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Recap: C’s gut out a win in overtime

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) April 11, 2012 Uncategorized 20 Comments on Recap: C’s gut out a win in overtime

Bass jumper against Atlanta

You gotta hand it to the Celtics. They didn't mail in a game where a sloppy, uninspired loss would have been understandable.  They didn't quit when they lost a late lead. And they didn't give up when the referees all suffered simultaneous strokes in overtime and started calling some of the most absurd fouls (fouling out both KG and Stiemsma) we've seen in quite some time. 

The Celtics battled, they persevered, and they beat the Atlanta Hawks 88-86.  

Rajon Rondo had the worst great game I've ever seen.  He shot 3-16 and had 6 turnovers… but he racked up his 19th career triple double, 6th of the season, with a 10 point, 10 rebound, 20 assist night.  Before fouling out, Garnett was still bathing in the fountain of youth… putting up 22 and 12. 

But the unheralded star of this game was Brandon Bass, who put up 21 and 10.  I damn near soiled myself in the OT when he fell awkwardly and immediately clutched his knee.  I thought for sure this was it for him.  But after a few minutes on the floor, he got up, walked it off, and stayed in the game.  I love him for his toughness… but man he scared the shit outta me. 

The Celtics played Josh Smith the way they should have all night, but he torched them with jumpers… that is… until the end, when he missed a potential game winning 3.  Jeff Teague had a huge night too… 21 points on 8-12 shooting. 

Props to the C's on this one.  They have now won 4 in a row as they head into Toronto to start their 3-straight stretch.  

Box Score

After the jump:  Mickael Pietrus' hilarious post game interview


Seriously… How can you not love this guy??

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  • RyanH

    those refs served up a serious shit sandwich. That being said, we got the W, Bass is alright and we’re controlling our playoff fate.

  • classless

    Atlanta was only in this game because of the toliet water quality officiating. It’s cute they still think they’re in the same universe as any legit NBA team.

  • I thought this team was due for a loss they go out and win another huge game! This felt like a playoff game with Pachulia being a prick and JSmooth having an amazing 1st half. I wanted to puke when Bass went down and hope he’s okay, but he, and the rest of the C’s, wouldn’t give up, even when those jackass ref’s tried to hand the game to the Hawks. I wouldn’t be surprised if Doc is waiting outside the officials locker room right now, about to pound some sense into those idiots. Even though Rondo missed some shots, I thought he ran the team perfectly. Tonite, it was the C’s who got most of the second chances. This is the kind of game you love to win and hate even more to lose. Awesome win, at this point, the C’s are fearless.
    Huge props to all the players, especially Steimsma, fot not getting a T during those shit calls in the OT.

  • Tyler

    This schedule is brutal.

  • army of red

    while i agree he didn’t have as a great a game as the triple double would suggest, but it’s pretty crazy rondo can dish out 20 assists and it’s just a mention in his statline. guy is on an absolutely insane, historical stretch, and we’ve just kinda come to expect it every night.
    other than that, this team is forcing me to finally feel like they have a fighter’s chance in the playoffs, and i LOVE IT! GO C’S!

  • It is absolutely amazing how this team has turned-out thus far. Who gets the credit? Doc for getting the most out of each guy? Ainge for grabbing a bunch of very diverse players that aren’t outstanding individually but work great together? Or the vets on the team for helping the new/young guys out and being patient..? What once looked like a squad that had little or no chance to make the playoffs and was destined for a massive letdown now looks like a Band of Brothers. Everything was against these guys tonight; the refs, their tired legs, but they persevered and got a gutsy, important win before a(nother) grueling road trip. UBUNTU.

  • Chris57

    Great gutsy win…Loved everything except the spread i bet on was celts – 2.5 and this was a 2 point game haha…i think celts will actually sweep this road trip because it is really against the 3 of the shittiest teams in the league, they certainly will be favored in all 3…the most amazing thing to me right now is we just beat 4 east playoff teams in 5 days…3 seed 7 seed back to back and 2 seed 5 seed back to back. SOOO proud of our boys.

  • The officiating was such garbage it made me want to pull my hair out.
    That said, great win. I loved seeing the fight out of our guys.
    On a side note, did anyone catch Rondo shoving the camera out of Bass’s face when he was on the ground in OT? Very great moment… almost made me think he may yet make a good captain.

  • no pass bass took an awkwardly painful fall, its fine w/me if he wants to rest-up and take off the rest of the reg season. btw feck those ref’s

  • APC

    you are right,how can you not love Pietrus

  • wil

    found this biased article saying the Win over the heats doesnt matter

  • Danno

    Quite possibly the worst officiated NBA game, maybe ever.
    This team is unstoppable right now. I know everyone is taking about the upcoming back to back to back, but I honestly think they can take 2 of 3, if not all 3. Thankfully, all 3 of the teams they have to play in this trip stink. It’s more like 3 practices.

  • Alex

    Far from the worst officiated game ever. Don’t remind me of the shitfest that is the Kings vs Lakers Playoffs series.

  • Quest

    Grinding it out to a win on a back to back.. keeps getting better at the right time.

  • Agree w/you; no reason we can’t take at least 2 of these 3.

  • JR99

    Doc in the postgame interview…
    “I gotta tell you guys, that was the worst….(pause)… game we’ve ever won. I know you thought I’d say something else.”
    This is Doc’s way of saying-without-saying that he thought this was the WORST OFFICIATED game. No fine, point made. Gotta love Doc.

  • First time KG has fouled-out since Oct. 29, 2010.

  • CoachBo

    The worst seven minutes of officiating – last two of regulation and OT – I have ever seen, which includes the Kings heist of years ago.
    The sixth foul on Garnett was as bad an individual call as I have ever seen, every bit as bad as the offensive foul that crook Salvatore called on Pierce in game 6 of the Piston series in 2008. Garnett was being held by two different Hawks on the play.
    One of two things: Incompetent officiating, or Stern needs to take a look at the tapes and stop worrying so much about Donaghy.

  • Dutchgreen

    It seems Pietrus took a pretty big hit to the head, huh? But seriously, it was great to see him out there yesterday and he scored some huge buckets for us. And seeing how this team has played lately I am now really looking forward to seeing how much damage they can do in the playoffs.

  • i saw that..what rondo did. thats sticking up for a teammate. i would love to watch it again but i cant seem to find the video..does anyone have the video of bass laying on the ground and rondo shoving the camera out of the way??