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How we see it goin’ down: Celtics – Heat

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) April 10, 2012 Uncategorized 10 Comments on How we see it goin’ down: Celtics – Heat

Tip: 7:00 PM    Court: American Airlines Arena   Watch it: ESPN  Hear it: WEEI

         Referees: Scott Foster, David Jones, Michael Smith

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The Matchup

Antoine shimmy 
Antoine-walker heat

Record: 32-24 (1st Atlantic, 4th East) Record: 40-15 (1st Southeast, 2nd East)
On road: 12-15 At home: 24-3
Streak: Won 2 Streak: Won 1
    Leaders  Leaders
Buckets: Pierce (19.1 ppg) Buckets: LeBron James (26.8 ppg)
Boards: Garnett (8.2 rpg) Boards: James (8.0 rpg)
Dimes: Rondo (11.2 apg) Dimes: James (6.4 apg)
For the Stat Geeks: For the Stat Geeks: 
Offensive Rating: 100.6 (29th NBA) Offensive Rating: 108.0 (6th NBA)
Defensive Rating: 98.2 (1st NBA) Defensive Rating: 100.5 (5th NBA)
Pace: 90.4 (20th NBA) Pace: 91.6 (12th NBA)

Last time

The Celtics embarrassed the Heat 91-72 a week and a half ago thanks to a Rajon Rondo 16 point, 11 rebound, 14 assist triple double.  Paul Pierce had 23 and Avery Bradley had 13 points and 2 steals.

This time

Get it to: Rajon Rondo

Let's look beyond the national TV thing for Rondo's success against Miami.  The Heat (a) have no one who can stop him and (b) with Bass, KG, and Pierce spacing the floor, Rondo's got lanes to the basket. 

Fun stat I tweeted yesterday:  Celtics have scored 5123 points this season. Rondo has assisted on 1131 points and scored 557 himself. The combined 1688 equals more than 1/3 of C's offense.

Gotta stop: Dwyane Wade

Pick your poison.  One of these guys will go off, so if you can slow one down, then you're off to a good start.  I picked Wade because he's going to be PISSED that some young punk named Avery got credit for shutting him down.  Pissed off Wade can bring pain.  This will be Bradley's toughest test of his career. 

The Wild Card: Avery Bradley  

 Will the Heat let Bradley slice them up with backdoor cuts again?  And if they focus too much on him, will that just open things up for other guys?  Will the Heat make any adjustments, or will they, pardon the pun, get burned again?

How we see it goin' down

I have been going back and forth on this for a while in my head.  The Celtics are playing great, and they're a different team than they were even a few weeks ago.  But the Miami Heat are home, where they are virtually unbeatable… and they are pissed about the nationally televised beat-down the Celtics laid on them.

This will be a battle (or bar fight, if you will).  This will be a tough, Rocky vs. Apollo Creed type of bloody war.  The Celtics will leave the Heat bloodied and bruised, begging for there not to be a rematch.  Apollo Creed won that fight, just like Miami is going to win this game, 91-89.

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  • Heat in a blowout. At least 15 points. Sorry.

  • Danno

    based on this:
    Referees: Scott Foster, David Jones, Michael Smith
    I tend to agree, but not because the Heat are a better team.

  • Is Wade playing? Saw him on the bench in street clothes a game or two ago.
    Love the ‘Toine pics, not a shock that he’s called it a career, at least we wont have to read about him being fat & broke in Boise anymore. Mikki Moore must be next.

  • so what you’re really saying is tommy could blow an artery tonight.. g’damn the nba officiating is the worst

  • Wade is playing

  • Wade has sat out 2 of their last 4 games.
    He has missed 20% of Miami`s games this year {only 5% the previous 3 years}.
    Not so sure that chasing after Avery Bradley, with a sore ankle, is the best way to return?

  • paul

    I think our guys will get blown off the floor tonight. But I sure hope it turns out different.

  • Quest

    Heat playing on Home court with these reffs will play oin their favour & will be a win for them. Just pray C’s have it in them to battle to the end and not make it a blowout. Losing by one or two point to maintain respecability in the league as playoffs approach.

  • The guy

    Boy do we feel stupid. That’s what we get for not trustin our C’s.

  • bostonboy

    as for the math before the game, 1688 is NOT more than 5123… just saying