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Your Morning Dump… Where Doc has some decisions to make

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here... highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

The Celtics meet Toronto Friday night, the start of their back-to-back-to-back stretch. They play at New Jersey Saturday and at Charlotte Sunday, and also at New York Tuesday, making it four road games in five nights.

But no one is quite sure how to approach such a concentrated amount of contests.

“I’ve talked to some coaches who have already been through it,’’ said coach Doc Rivers. “It’s amazing how wide that horizon is. I wish I hadn’t called any of them because it does nothing but confuse you even more.

“I’m just going to play it by ear and watch our guys. There’s a chance they will all play in every game. There’s a chance three or four will play in one game or we split it up. We’re all over the place on that one, I can tell you that.’’

Globe – Grueling stretch ahead for Celtics

The bright side to this absurd stretch of games? The Raptors, Nets and Bobcats all stink. They are a combined 48-126 (.276 winning percentage).

I expect everyone to go tonight, minus Ray Allen. I'd sit Ray for the entire weekend. Bring him back Tuesday vs New York. Are you ready E'Twaun Moore?

Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett should be in street clothes Saturday night. There's no way I want either of them playing 3 consecutive games. Are you ready Sasha Pavolovic and JaJuan Johnson?

Another guy who might get some rest is Greg Stiemsma (foot). Maybe he sits Sunday vs Charlotte. 

Doc also needs to monitor Rajon Rondo's minutes. Keep him under 40 for all 3. 

What do you think – how should Doc manage the players during this stretch?

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On Page 2, Danny Ainge is still being asked about trades.

Appearing as a guest on The Big Show on Thursday, Celtics president Danny Ainge said that he still would have made a deal at the trade deadline knowing what he knows how about how his team has played recently.

"The deals I wanted to make I probably would have still wanted them," Ainge said. "I thought that I had a couple of deals that we could have been just as good as we are now and protected us in the future. I wouldn't say that, no."

Asked specifically about a rumored deal involving O.J. Mayo and Ray Allen, Ainge wouldn't bite.

"It doesn't even do any good to talk about those made-up rumors," he said. "There's going to be a lot of stuff out there but I can't confirm or deny any of them. It's not fair for me to talk about players on other teams or players from my own team that may or may not have been traded."


Leave it to those clowns on the radio to still be talking about trade rumors. I could come up with a million questions unrelated to the trade deadline. Off the top of my head I would ask Danny about:

  • Pietrus/Ray/Stiemsma injuries
  • Resurgence of KG and how this affects his earning potential next season
  • Rajon Rondo's historic assist streak
  • Renewed confidence in Avery Bradley
  • Bill Simmons claim Jermaine O'Neal is hated by team
  • Why the Celtics have success vs Miami
  • Rondo comments on Olympics and whether players should be paid

This is what happens when a media outlet ignores the Celtics for most of the season and tries to play catch-up. 

The rest of the links:

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  • Terry Bogard.

    Those senile fools are too busy talking politics with Schilling to pay attention to basketball. And their station sent the HEAT game to 680am just to air another RedSox loss on FM.
    Don’t even bother quoting them.

  • Nathan

    I would sit pp, kg, and stiemer tomorrow, rondo Sunday, ray the whole trip

  • DD

    WEEI bows down to everything Red Sox. Anyone who tells you the Sox don’t run that station is fooling themselves. I remember back in 08 calling them up and ripping the producer a new one because they were bumping a Celtics Playoff game for a Red Sox regular season game. You would also think that after the Celtics win in Miami they would be the lead story on WEEI… foolish of me. Because God forbid the Sox don’t get the lead story. It’s a sad state of affairs when a team the was only popular because they lost every year is loved more by the fans than a team that has more championships than the Sox could ever dream of. I fucking hate baseball. I remember back around 03-04 when the Patriots won back to back Super Bowls the Red Sox would do things to steal headlines from the Patriots. Pathetic organization.

  • DD

    It also pisses me off that they have no host that is qualified to talk about the Celtics. Glenn thinks because he broadcasted games 20+ years ago he is the authority on the sport. Holley has some decent points but is usually off base. Don’t get me started on the afternoon show. Mutt and Merloni are useless, and D&C don’t even talk sports half the time.

  • Alex

    I would have PP sit out today, KG tomorrow, and basically almost all of our important players against Charlotte. I think a high school team can beat Charlotte.

  • props to recognizing steamer needs a blow.. no pass bass prolly needs a night off too

  • In New England, the Red Sox have always been {and always will be} ten thousand times bigger than the Celtics, Patriots, and Bruins combined!
    Deal with it.

  • Noori

    Friday run the first and second unit.
    Saturday run the second and third unit.
    Sunday run the first and third unit

  • hollins jajuan johnson and etwuann moore i wanr ro see alot of over this stretch

  • paul

    Ainge is a despicable liar, and if you don’t get that, you are willfully stupid. Such a creep as well.

  • paul

    And what nauseates me more than Ainge’s creepiness is that none of the media and media wannabes want to call him on any of it. All Ainge has to do is say “oh no, it was all rumors” for you lapdogs to not only eat it up yourselves, but bleat it out to the rest of us. Nor do you EVER point out that the loyalty and ongoing participation of veterans has been the pillar of Celtics Pride and the key thing that sets us apart, and that Ainge is willfully wrecking that with every comment, such as the one above that implies that keeping the Big Three, and failing to trade them, imperiled our future (whereas picking up young players in return for them would have ‘protected’ our future. It’s raving nonsense, and if you still used your brains, for anything other than worshipping the Master, you’d know it).

  • KY Celts fan

    The Internet – Where everyone is allowed to bitch no matter how annoying it becomes.

  • Sam

    I would drop the NJ game by keeping KG, Rondo, Pierce, Bass and Steamer on the bench the whole game, Popovich style.
    Let’s start this B2B2B the right way by winning in Toronto, and then let’s stomp out the Bobcats early to keep minutes low and give Johnson, Moore, Hollins and Dooling some PT.
    Finally, I would leave Ray in Boston and make him take a flight to NY for the Knicks game.

  • Here’s hoping part of the big 4 play in NJ … I’m going to the game to check out Gerald Green of course.

  • sev

    he kept them together, so obviously he doesn’t think it will hurt the future that much….his actions contradict what your saying despite whatever bs he tells a RADIO station

  • chachee

    Paul, you are and always will be, a fan. You think like a fan. You act like a fan. You are not a GM. You will never be a GM. Get over it. If Danny Ainge never entertained the idea of listening to trade proposals or even proposing a few himself, he wouldn’t be doing his job. It’s nobody’s business what he does behind closed doors or what conversations he has with other GMs. He doesn’t need to tell you what his plans are with this team. He doesn’t need to disclose his private conversations with other GM’s to you because you heard he was trying to trade Rondo or the Big 3. If word gets out that he was interested in a player, or he was shopping a certain player, why should he have to tell the world? I have no problem with him lying to the media. It’s pathetic/creepy enough that some other GM would leak a “story” or trade proposal out to the media about what Danny’s trying to do. That’s the name of the game. By reading your comments, you’re naive enough to think that every other GM in the league is a saint and that Danny is the worst man on the planet. Celtic pride? Come on, son. You think Belichick is losing any sleep over the moves that he’s made over the years?

  • Loyalty means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in professional sports. You know how Ainge even got the Big Three in the first place? Trades. He traded young talent (Big Al, Gomes, Delonte, draft picks, etc.) for KG and Ray. If Ainge wanted to be “loyal,” he would’ve kept his young guys, said no to bringing in KG and Ray and 2008 would have never happened. Heck, Pierce probably would’ve demanded a trade and the franchise would still be mediocre-at-best and still chasing Banner 17. Instead, Danny made the right BUSINESS decisions to make the team better at that point in time, knowing that it wouldn’t last forever.
    Ainge’s job is to make the Celtics as competitive as possible, not to be loyal to certain veterans. Feelings get hurt in business. Sorry to burst your bubble, but that’s the truth.