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Your Morning Dump… Where Brandon Bass wants to stick around for a while

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And his ability to make the midrange jumper has helped gain the confidence of his teammates, especially Rajon Rondo, who constantly uses dribble penetration to find an open Bass from 16 feet.

Bass has a player option at $4 million for next season. That certainly be a major issue for the Celtics this summer, as Bass could become an unrestricted free agent and cash in on his newfound success.

“I want to be here a long time playing alongside Rondo,’’ he said. “[But] to be honest, I am not that type of guy to even be thinking about things like [the option] because I just try to get better every day.’’

Globe: Celtics' Bass is comfortable

Seems like a good time to bring this up:

Bass and baby

The key stat, of course, is Bass making $4 million this year and Baby making $6.3 and under contract for the next three years.  And that's where we come back to the excerpt, because Bass has shown he's worth more than $4 million… and he's now worth more than $6.3 million.  I'm not sure what the final number on Bass will be, but I'd expect to be somewhere around $7-8 million.  

That's money I'd be inclined to spend.  Bass has become a very good on-ball defender who has slowly improved his team defense as well.  He's nailing that mid-range J very consistently now and he seems to be attack in the rim a little more often, which provides a nice mix to his offense.  It's why I've always harped on it this season… when you drive successfully, you can get space for your bread-and-butter jump shot.  It's like running to set up the pass in football.  You have to set the defense up to get what you really want. 

I'd like to see Bass back.  He's fit in quite nicely here in Boston.  It really makes me wonder what the hell he did to be in Stan Van Gundy's dog house in Orlando.  Seems to me a big guy with a nice mid-range touch would be a perfect fit next to Dwight Howard so they could play a high/low game. 

Oh well.  Not my problem now. 

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On Page 2: Ray may play tonight in New York

Allen is expected to join the team here for tonight’s game and will be a gametime decision, according to team president Danny Ainge.

“If he’s flying, then that has to be considered an improvement,” Ainge said.

Herald:  Ray Allen expected to join team

The good news is the Celtics have done well without him.  There has been no pressure on him to come back too soon or anything.  With 5 games left, though, it'd be nice to get Ray in there so he can get comfortable with his role in the second unit.  The playoffs are around the corner, and we'd love to see the Celtics be as well oiled a machine as possible.

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  • djisinthehall

    Rest Ray- give him the last 3 games to get his legs back under him.
    Stats do lie, where is the stat on you never knew which big baby was showing up?

  • andrew

    I have loved Brandon Bass and think he has been a great addition. But to say he deserves 7-8 mil per year might be a little over inflation. Just because BABY gets 6 mil does not mean Brandon should get more. It means BABY is overpaid. I think we should offer Bass a deal similar to Big baby got in Orlando. A 4 year 25 mil contract, possible 4 year 30 mil.

  • The difference between Bass and Baby is even more than those numbers show. Bass is what Baby never was… consistent. Every night you get the guy’s best effort. Big Baby was always on a roller coaster.

  • KY Celts fan

    A 4 year 30 million contract is a 7-8 mpy contract. Personally, I think a 3 year, 20 million contract is just about right for him.

  • KY Celts fan

    apparently I did the italics tags wrong.

  • Lee in Oregon

    I agree it’s way beyond the numbers, the chance of Bass pulling a jackass move and breaking his hand is close to zero. Or not knowing his role after 3 years, or crying on the bench for that matter. Bass is better on AND off the court. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Otis Smith is very lucky to be working.

  • paul

    For God’s sake, look at your assumption that Davis is totally at fault for being in his coach’s dog house. Do coaches have no responsibility whatsoever for understanding the varying psychologies of their player and figuring out how to work best with each one? Is everything always the player’s fault? Davis is a very talented Big, and he is not, so far as anyone has indicated, an evil axe murderer. I’m glad we have Bass, and I think we need to try to resign most of the players we have now if we can, but there is no good reason to continue to kick Davis. The NBA squanders a lot of talent. Owners and coaches can be stupid, and selfish, and egotistical, and shortsighted, and all the rest, and with much less excuse. Not every player who fails to fulfill his potential deserves an endless kicking.

  • lets not omit baby’s character flaws. no pass bass is night/day a pro, but he’s certainly not (on this team) a 7-8M player.

  • Once again, Paul is so right!!!!!
    Look at us…we are nothing but “despicable liars and pathetic drones”!
    All we do is “worship authority, worship our master”, live out our dreary lives as “haters”…when we all should be “reclaiming our minds”!
    For once…can we all stop being so “pathetically and massively idiotic”?

  • KY Celts fan

    man, are you always on?

  • I fixed it

  • Terry Bogard

    he’s not exactly flourishing in Orlando though.
    So to say that now 2 very highly regarded coaches have somehow ‘mismanaged’ him or whatever you want to call it is a stretch if you ask me.

  • James Eisenman

    Oh man. That was so harsh even I feel bad for Paul now. You forgot to throw in a completely superfluous ” Baby is struggling in Orlando because he misses playing with our best and most important player – Rondo.”

  • What can I say…Paul has worn me down!