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Your Morning Dump… Doc is gushing over this team

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“We’ve got great character,” Rivers said. “Tough-minded group. You could see they wanted to win that game so bad.” 

“This team has resolve,” Rivers said. “They do. On paper, all that stuff, you know who we are. But they figure it out. They like each other and I think that allows us to win games on certain nights that we shouldn’t win. I really believe it.” 

Rivers went so far as to say that this is the toughest group he’s coached in Boston. He will always love his first Orlando team that won 42 games with Darrell Armstrong as his leading scorer, but this team is doing what that one couldn’t.

“I had one in Orlando but we couldn’t win any games. This team, they’re just tough. I don’t know why. I wish I knew,” Rivers said. “Once we went small it was like, guys this is who we are and this is how we have to play the rest of the year and they’ve really bought into it.” 

WEEI – Celtics keep winning games they shouldn't

This is the genius of Doc Rivers. He'll rip the team to shreads for lackluster efforts and pump their tires after emotional victories. 

And the guys love him for it. It's why Rajon Rondo is demanding to stay in the game, tallying 47 minutes in the final game of a 4 game/5 night stretch. It's why KG will play center. It's why Ray Allen will give up his stats as a starter.

The Celtics didn't need to win this game. They had an acceptable excuse (schedule fatigue) to lose. But they are fighting like I've never seen before. 

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On Page 2, Brandon Bass talks about his knee scare.

Bass, who stumbled backward over the baseline as he chased a loose ball in front of the Boston bench, admitted he was pretty worried when he first hit the floor. 

"I felt like I was a little kid, I was just scared, man," Bass said. "It hurt so bad, I think because I was so tensed up. Once I breathed and relaxed, everything started calming down." 

Bass immediately grabbed his left knee and teammates gathered around him to check his status. Rivers in particular had a "here we go again" look on his face, reflecting a season in which his team has been absolutely battered by injury. 

Once the Celtics realized the injury was minor, they started busting Bass' chops. 

"I told him to get up," Rajon Rondo joked. "I said it a couple times — just told him to get up. He got right back up." 

ESPN Boston – Bass hyperextends knee on play

This play scared the crap out of me. I could only think – "This f-in team is cursed."

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  • Kricky

    Man I love this group of guys for their tenacity and resolve.
    I may be nuts, but I’m starting to believe we can make it out of the East.
    Can’t wait for the playoffs to start!!

  • IF…Derrick Rose cannot stay healthy {he`s missed 40% of Chicago`s games}
    IF…Miami cannot figure out how to beat Boston
    Who is left in the EC?

  • Alex

    The Bulls still gives issues to the Celtics due to their tenacious rebounding. The C’s would have to REALLY start putting some effort on the boards and not making silly turnovers to beat the Bulls.
    If Rose does play with the Bulls vs the Celtics, it’s hard to see the C’s winning 4 games out of 7. We’ll see.

  • Danno

    The Celtics did out-rebound the Hawks by a considerable margin last night. 56-39

  • Erin

    Because KG & Bass were manhandling Zaza & Josh Smith. The Bulls won’t be that easy with Boozer-Deng-Noah

  • Agreed…Bulls would still have the upper hand due to rebounding.

  • kg215

    If Rose is out, I think the Celtics will pull it out in a 7 game series, that last game their role players were making tough shots that they don’t usually make. The Bulls are indeed a pain in the ass matchup wise, even without Rose they are harder to beat than they should be because of their rebounding. I still feel like the Bulls lack talent compared to other elite teams, but they definitely make up for it with rebounding and defense.