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Your Morning Dump… KG gives all the credit to Rondo

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“Just miscommunication really,’’ Rondo said, explaining the sloppy first quarter. “I wasn’t happy with my play, but I knew the team needed me and it was bigger than myself, so I tried to go out there and do what’s best for my team and run the show. Once we got on the same page, guys knew where they were supposed to be and I delivered the ball where it’s supposed to be and we connected.’’

“Efficiency, man,’’ Kevin Garnett said about Rondo. “When [No.] 9 is at his best man, it’s pretty hard to beat us. I’m just being honest, not being arrogant or cocky here. When [Rondo] is on his one-two, he’s making precise decisions. He’s aggressive at the basket. He’s getting rebounds. When he’s like that, nine out of 10 times we win those games. He re-gathered himself after the first quarter and never looked back.’’

Globe – Celtics get the clincher

Rajon Rondo had a rough 1st quarter. Four turnovers. Two missed lay-ups. Two missed free-throws.

With Rondo out-of-sync and the team's arena arrival delayed by traffic by more than an hour, I was ready to write off this game. But… they kept fighting in the 2nd quarter. And while KG is willing to give Rondo all the credit, it was Garnett who played big (with help from Brandon Bass and Paul Pierce).

Rondo did hit the throttle in the 3rd quarter. He and Bradley were running like madmen. But a better indicator of the Celtics aggressiveness is rebounding. Garnett and Bass were big on the boards. Half the team's offensive rebounds came in the 3rd quarter. 

KG's right about Rondo, but the same applies to himself. 

On Page 2, Brandon Bass' new injury.

The hyperextended left knee injury that Brandon Bass suffered at Toronto on Friday is a non-issue. 

But that has led to him having discomfort in another part of the leg. 

"My knee was good … I was so thankful," Bass said. "When I hyperextended my knee, I tweaked my hamstring a little bit, so my hamstring has been bothering me a little bit."

CSNNE – Bass has new injury

Bass doesn't expect any time off. At 26, he's at the back of the line when it comes to guys getting rest.

Look for Paul Pierce to sit-out and rest his jammed big-toe tonight vs Charlotte. Ray Allen is also going to sit.

Prior to this back-to-back-to-back stretch, I didn't expect KG to play in all three games. But with Paul and Ray out, will Doc rest KG too? I would.

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  • Alex

    Doc needs to rest the Big Three for sure. I have a feeling that Rondo is going to give one hell of a stinker tonight vs the Charlotte Bobcats. When Rondo plays down on the competition, the team is going to struggle… and without the Big Three, we can expect an UGLY game.
    Also, if the Celtics bench can’t beat the Charlotte Bobcats, that is something to really worry about.

  • ray’s been getting rest, paul could sit tonight, and kg’s tearing up the league.. clearly doc has things under control

  • wil

    They should rest bass and play jajuan. Their opponent just have 7 wins this season. im pretty sure the rest of the team can handle it if they play with effort

  • Quest

    Games at NYC/Orlando take priority so if Doc needs to sit players to rest for the Knicks/Magic then so be it. We aren’t going to see the Bobcats in the playoffs.

  • sev

    if the celtics bench can’t beat the bobcats? The celtics are getting some nice contributions from the bench, but if you think the celtics 2nd unit can beat the bobcats starting unit, or any teams starting unit, then I think you’re clearly underestimating other teams, even the bad ones. Now if you meant the celtics bench AND one or two starters(bass+rondo) then maybe but otherwise you are overrating our bench, which really isn’t a 5 man unit as we only play 8-9 for the most part.

  • Everytime we put Hollins in for “garbage time” the opponent starts coming back..if Rivers plays Hollins a ton of mins, lets hope it doesnt continue or he fouls out because we could loose.

  • paul

    I think it’s great that Celtics fans and media are absolute, sickeningly demented in their unwillingness to recognize how great a player we are lucky to have in Rondo, and how much our hopes for this team depend on how he plays. Garnett is understating the obvious. He never said his own play was unimportant. He’s just recognizing how key Rondo is.

  • Nathan

    Goldy blocks needs rest

  • James Eisenman

    The reason that people criticize Rondo is his own fault, not the fans’ or the media’s. The problem with him is that there’s two of him – the Good Rondo and the Bad Rondo. Like the old nursery rhyme, “When he’s good, he’s very, very good and when he’s bad he’s horrid. All players have strong sides and weaknesses. It’s just Rondo’s weaknesses are mostly focus and attitude. He could play very good defense, he just chooses to play the paint for steals and let his man go free. He’s been lucky of late because Avery has been guarding the top guards. Rondo could be more aggressive and drive to the basket with the intent to score but, when he decides to drive, he usually goes with the intent to pass. This makes him less of a threat, so defenders don’t react to him that way and easy layups for his teammates don’t open up that way. And, lately, he’s been averaging about 5 points a game. We need a little more scoring with the assists. While he has mad ability to spot an open man under the basket from the outside and thread the needle, he plays way too many games with the ball. The more simple he keeps it, the better he is and most of the turnovers disappear. He is important for us to win a championship but he is not the best player on this team and sometimes the offense moves better with him on the bench. Especially when he plays that walk-up, hand waving, lazy style that annoys basketball fans. I love him when he’s the very, very Good Rondo and scream at my tv screen when he’s the horrid Bad Rondo.

  • I dont understand how you can interpret that into KG giving all the credit to rondo? the way i read it is “rondo needs to play well and when he feels like playing well we can win, so its on rondo to play well”