team unfocused. Simple as that.

  • I wonder how this affects the impending offseason moves

  • It would have had to been unprotected period for me to have pulled the trigger

  • Yeah, I meant to say that the pick could NOT be protected in any way, shape, or form…and even then I`m not 100% sure I would have done it.
    As for the leaking of the story…no big deal. It`s not like Ray and PP are just finding out about it.

  • chachee

    You mean to tell me, a guy who’ll be 35 at the start of next season, past his prime, starting to lose his legs and hops and explosiveness, is worth more than a 19 year old kid whom many expect to be the next superstar (Anthony Davis)? In his prime, Paul Pierce wasn’t a top 10 player in the league. Now, you expect to get a Top 3 pick for him, in one of the most talented drafts since 2003?? This isn’t the Oden situation. Davis is the real deal. Oden was getting injured in college (wrist). Davis has stud written all over him. He’ll be a monster. Hell, any of those kids in the top 5 will be legitimate starters in 2 years. The hard part for Danny, if he traded Pierce, was not getting that high pick in return for this years draft. If he pulled the trigger, traded Pierce for that protected pick, the nets end up getting the 3rd pick in the draft, the c’s would’ve lost out on that pick until next season and the fans would’ve called for his head. The problem is that people expect this team to win and rebuild at the same time. Halfway through the season, I didn’t want to add to this team, i wanted to blow it up for next season, or just ride it out and see how far they go. I still don’t believe they are serious contenders but anything can happen in the playoffs. I’m just glad Danny didn’t overreact and give away expiring contracts (Ray, KG, Rondo) for role players will multiple years left, which many of this site wanted.

  • Seriously

    Are Ray Allen’s eyes closed when he was taking that shot?