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GreenLights: Celtics vs Heat

The Celtics completed an offensive onslaught on South Beach against the Heat, defeating them for the second time in 10 days.  During this recent stretch of fantastic performances, the C's have been locking down their opponents with exceptional defense.  Last night however, they executed against one of the better defensive teams in the NBA, as well as the toughest home team in the league, with some blazing shooting.

Everyone was drilling shots from the perimeter, led by Kevin Garnett's fourth quarter shooting clinic in which we were all invited to learn from.  If there was one thing the Celtics wanted everyone to learn last night, it could be summed up in one word: RECOGNIZE!

Watch the GreenLights below and enjoy some of the more enjoyable plays from last night.

Pierce Works Mike Miller:


Rondo's Impossible Angle Pass to Pierce:


Rondo to Stiemsma Alley-Oop:


KG's Up-and-Under Lay-up:


Ray's Threes vs MIA:


Rondo's Floater vs MIA:


Wade is Frustrated vs Celtics:


KG's Miami Jumper Clinic:


Pierce Works Bosh and Finishes Off Miami:


Rondo and KG are Pumped After Beating Heat


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  • KY Celts fan

    How about some love for Rondo’s jumpshot? He was on fire last night!

  • definitely his spot up jumper sent a message

  • DJ3

    Celtics wearing their home colors, they own the heat, thats their house

  • paul

    People are going to have to start respecting Rondo’s J soon.

  • nyceltic

    Our desire to win is back. Three games now we’ve taken the lead and held it.

  • This is the first time I have come across your site. Post info, I’ll be back soon. Thanks!