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Ray Allen’s graceful entrance into the next chapter of his career

I wrote a little bit about Ray Allen's next chapter for Crossover Chronicles today.  His demeanor in this entire move to the bench struck me.  Here's how my piece started:

For nearly 16 full NBA seasons, Ray Allen has glided across lacquered hardwood with a gracefulness that belies the true physical toll the sport inflicts on ones body.  In his youth, when he still sported a fade and was known by some more for being Jesus Shuttlesworth than Walter Ray Allen, he would just as easily embarrass someone with a poster dunk (he was in a dunk contest, you know) as he would with a pure-as-gold three with a hand in his face. 

Ray Allen is pure.  He was built to play the sport of basketball, mostly by a work ethic that some might say fits all the classic signs of obsessive compulsive disorder.  His game has evolved into much less slashing and much more shooting because, as we are all well aware (or will be… trust me on that) time stops for no one.  The ugly march forward spares no soul, not even one who has created a body built to resist its grip.  Like water slowly polishing stones along the shore line, the passing years have stripped dimensions away from Ray Allen's game. 

It goes on for a little while.  I admit I sort of poured my heart out a little when it comes to Ray.  But I also felt like he deserved it.  Here's the whole piece.

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  • wil

    i hope KG and Ray takes a salary cut next year for the team.
    Resigning KG i thought is agood idea. With Ray, not so much. But now that Ray is willing to take the bench, I would like him to stay too.
    I think next year will be a great year for the Celtics if they manage to keep those two.

  • djisinthehall

    If Ray and KG take a veterans min. and we can sign someone (?) that makes an impact and fits.
    Celts could have a hell of year.
    Im excited for this years runs!

  • wyc, danny, and doc are all on the same page. there’s a reason ray/kg weren’t dealt at the deadline, you can also thank management for not flipping rondo for spare parts. either way danny’s been aggressive and shown creativeness to improving this team (except perk).
    #18 starts with 2 first rd picks

  • Provided he`s willing to take a sizable pay cut, KG has practically forced Boston to re-sign him.
    Ray is not nearly as important, but he`s likely to take any “non-embarrassing” offer just so he won`t have to uproot.

  • Nice piece John. The word “graceful” is perfect for Ray. Youngsters may not realize that before he was a 3-point specialist, Ray had the entire package offensively, and would give Kobe all he could handle. Guaranteed a trip to Springfield 5 years after he retires.

  • gigi

    I don’t know why so many of you think Ray is not going to want his money. What makes you believe he’s going to take a big pay cut. Has he said that? No! so stop saying it

  • Gixr1

    Very nice piece. Not surprised, as Ray Allen epitomize professional. Not enough is said or written about the fact that him and rondo were the only starters in shape, and ready to play ball when the lockout ended. Meanwhile Captain pierce and Garnett spent the offseason pushing hard for decertification of the union and we’re caught off guard when the lockout ended forcing them to play there way into shape at the expense of a good chunk of the season.

  • The Celtics will not “throw-the-bank” at a 37 year old guard.
    If Ray wants to finish his career in Boston, it will be on Boston`s terms…not his.
    Otherwise, there are 29 other teams he`d be free to deal with.

  • thanks

  • thank you