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Recap: Knicks torrid 3-point shooting does in Celtics

Steve Novak and J.R. Smith combined for 15 three-pointers and 50 points as the Knicks beat the Celtics 118-110.

The Celtics had some major issues with defensive rotations on the perimeter tonight and the Knicks killed them. NY shot a ridiculous 14-21 from 3 in the first half and 5-11 from 3 in the 2nd half.

Thanks to a vintage performance by Paul Pierce (43 points, 11-19 FG), the Celtics clawed back from a 21-point deficit. The lead was down to 6 with 2:48 remaining, but Novak drained a pair of back-breaking triples to seal the game.

Rajon Rondo (13 points, 13 assists) injured his lower back after hitting the court hard early in the 3rd quarter. He played 39 minutes, but looked extremely stiff late in the game. Pierce was also battered. He reinjured his toe and took a couple of shots to his right quad.

The Cs improved their perimeter defense in the 2nd half, but it opened up the paint. Tyson Chandler (20 points, 7 rebounds) went dunk crazy (5-5) in the 3rd quarter. 

The Celtics bench contributed 2 points (Keyon Dooling). It's safe to say Ray Allen and Mickael Pietrus would have helped. TNT's Craig Sager reported that Pietrus returned to Boston to have his knee drained and would likely miss Wednesday's game vs Orlando.

Carmelo Anthony (35 points, 12 rebounds, 10 assists) gets away with pushing off on just about every possession. Watch his off-hand. He's like a running back stiff-arming defenders. Oh yeah, he's a punk, too.

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  • RyanH

    The guys didn’t quit, specifically Rondo, so props to them for not hanging their heads with that absurd shooting. Avery’s becoming a monster from downtown and the truth was in form.
    Hate the Knicks. They’re streak shooters, get away with murder in terms of hand-checking, and Melo gets calls that MJ would think are dubious. Luckily they’re going to get murdered in the first round, so we won’t have to see them again.

  • I hate losing to New York. Absolutely hate it. But considering that ridiculous second quarter where seemingly everything from beyond the arc went in (like JR Smith’s last second long one), a single digit loss isn’t exactly soul crushing in the scheme of things. Especially considering the hard foul (which wasn’t called as Rondo was writhing in pain on the floor) that basically took one of our best players out of the game.
    Big props to Pierce getting so many points after reinjuring himself in the first q.
    Agreed, Melo is such a punk. Cannot stand him.

  • Had a friend ask me if I was afraid of the Knicks in the playoffs. I don’t like the Bulls and hate the Heat, but I’m going to enjoy watching the Knicks get curb stomped in the first round.

  • Alex

    8 point loss…
    Away game…
    Ray Allen and Mikael Pietrus unavailable…
    19 3 pointers against the Celtics…
    8… point… loss…
    Hey, if the Knicks have to perform a historical amount of 3 pointers to beat the Celtics, then I’ll take it!
    Great game by the C’s but obviously better game by the Knicks! Damn those guys were hot… and Bibby nailing a 3 pointer… hahahahahahahahaha you knew it was the Basketball Gods giving them a chance there, jeeeeez.

  • Quest

    I think Doc has a lot to worry about going into the playoffs. LIke what else can go wrong.

  • every time a knick 3-pointer went in, i just shook my head in disbelief…
    but when bradley was also hitting those 3-pointers, people in the game threads started calling him avery brallen/averay bradlen… heehee…

  • Take this GIF down before I smash my computer. They will never shoot that well again-Lord.

  • paul

    The knicks had to play stellar basketball against a Celtics team reeling with injury to win. That doesn’t bother me. What does bother me is the lack of heart and class in a team that watched their teammate, the best player on their team, writhe on the ground without the slightest concern for his wellbeing. IT TOOK A KNICK TO STOP PLAY BY DELIBERATELY LOSING THE BALL OUT OF BOUNDS. And yes, watch the video. That was deliberate.
    Losing the game tonight was not disgusting. The Cs hung in there and gave themselves a chance. Pierce was amazing. But the way they handled the Rondo injury was a sight I will not forget.

  • classless

    Pierce was outrebounded by Melo 12-2. Get dirty, Paul.
    Also, stop with the “they won’t shoot like this again!”crying. We said the opposite after the last Miami win.

  • classless

    It’s because Rondo routinely plays dead on the floor, laying slumped over. His teammates probably are sick of it. Cry wolf enough times and this is what happens.

  • Alex

    Paul, if I didn’t know better, I think you are just way too fuckin obsessed over Rondo. FFS, you are getting overly sensitive over THAT… It’s as if Rondo is the love of your life and you bought an engagement ring to give him if he ever lays his eyes on you.

  • Alex

    Uh dude… 19 3 point shots… yeah…

  • andrew

    i agree about Melo…..He clears out the defender every time with his off hand. And i think if it takes shooting 60 percent on threes and making 19 threes to beat us than i dont mind it. They will never shoot like that again. Even if they missed 3 of those shots we win the game.

  • What is that move supposed to signify? Tying the apron strings behind your back?