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Your Morning Dump… Where Doc had to keep KG on the floor

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"His minutes were low, but he was going in that 12 minutes in a  row stretch which we try to avoid with him, " Rivers said. "But we had to keep him out on the floor."
Even as Paul Pierce was delivering a slew of big shots through three-plus quarters, he too recognized Garnett had the hot hand and so that's what the C's rode down the stretch.

"We kept giving him the ball and he just kept coming through," said Pierce who had a team-high 27 points. "He's on a wonderful stretch. The last 20 games, he's been playing just unbelievable."

 CSNNE: Garnett continues to turn back clock with vintage game

That lay up was the point where you had to know this was going to be KG's night. 

There was a stretch where KG made four straight baskets to go on a personal 8-2 run to turn a five-point lead into an 11 point lead.  After the third jumper, which made it 100-91, Chris Bosh… as the shot went in… dropped his shoulders, dropped his head, and let the world know he was defeated. 

Weird stat of the night:  Kevin Garnett, who was simply so awesome there was no way the Celtics would have won without him, finished the game with a -2.  His victim, Bosh, whose biggest contribution to the game was appearing in an "NBA Cares" promo, was a game high +12.  

Sometimes, stats lie. 

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On Page 2:  Why the Ray Allen to the bench story is overblown

“The shots that I am getting now, you just kind of build into them,’’ Allen said when asked if the shots coming off the bench are different. “You adjust to how [defenses] are coming to you and you understand that and you adjust to that situation or role.’’

Allen struck quickly Tuesday, draining a leaning jumper after a timeout and following with a 3-pointer from the corner.

Allen said he has not consulted with any of his NBA friends or peers about coming off the bench later in a career.

“It’s not difficult,’’ he said. “It’s just being ready.’’

Globe: Allen quietly adjust to new role

The Ray Allen to the bench story is a bit overblown.  People made too much of it.  It's almost better to think of it as Doc subbing Avery in for Ray at the start of the game.  The Celtics have started out great with Ray on the bench and Celtics second quarters have gone amazingly well with Ray and KG starting them at the same time.  

Ray's minutes have barely taken a hit since he hit the bench and he still playing down the stretch.  Doc has simply changed when Ray Allen is in the game.  Ray played a great game last night, hitting big shots to keep the Miami Heat at arm's length.  As far as this whole switch is concerned, I'd say last night went about as well as we could hope. 

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  • djisinthehall

    Weird stat of the night: Kevin Garnett, who was simply so awesome there was no way the Celtics would have won without him, finished the game with a -2. His victim, Bosh, whose biggest contribution to the game was appearing in an “NBA Cares” promo, was a game high +12.
    Sometimes, stats lie.
    How does this work?

  • http://profile.typepad.com/chanelfigueredo NineSevenEight

    Can we take a closer look at Lebron’s ridiculous travel? He caught the ball at half court, walked, dribbled ONCE, walked some more and then got the call. How do you manage to get from half court to the rim on ONE dribble? And then shake your head like you can’t believe how long it took for the ref to call a foul?!

  • http://profile.typepad.com/redslovechild1 Redslovechild

    KG is playing “young” again…for the first time since 2008.
    As he goes, the Celtics go.

  • classless

    KG has and always will be this team’s MVP.

  • James Eisenman

    Those stats are meaningless and mindless. They measure something that is often irrelevant. Here, the reason for the stat was negative was that Doc had to play KG more in crunch time. This was when Miami had to make their drive to win. Without KG’s big points at that time, everyone else’s stats would have been minus 8 or 10 unless someone else stepped up. It ignores that his baskets kept Miami from overtaking us. So what if they scored more than us during his minutes on the floor? He played the important minutes and kept the ship upright.