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Recap: The Celtics are your Atlantic Division champions

Pierce dumps gatorade on doc

The score would make it seem like this was a great game, but this was horrible to watch.  It was a disjointed mess that is fitting of two teams missing key players. 

The Celtics weren't missing Paul Pierce, though.  All The Truth did was drop 29 points, including a clutch (what else) right elbow jumper and pair of free throws to go along with a career high 14 assists to lead the C's. Avery Bradley pitched in a career high 23 and Brandon Bass torched his former team for 21 as the C's escaped with a 102-98 win. 

Glen Davis had a monster game, with 27 points and 7 rebounds, including a steal and dunk in the waning seconds that gave Orlando a faint glimmer of hope of stealing the game.  The Magic feasted on the glass, out-rebounding the Celtics 43-29, and grabbing 17 offensive rebounds to Boston's 3.  

Orlando will regret missing 10 of the 30 free throws they took tonight.  They had their chances.  Hubie Brown must have said "this is just unfortunate for Orlando" on a dozen different occasions during the ESPN broadcast.

I should give props to Greg Stiemsma, who was a jolt of energy (I called him a human 5-hour energy shot) late in the third quarter to help the C's on a 10-0 run that provided a big enough cushion for the C's to coast most of the rest of the way.  Stiemer was a game-high +19 as opposed to Kevin Garnett's -12.  KG had a bit of a rough night.  With the division clinched, I wouldn't be shocked to see KG get some rest over the last few games. 

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  • Mileke

    I disagree. This was a very fun game to watch to me, as is most games with the Magic, but that Division title really cap off this run. It’s just a testament to what the Celtics really are, and It’s so refreshing to see after all they been through this season. They’ve continued to win in spite of, & not loose because of, and that’s what’s got them here tonight. Much love to Celtic Nation, and now I would love for Doc to rest the regulars for the remainder of the season… Well, I would let them play vs. the Hawks on Friday, but other than that, I’d rest them, & maybe against the Heat next week. But either way, great win, & even better effort tonight without Rondo, Ray, or Pietrus! Bring on the Playoffs. All About 18 baby!

  • Rondo To KG

    In only 13 minutes of game time, E’twaun Moore has already shown that he can contribute much better than Dooling can as a backup point guard. I really wish Doc would see this and give Moore at least a few minutes a game. This guy can contribute right now.

  • There’s something about Q-Rich that brings out the best in Paul Pierce, maybe it’s because they hate eachother, but I think Q is the guy Pierce most loves to abuse. Not surprised that Davis had his best game of the year on the parquet floor. I thought this could be a dangerous game and it was, Orlando has nothing to lose and played a decent game. The C’s gutted it out, and I’m glad that last shot by the captain was in Baby’s face.

  • Amazing back to back games from Pierce. Will they play hard the last three and go for home court in round 1? I think they have a 9% chance to win the title

  • SF CeltsFan

    I hate to say it, but what LA is doing having Kobe sitting out games but still training is really awesome. I wish our team could apply that strategy for KG/Allen/MP.

  • Loved the Truth putting the dagger right into Baby’s face.
    On the other hand, I’ll never lose a soft spot for Baby’s shoving the kid down in Orlando after hitting the game winner back in 2009. I can’t help but think about it every time we play him while we’re playing the Magic.

  • Wow. CRAZY night at TD. You could see at the end of the first half the C’s were really tired/winded. But then Russell, Cous, Loscy, Heinsohn, Sanders and crew came-out. Pierce was smiling ear-to-ear, then KG came over and joined him. You could feel the energy in the building, especially when they announced Russ. That was just what the C’s needed to carry them through an up & down 3rd & 4th. As frustrating as it was to watch the C’s blow leads, it’s always a pleasure be in the building for a Truth 4th quarter takeover/rescue. I have been fortunate enough to witness quite a few, but these ones of late I cherish more-only because I know Paul is on his way out. I am SO ready for the playoffs..One other thing I need to mention; Stiemsma. The C’s were getting beaten in the paint badly tonight, and those 2 huge blocks he had in a row were just so crucial. It got the crowd back in the game, and gave the C’s some needed momentum. Then, about 2 hours after the game ends, I go on my Facebook page and see Stiemer is at a local bar hanging out with some fans/friends of mine and taking pics and such. How can you NOT love this dude? Once he learns to cut down on his fouls….watch out.

  • it wasn’t a crazy night at the garden. it was actually flat/lame night from the bench players getting serious court time. anytime u can stop trying to brag/impress ppl that u go to games bc no one cares if u do/don’t.

  • CNation

    Greenbeand, what is your problem bro? It looked like a crazy night at the Garden from just watching it on TV. Moore and the Steamer need more time out there. I love Moore’s swagger out there on the court and his shot looks really good. Dooling shooting makes me want to vomit, his form is terrible so I’m not surprised he has only hit 21 3s in about 72-73 attempts. Playoffs are going to get crazy, can’t wait!! Oh yea Greenbeand, keep on hatin!

  • Ease up dude… he’s just talking and telling people what it was like. Fans should all be as passionate as kwapt.

  • Danno

    U mad.

  • Greenbeard I’m gonna disagree on this-
    A)It was a crazy night when the captain has to nail a jumper in the face of a not so fat x-team-mate for the W
    B) 7 former C’s from a championship 50 freaking years ago are there for a ceremony
    C) The guy is a contributor to the site and I’m glad we get reports straight from the Garden

  • no need to embellish personal story’s into mythological proportions, then to promote fb is beyond amateur hour. moral is stop being an attn whore

  • Greenbeand has been banned. Repeated crass personal attacks will not be tolerated.

  • how the fuck do you not know the difference between generalizing and directing personal attack?

  • your implication was out of line. I warned you about cooling it, and you took it further. It’s not the first time I’ve told you to cut the shit. Enough is enough.

  • Danno

    The differnce is that you REPLIED DIRECTLY to KWAPT, instead of posting in general, asswipe. KWAPT is a published contributor to the site.

  • AMP

    Thank you.

  • CNation

    Greenbean is just mad his EBT card doesn’t work to by C’s tickets. Guy is a joke if you ask me.

  • Brick James

    About time.