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Enemy Chatter: The Celtics made the Heat shake their heads

LBJI often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose of 'enemy chatter' from Miami.

Beyond the standings, though, the way they seem to be coming together has grabbed the league's attention. Already at the top of most of the defensive rankings because of their intensified focus, Tuesday the Celtics nailed 61 percent of their shots and 60 percent of their jump shots, all of it a product of ball and player movement that awed the Heat with its simplicity and execution. 

The Heat found themselves going into timeouts shaking their heads. There was no lack of energy or focus this time, the flaw that has been a constant thorn in the second half of their season. For the most part, the Heat were playing really well. They just weren't good enough. Not a feeling they're used to and not a sensation they want against the Celtics, a team that they thought they'd buried after their second-round series victory last year. 

"We left Boston feeling awful at our performance. I don't feel as bad tonight," said James, who had 36 points, seven rebounds and seven assists. "Not only did they make the open shots, but they made all the contested shots. They are the best jump-shooting team in the league. We tip our hat off."

ESPN – Heat Index/Daily Dime

Has LeBron James always been this indifferent? Maybe he's absorbed the nonchalant attitude of the Heat fans. I get his point about the hot-shooting Celtics, but if I was a Heat fan, I wouldn't want to hear that garbage.

The indifference is everywhere. Check out this blog post on Peninsula is Mightier. The blogger's recap is worthy of a preseason game. No admission that this was a big game or any anger directed at the Heat.

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  • They know we’re going to stomp on them in the playoffs so they’re preparing to act like they don’t care.

  • classless

    To play Devil’s Advocate: the Celtics won’t shoot 61% in any playoff game, so it is an aberration

  • Dutchgreen

    If that is an aberration, so is the C’s allowing 107. I am sick of all the comments I’ve read today who chalk it up to luck – it is as Doc said: they took full advantage of what the Heat were giving them. That’s not luck, that’s outplaying the other team. I think the implicit argument here that the C’s only beat Miami because they got lucky with hot shooting is absolute nonsense…

  • I agree. This would be acceptable to chalk up to luck if the Cs didn’t manhandle the Heat two weeks ago, but this is a pattern that can’t feel good in the Heat’s locker room.

  • I agree. And as for the argument that we don’t have enough depth to go into the playoffs… isn’t a traditional playoff rotation only eight guys anyway? With Pietrus looking more and more likely that he’ll return before or at least in time for the playoffs, Stiemsma, Ray Allen and Pietrus is a VERY solid eight man rotation. If the guards need a break, Dooling will be ready to spell them five-seven minute stretches a couple of games in each series. If the bigs need a break, Hollins is athletic enough to run for a few minutes as well. Wilcox, Ray Allen and Green sounds a little bit better but Stiemsma is looking as effective if not more than Wilcox in these last 10 games or so and Pietrus is no slouch, even in comparison to Jeff Green. Also let’s not forget that if fully rested, the Cs have the ability to blow a few teams out of the water early, allowing them to possibly rest their stars a few games in the first round and maybe even in the second.

  • donavonroots

    miami is digging themselves a very deep hole with their clueless coach leading the way.

  • Hinx

    As for teams that are really good and their fan-bases don’t seem to be getting bigger and bigger, it’s the Heat. They are a big-market team and they are the current champions, Heat tickets are available. The miami play better team basketball but i do think bulls is more talented.