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Phantom foul calls on Carmelo Anthony

The NBA is a stars' league and the officials are fully aware of it. But the star treatment reached a new level last night. 

Melo's physical style of play makes these non-fouls harder to swallow. The officials let him bully his way to the hoop on every possession, pushing off defenders, yet he cannot be touched?

Melo also doesn't like it when players push back. Check out this exchange with Brandon Bass. Typical bully.

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  • chachee

    Unfortunately, it’s the refs blowing the whistle, not melo. He was getting the calls last night but thats what happens when one of the best in the league (at his position) is being guarded by Sasha Pavlovic. Of course, Melo is going to get those calls. If Pierce switched and guarded Melo, no way the whistle blows like that in the 4th, Doc knows this. Then again, NBA needs the New York Knicks to be in the playoffs, especially after the strike and NY being one of the biggest markets in the league.

  • lol

    Paul Pierce had 18 free throw attempts on the road, the Celtics went to the line more times than NY did at home! What the help are you talking about?

  • lol


  • lol


  • I think they mu$t really want a Heat v$ Knick$ $erie$. Not $ure why though. Mu$t be the Miami weather or $omething.

  • oh this is one great comment! lol