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Simmons: Celtics players did not like Jermaine O’Neal

JcdboHere's an interesting footnote from Bill Simmons new column on the rebirth of the Celtics:

Jermaine finished his Celtics career as the team's least popular player, internally, since Vin Baker. The general feeling is, "He stole money from us."

Just dumping O'Neal from the trainer's room so the players didn't have to disgustedly look at him anymore and wonder things like, "Wait a second, isn't his LEFT wrist the wrist that's hurt? He can't play with that? Isn't he right-handed? He's really that big of a pussy?" was probably worth a few extra wins already.

It's hard to understand why one of the league's most thoughtful players — a real warrior once upon a time — felt good about finishing his career with his last set of teammates and coaches believing he was something of a fraud. Just know that, on the slight chance that this Celtics team wins a title or comes close, Jermaine shouldn't expect a full playoff share.

Does Simmons have a team source? Or is this blatant speculation and conjecture?

While we often cracked jokes about Jermaine's fragility, I never thought he was milking the injuries. 

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  • As a Pacers lurker, yes, Jermaine is known around these parts for sitting out games for little injuries that most could play through. As a guy who was supposed to be our franchise player after Reggie left (who never took a game off), it was quite maddening and really people wanted him gone.

  • classless

    I can believe it, but Simmons has no sources, sitting in his mansion in LA

  • And just for the record check your source, Jermaine Oneal is actually left handed.

  • Matt33

    Ofcourse Jermaine is milking the injuries!! He’s played 49 games in 2 years! He has gotten 2nd opinions from doctors when original doctors have TOLD HIM HE CAN PLAY!!
    You think that sits well with a team of warriors like KG, Pierce, Ray, Rondo etc..??
    Rondo played last year with a BROKEN ARM! This is not the team to be a pussy on. I think Simmons nailed it.
    Quick trivia question: If an NBA player is 7 feet tall, plays 20 mpg, and just hangs around under the basket making no attempt to box out effort or chase down boards, how many RPG will they average? The answer: 4.6 RPG (Jermaine’s rebounding average during his stint in Boston).

  • Cam

    I’ve said it a million times Rasheed Wallace for all his baggage was %1000 better than JO
    The guy played more games in his lone season than JO in 2. We expected a decent amount out pf both guys but in hindsight Sheed pretty much lived up to it. We were hoping for 6th man of the year but for a 35 year old playing in his last season he was pretty damn good

  • Matt33

    Jermaine is right handed.. or at least he shoots with his right hand. Check his profile photo here on basketball-reference. He is shooting with his right hand (you can also check out JO’s amazing statistical career with the Green at this link!):
    The frustrating part is if you look at 00-01 through 06-07, Jermaine WAS a warrior -like Simmons said- where is the guy’s pride to bow out the way he did?

  • tinfoil OR should I say… tinFOUL

  • Cam, you are soooooooooo right!

  • LMAO – I have to say I agree w Simmons here too.

  • Tim

    Can’t say for sure with no sources, but I’d bet anything that Jermaine was not well-respected in the Celtics’ locker room. Chemistry seems much better since his departure.

  • Erin

    That article sounds like the overactive imagination of a conspiracy theorist. Never understood why they traded Perk instead of Jermaine. Never. No point pondering about the ‘what-if’s…we’re on a roll right now and that’s all that matters!